I've Ruined My Entire Life

one night i was with a few of my friends and we were all just having dinner at her house. at first one of my friends and i had three shots of hennesse. we didnt seem to feel anything from the alcohol, so my friend said we should go get some four lokos. we went ad got them, but by that time it was already getting kind of late and i thought i would be best just to save the four lokos for another night. but she begged me for us to just drink them since we had nothing else to do. then we left her house to go pick up a friend and go out to hang out with some other people for a little while. the four loko was getting me wasted when we were drinking with friends. and i had told my friend how drunk i felt. so she said lets go home. we then left and i dropped my friend off that we picked up. then it was just me and her and i was taking her home. i then told her again how i was really drunk and didnt feel safe driving. i mean i was acting ridiculous. i couldnt even see, let alone think straight. and then we get to a stop at a stop sign, where after the stop sign, everyone from our school would go speeding about 100 down this long ***** of road. and then my drunk self decided to go speeding down the street. i was going about 110 and didnt stop for the next stop sign at the end of the long stretch. then right after that, there is a mild turn. but at the rate of speed i had, i drifted into a curb because my car was out of allignment. my car then completly shuts off and scrunched into a skinny car because of the impact. since the car turned off, i had no more control of the car. then my car goes down into a creek on the side of thr road. on the way down into this creek, i took down four trees and broke a phone pole completly in half. my car ended uo with the passanger side on the ground and my side up in the air. so my car was laying sideways. i was blacked out for about three minutes, hanging from my seat belt. and my head hit the windshield and cracked it because my air bags didnt deploy. i woke up and had an outter body experience. i didnt know at the time what i was doing or why i was doing it. i just did it. but i punched my entire windshield out so that my friend and i could get out. i crawled out and realized my friend was still blacked out. and her side of the car was so scrunched i had i literally detach her from my car and pull her out. i then picked her up and walked up the hill out of the creek and sat on the curb with her while some neighbors drive up to call 911. my friend and i were bleeding prefusely all over our faces. she had her ear hanging off from the seat belt ******* her. when the ambulance came we went to the hospital and that is where i got breathalized with a 1.6 and then got my miranda rights read to me. we both are okay now, but i havent went to court yet. im expecting some very huge payments to be made. im just really freaking out because i have two schools and two jobs i have to go to every day. and ive always had a pretty rough life. my whole family is alcoholics and i think that is where i got it from. but finally things in my life was starting to get better. but now its all over and im back to square one with no car, and no license. i had a 2001 chevorlet prizm with subs and everything. and i finally was getting things together. im only 17 and i have no idea what im going to do now. im very worried about everything. the only thing i know forsure is that life is so precious and i would never put myself or anyone elses life in jeopardy like that again. i have definitely learned my lesson.
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whatever happened to your case?