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Yeah, Well, Problem. I have 2 say Yes. from a very young age all that i can remember is that drinking and druging has always been in my familys blood. Birthdays, deaths, in memory of some cozin blah, blah, blah. Just any excuse was gud even if the day was a nice day we would have a drink **** day same thing. I am 31 now and i have just about lost everything. I am fighting to get what i had back. and it ant eazy at all. I ****** around on my husband "drinking" i have left my children in a house with my nabour while i was ******* up in town and then i ended up in central for the night... because i was looking to get that next fix to get that feeling of nothing back. I hated feeling things. But know i know that if i dont listen to my feelings that i am nothing to myself and to all the people that i care for I needed to start loving again and for the loving hand of A.A. I am starting to get control... I am still not perfect and Yes i do have a drink and Yes i cant control it. with A.A. by myside and all the ppl that go to these meetings I know that i am not the only ONE with this problem...BUT I am the only person who can try and understand my own PROBLEM... xoxo 2 All
iroxmean iroxmean
31-35, F
Jun 10, 2007