Coming To Terms

I am coming to terms with the fact that I just may have a drinking problem. I mean when I am completely honest with myself and cut out all of the bullshit (sorry for the language!) denials I acknowledge that it just may not be normal to crave a drink every week.....every other day....everyday....every morning....every morning, afternoon, evening and night. I understand that it just may not be normal to use alcohol as my "wake up juice" in the morning and then all during the day to keep me going. I understand that if I miss a couple days of drinking I am a mess the following days with horrible anxiety, the shakes, severe headaches and my emotions are a wreck. Yeah, I pretty much understand I have a drinking problem :/
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3 Responses Feb 5, 2013

My brother got sober after going to rehab and found AA helpful

Have you tried AA ?

I feel and have felt your horrible pain. You are in deep. Booze is all you think about. Telling someone like you are right now is a Huge step in the right direction. Now you have to make a plan. A life without alcohol seems like a drag right now but try to picture life with no drama and pain and a compleatness. Not needing anything to make you feel good, wouldn't that be awesome?If you had told me that when i was in your state i wouldn't have believed you but its true. If i can help message me