2nd Time Around

I am turning 31 next month and this past weekend I received my second DUI in 7 years.  I went out with a friend to our neighborhood bar that I loved so much and we proceeded to get pretty drunk.  Then before I headed home I thought I would get some food first.  Well I never made it to McDonald's before I got pulled over and cited for Aggravated DUI because my license was suspended.  I had paid all my fines earlier this year and thought I was o.k but wasn't.  My vehicle was impounded and I spent the night in a holding tank.  I have the next 20 days until my court date to worry about my future and since I live in AZ I'm expecting the worst.

Well it will be 2 months this week since I was pulled over for my second DUI and still nothing has happened.  My court date was cancelled and now I'm just at the mercy of the court as to when I will be sentenced.  At first I was living on pins and needles waiting to hear something every day.  Now I'm still anxious but I'm getting accustomed to a new way of life which is good.  I can't drive so I've learned to take the bus or bum rides from friends.  And I haven't been drinking.  I've still gone out a couple times and it's actually more entertaining to watch other people be silly and just hang out with friends instead of being the obnoxious drunk one for once.  I wish I would be sentenced soon so that I can start the trek of putting this all behind me but I'm doing much better already. 

Wow it has been a L  O  N  G 2 years since I first wrote this story but I am so happy to share that I have survived!!!  In the end I was sentenced to 6 months in jail which I completed this year, close to $10,000 in fines, countless classes, counseling and a year with an interlock device.  The jail time was obviously the hardest and really makes you think of what you've done to get there and it amazed me to see who stood by my side the whole time.  I am very lucky to have the family I have and the support I received just stunned me and I am so very appreciative of it.  I can take as long as I need to pay the fine and only have a couple of classes still to take so for the most part it is almost behind me and I can finally BREATHE.  This was not worth all the trouble I put myself and everyone around me in.  When you get a dui you're not just getting it but anyone close to you is affected too and it's a very selfish act I will always regret.  I now take cabs anytime I think I'll even have 1 drink and I try to encourage my friends to do the same.  Not everyone listens but if I can save just one person from going through what I did that's enough.  I'm so ready for this year to be over and I can have a fresh start next year! 
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Were you not able to get work release??

Yes I did

I'm in a dui situation also .......it all started when a car faild to yield at a stop light I ended up hitting it ..l got charged with leaving the seen dui and running four red stop lights ......I kno I'm looking at jail time .....but I can't afford to loSe my job......was it hard to get that work release and what are the requirements if any????? Thanks lions19

In AZ it is completely up to your sentencing judge. When you go to court and get sentenced you will know if you get work release. I think it may have to do with your record and if you have a job already but who knows. Also, not that it helps in your situation, but you can be granted work release after you've been in jail for a while. Hopefully your sentence won't be that long though. If this is your first DUI you typically only get a 24 hour sentence

How did you get to work on work release??

I used the bus and rides. Some people were able to have a limited license to drive to/from but I didnt

Were you allowed to have your phone? As in, can you check it in and out during work release.

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first off let me say this - thank you for sharing. i am living a total nightmare right now. back in 2008 i got my 1st dui. i got through it and actually had a great life going. Until 8 months ago when i left a movie theatre and got pulled over for supposedly being on my cell phone. my cell phone was plugged into the charger and was on speaker phone. i had one drink we had snuck in the theatre. my bac was .10. which still doesnt make sense with 2 shots of vodka that i drank 2 hours before. i got dui # 2.....got a lawyer and to this day we are still fighting it. but i didnt deal with it correctly. i got depressed, upset, and started binge drinking on the weekends. but what i did last saturday is unbelievable! i still cant believe it happened. i got majorly wasted and my car hit a curb - tire and rim exploded and my mercedes fish tailed into a pole. i thought someone else was driivng my car - because i ran....and when the cops found me (after i hid in the bushes) they arrested me for my 3rd dui with a bac of .27 driving on a suspended license and hit and run. the only thing i have to say after seeing my car (which i just stood there crying hysterically) at the tow yard. not believing this is real. my car is totalled. i dont know if my insurance will pay the car off. i have to hide this from my job. i dont want to lose my job! and i am hiring a 5,000 lawyer to help me save my life. what the hell was i thinking? letting things get so bad. and the worst part? i could have killed someone. and that guilt is killing me. i wake up every morning crying. This is going to ruin my life. Last night i went to my 1st recovery meeting and the topic was "denial" and it hit me! like a ton of bricks! i had been in denial for the past few years about all the pain and anger i was trying to "mask" with alcohol. it seemed to numb the pain. anyways.....i dont even know what to do.....i am a mess!

