The Misfortune Of Irresponsibility

It sucks to end up with a DUI, mostly because of court and losing your license and having to deal with motherf*cking cops. I was out for Valentine's day with my boyfriend of a month. He was driving that night but was drinking as well, which should have been the first red flag. Well since I wasn't driving I was drinking myself. He ended up passing out and some people had to help me carry him to the car. It was pretty late and I really wanted to get home but I didn't know the city we were in very well. However, against my better judgement, I decided to try to make it home even though I'd never driven under the influence before. Lo and behold, a cop ended up behind me and turned his lights on. Come to find out I had a taillight out - how wonderful - but he suspected I was drunk and made me get out and do the sobriety tests and whatnot. Well I have never been in trouble for anything in my life so this experience to me was very new. I didn't know I could refuse the breathalyzer so I took it. Bad decision. It's because of my number that I am being sentenced to 48 hours in jail, alcohol safely school, and a restricted license for a year, which is forcing me to move back to a town with better public transportation. The worst part is, however, having to tell my parents about it - their behavior records are perfect and they are quick to judge, which leaves me utterly terrified to tell them because I don't think they'll understand. 
            But I realize that my criminal record comes nowhere near close to being who I am as a person. I know this isn't the end of the world and the law will always lose to me if it tries to make me feel like less of a person. I made a mistake one time only that many people make a few times a week and I got caught. But realize this - if you are in the same situation, never, ever let yourself think that things are going to get difficult. You've got to push through it and realize that you are just a human being who made a mistake (as we ALL do) and that you are capable of transcending the consequences of this situation to become a better person and to prove that you simply made a mistake yet you are still worthy of everything everyone else is.  
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I haven't had a drink in 40 years but I was pulled over for a bad tail light and because I am partially crippled I couldn't do the stupid test so the f***ing cop arrested me and put me in jail for DUI. I had to pay for the blood test and court costs. It cost me 2 grand to pay a lawyer to get it dismissed, but still, I'm out the money. I used ti respect cops but they seem to be turning into reactionary facists! Or is it just me?

Wow lucky got it dismissed I would pay 2000.00 to get my dui dismissed penalties are more costlt than that consider yourself lucky

I was lucky but I really don't drink. i felt the cop was just a *****!

I got a DUI over Super Bowl Weekend in Los Angeles. It was the worst experience of my life. I had a clean driving record up until then. I was so California you have a DMV hearing and a Court hearing. I hired a lawyer after spending 14 hours in jail holding. I blew a .10 and basically no matter what was going to get charged with a DUI. I got charged a $1,700 fine and three months in a DUI Safety Education class. I finished my class in August and paid my fine in full last June. The DMV took away my license for six months but restricted it for five of those six months. In California the DMV now makes you put an interlock in your car and that was the hardest part of my DUI. You have to blow and hum in it a certain way to start your car. Then it beeps ten minutes later while you are driving. If you don't blow in it the correct way your horn starts to go off. I have six weeks left of having the interlock in my car and am counting down until my life can go back to normal. This was the hardest situation I have ever gone through in my entire life. I want to move past it!

can someone tell what was your first sentence for your first DUI? i just had my fist one and my bac was very high, like 4 time the limit high. i didnt hit cars or injure people...

Hey how did everything go?

the pre paid law thing is a joke, and withthe way the DUI laws are now, even a good lawyer may not help you, we just have to try and hold on an learn from it , and never make the same mistake again, I know for one that I will never go through this again

I really enjoyed your post. It makes me feel so much better about my future.

Thank you so much for your story. I was arrested last Friday night, August 14th, for a DUI. I am a 20 year old female who previously had never even received a speeding or parking ticket. It was a stupid mistake and I completely take full responsibility for everything that I did. I am extremely lucky that I or anyone else was not injured or even killed by my reckless actions. My court date is this Wednesday and I'm absolutely terrified. I can barely eat and I have to take sleeping pills otherwise I wouldn't get any rest. I'm trying to get through this alright and I only hope I have the personal strength to make it through.

what ever happened with your casE?

You did not indicate what the grand total cost is. I have a pre-pay legal service that take care of legal problems with the law and other people. the service cost about $35 a month and no longer worry about this stuff. Last I heard, a grand total is $1,600 for a DUI