there are no words that I can say that would make your pain and fears go away but I will say that I wish you luck

Oh Missjulz I can only begin to fathom how you must be feeling. The only advice I
Can give is to take one day at a time and thank god you survived it at the end. The feelings of deep remorse and depression are universal for all of us going through this and unfortunately the only cure is time. When I was beating myself up over this and going over it a hundred times in my mind I could just be comforted by the fact that I'd made it through another day. Obviously my jail time was the hardest but I survived! And you will too and I hope you are a better person for it only you can determine if this will ruin your life or if you will use it to your benefit. Feel free to email me through here if you wanna talk or have any specific questions I will help in any way I can. But definitely deal with your emotions, let them out and be rid of them a good loud screaming cry never hurt and it will help you deal with what's next :). Best of luck to you!

How are you doing daedae?

thank you so much for your kind words. a good cry might just be the answer. i just do not want to lose my job that i love so much. hoping for house arrest. hoping for a miracle. hoping to get thru this one day at a time. and yes lets keep in touch. i could use a friend right about now.

Hi and thanks for asking, I'm doing okay and I see your spirit is up, I'm glad for you, the advice and info that you gave her was great, we need more like you, a kind word can help so much in letting a person know that they are not alone, keep up the good work !

Missjulz how are things?

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how are you doing now

I am doing much much better. I barely added the last paragraph to my story so needless to say I am happy. There are times I still feel jilted and every now and then down for what I missed this year but overall I am happy.

just glad your happy and doing good now,,,you can party on EP now

Dedel33 I wish you luck. This is definitely not an experience I would wish on anyone. However I am very happy to report that in just 8 days I complete my 6 month jail sentence and all that will be left will be my fines but that's ok! This has shown me what a wonderful family I have and how supportive they are but sadly also that when you get a DUI or any jail sentence everyone goes through it with you. Good luck to everyone!

I went to my first appearenece the following Monday after I was arrested go figure. Next court date was in 2 weeks I did not waste my time with a lawyer and just plead guilty and Procecuter told me better off without lawyer..

wow sounds like me. Ill be 33 in August and I will not have D/L back for 2 years!!!

Thank you for your well wishes. Unfortunately it has been 1 year and 3 months since my dui and I still haven't been sentenced. This has been a rough year just waiting and pretty much having my life put on hold along with the stress and anxiety of the jail sentence that awaits me. My lawyer said to prepare for 6 months and my only hope at this point is that I can do it next year and not be in there for the holidays. I fully understand that I alone put myself in this position and I regret it every day. I hope the rest of you are moving ahead and starting to put your own mess behind you - I can't wait until I can! But hopefully a year from now this will all be over and I can move on. Best of luck to you guys!

I wish you the best, and no jail time, the year and three months of waiting should be enough, I think everyone that gets caught have the feeling of regret, we learn from our mistakes in life, and those that do not repeat them, I want my life back so bad, but I know that it is not in my hands, but at lease my court date is over, I just have to wait it out, so again as for you, I wish you all the best

unfortunately I live in AZ where there will definitely be jail time :( I've been told to prepare for 6 months by my public defender so I have. But thank you for your well wishes and I hope you are doing better day by day.

thanks for sharing your story. I got my first DUI in Arizona as well almost a month ago and I'm really scared of what I'll be facing. I had a pretty high BAC and freaked myself out with the length of jail time I'll be facing. I feel so alone with this..everyday I wake up feeling depressed and disappointed of myself. I feel so ashamed, I don't think a minute goes by without me thinking about it. While no one was hurt (except I did lose myself), I feel worthless, and empty inside for such a foolish decision. I'm still waiting on my court dates..I've been praying my court dates do not occur until early November since I'll need to be out of town for my sisters wedding at the end of this month. I've been trying to lean on my faith for strength and comfort, but it's so hard to see the light in a very dark and cold tunnel.

How is everything now? What was your sentence?

Liona<br />
<br />
I think that you will do OK the fact that the first one was 7 years ago help out a lot, you may be in better condition then I am, and my court day has come and gone, the depression is what still with me , I guess its part of my sentence from a higher form, but I do want to wish you luck and I pray for the best for you and the others here<br />

Liona,<br />
<br />
Hope all is well. I am getting better with it but I still have my rough days. Last Sunday was one month since I was arrested and had a mini melt down. My court date is June 7th and I am hoping and praying for the best. The first wasnt bad... blew .13 and .12 this time .14 .13. I can deal with the DMV but what the court might do is really weighing on me.<br />
<br />
I havent topuched booze since my arrest and have no plans on touching it for a long time to come. I can GUARANTEE it will not happen a 3rd time.<br />
<br />
Please keep me up to date....did they ever sentence you yet?

How are you doing now?

Sonic46 I hope the best for you and it seems like you shouldn't be punished too harshly if you expunged your last one it all just depends on your state and how severe it was. The only thing I can tell you is it gets better. Once you can put this all behind you you will be ok. One judge told me that everyone makes mistakes and to not think for a second I was the only person that was going through this. It was nice to hear from him and you just have to take it day by day. Good luck!

whatevre happened with your sentence to this second DUI?

I was finally sentenced in November 2011 almost a year and a half after my citation. I received 6 months in jail, close to 10,000 in fines and about 54 hours in counseling a MADD class and then driving classes to take points off my license.

Did you have work release??????(

I am also going through a 2nd DUI and it is tearing me up inside. Had to go to the doctor to get something to help with the depression and insomnia. I feel humiliated, ashamed and like a complete failure/loser/idiot as well.<br />
<br />
I am hoping the fact that I went thru a diversion program and had it expunged on the first one will help me get a plea of reckless, with a fine and some classes. The waiting is killing me.<br />
<br />
I am a college educated professional who knew better and may drink once a month....if that. I have been going through the "WHY ME?" phase....why do my friend who go out and drink everynight never seem to get caught.<br />
<br />
Best wishes and please keep in touch.

I am also going through a 2nd DUI and it is tearing me up inside. Had to go to the doctor to get something to help with the depression and insomnia. I feel humiliated, ashamed and like a complete failure/loser/idiot as well.<br />
<br />
I am hoping the fact that I went thru a diversion program and had it expunged on the first one will help me get a plea of reckless, with a fine and some classes. The waiting is killing me.<br />
<br />
I am a college educated professional who knew better and may drink once a month....if that. I have been going through the "WHY ME?" phase....why do my friend who go out and drink everynight never seem to get caught.<br />
<br />
Best wishes and please keep in touch.

I am almost in tears reading this. I live in Ca and I am going through my second DUI since 2008 and everyday I can't help but think how stupid I was. It happened Feb. 23, 2011 and I blew a .10. You think of every possible thing you could have/should have done differently and the thought that you may have a "problem" with drinking. The process between getting pulled over and the actual court date is so nerve racking, I have had so much anxiety in the past 3 weeks. I guess all you can think about is the fact that no one is hurt.<br />
<br />
Not knowing what to expect and the fact that you feel like a total criminal somehow kills me. I know I'm a good person and don't belong here in a sense ( I obviously do for the fact that I was behind the wheel while under the influence) I cannot wait until I am enrolled in everything and know exactly what I will be faced with so I can put it behind me and not make these mistakes again... I hope the next 18 months go by so quick, I want to rebuild my life and feel free and I don't know how to do so without having this behind me. I guess this too shall pass.

I updated my story because I am doing better about not feeling like an idiot. Everyone makes mistakes and although I swear to never repeat this one you can only learn from them. I know exactly how you feel about the anxiety and sleepless nights. So many thoughts run through your head of how you could've easily done things differently. Hindsight is 20/20 and what's done is done. All I can say is it will get better. Yes you'll have to pay heavy fines and whatever else your sentence entails but you can always think that at least you didn't hurt anyone and really try to learn from these experiences. In a year from now this will all be behind you and hopefully it will stay there. I wish you the best of luck Tobeginwithtoday!

You shouldn't feel like a total idiot/loser/trash I am going through one of the "how stupid could I be"?? facing a 2nd dui while I was being processed for a first my stomach is filled with anxiety and have a hard time sleeping. I am scared like crazy!! I know that my consequences will be harsh even though none got hurt no accidents just getting pulled over for speeding and now facing very spending charges, lawyer costs, maybe jail time, community servce and rehab. I have to believe that everything will be ok and will have strength from family and god at this time. This will force me to give up alcohol and make choices other than drinking for enjoyment

No it doesn't at all. None of this is worth it especially since I was walking distance from home. Trust me I feel like a complete idiot/loser/trash everything. I'm more concerned about the jail sentence and the fines I'm going to have because I know both will be large. You have been very lucky and it's nice that you acknowledge that. Thank you for your comment.