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I got a dui after getting off of work and watching a boxing event, got pulled over and the rest is just plain crap, I was a truck driver, and the dui cause me to lose my job, since without a license, so after taking my license, the fines came in,with the threat of if I don't pay the fine, I would receive jail time, again after I was forced to quit , then to make matters worst, was lable an alcohlic and forced to have treatment, also this is going into my record, I drank once maybe twice a month before this all happen, now unemployed and in this time with the way jobs are, I know that I'm going to lose my home, I feel depression every day and see no way that I can overcome it, I made a mistake in driving that night, but should it ruin my life for a 15 minute ride? I stay at home more than ever now, finding myself not wanting to be around anyone because of the sadness that I feel
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I drove a truck since 1998, and got a DUI in 2011. That ruined my life. My driving record was spotless up until then. I had a family of two boys, nice home, and a beautiful wife. Also a great job with a supermarket chain driving truck for them for 10 years. Great pay, benefits, pension. It all came to end on the year of doom. My wife and I were going through a divorce, fighting over our kids. Lost our home. Went from a nice home to renting a room. Left the bar depressed and got pulled over. Got my first DUI. About 4months after fight ing my duiDUI and for my job. I lost both. Its been almost 4 years since. I haven't getting on my feet its been a daily struggle. I been food stamps. Working at the car wash, labor ready, cleaning windows, whatever I can do to make ends meet. My first year I only made $7000. Yeah I used to think and act like it wasn't fair. I no longer think that way it doesn'tdo me any good. I get up everyday and be grateful. I lwlearned my lesson the hard way. Im now over 3 years sober. I never want to drink again its beena big price to pay. Its time to move forward.

You know. I could only read a couple of these response before I had to sign up. All up that judge look in the mirror and ask have u ever did anything that u did not get caught for?? that just maybe consider a crime or others would judge u for but just really was not something u would not normally do? I work in a field where I see all kinds of people of all walks of life that life are ruin from this. yes some of them should be there but many of them just made a bad choice and yes it just might of cause harm to someone else but didn't the police who are there for the reason to protect found them before they made a bigger mistake thank goodness, so yes they should have to pay a price but not their every thing. it is crazy what they have to do. can u do what u every day without your driver license? then by the way we want u to be at the probation office so many times a week or month, make sure u bring money, we don't care if u loss your job, we don't care if u have no family or friend to drive u but if u get caught driving you will be arrest again at which point u will spend time in jail and when u are done with that u will be an habitual offender and not able to ever get your license again. So all of u that judge this man be sure that u didn't go partying when u turn 21 and maybe drove, or maybe smoke a joint when you where a kid, that is a crime, left the densest after getting some gas or try anything that just might of been harmless in your mind, I could go on there are so many little not meant to harm another a human mistake that we do that what we human and this man should yes had to pay a fine, got in trouble. But by no means does that make him a bad person a bad truck driver come on!! but the laws just might make him on. trust me in my field I see it all the time they come in the first time a reasonable scared what is going to happen to me, I am sorry, I cant believe I did that. to I just could do what they what me to do, I couldn't find a job. I couldn't pay the fines, I loss everything what did they what me to do? and these are not people that fit what people think of criminals these are your normal everyday people who this law is making it impossible to make it unless they have money or a lot of family support. what is even funny to me these people pay more than let say some one who comes in for selling drugs that person can do couple days in jail pay a fine, do a little probation, and that is it. now depends on amount and how many times they have been caught but u get the point. first dui and u lose your license one year if you refuse to blow 5 years. now I do agree with if you get more than one dui then ya get what you get but everyone can make a mistake and pretty much anyone I know including myself, is honest has at one time or other as done something that can be consider against the law but didn't do it to harm anyone was just having a little fun. so dude I am sorry what You going threw and I do not think it is fair but promise u that you are not the only one. and it does not make u a bad person. it happens to all walks of life from the very high class to the very poor. I was just talking about this the other day when I got a college kid back in what could we do to help him out? said come on this is crazy. I was told that it was not my job to worry about that. I was not a law maker. to those who have lost a love one from somebody drinking and driving that is not the same has this.

Yes I lost my job and then was told that I had to pay fines or face jail, was told that I had to take classes at 250 or face jail,was told that it would stay on my record for life, what they failed to tell me was that speeders causes more deaths that drunk drivers, they failed to tell me that tailgaters causes more accidents than drunk drivers, they failed to tell me that police officer that are caught driving drunk does not lose his job nor does the judge that is caught also, what they did tell me was i should have known better, ( doesn't the cop and the judge know better since one enforces the law and one administer it ) I was out of work for three years before I was able to work again, no food stamps no medicare, no welfare, I had to fight this battle on my own, I was just about broke before I found work again, and I know that some were not as lucky as I was and may have lost everything behind this law, I no longer drink and I no longer think that our government is there to help us, they are only in it for themselves and for the money that they can get any

(I should note in passing that the state’s claims to be trying to make our roads safer by outlawing and persecuting drunk drivers should be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least. Approximately 1 million Americans are killed every 25 years on America’s socialized road system, and the state has done virtually nothing in the way of reforming these death traps — besides focusing its attention on drunk drivers. The socialist planners of America’s roads apparently only care if drunk drivers kill people, and don’t care a whit if drivers are killed through their own negligence, mismanagement and typical socialistic incompetence [PDF].)

It all sounds so reasonable: because of their "impaired judgment," drunk drivers discount the danger of dying or hurting other people, so the state must implement harsh laws that discourage drunk driving even more. The problem with this idea, however, is that the state’s penalties for drunk driving are extremely lenient when compared to what could possibly occur as a natural consequence of drunk driving — like, death, disfigurement or a lifetime in prison. As such, it is naïve at best to think that the state’s relatively mild form of punishment could possibly dissuade a man from driving drunk, when not even the risk of death was able to discourage him from doing so.

In other words, what the state and other logic-eschewing groups would like for us to believe is the following:

When a man is drunk, his "impaired judgment" makes him discount the possibility of getting into a horrible accident that might kill or injure him or someone else. As a result of discounting this risk, he is likely to go ahead and drive drunk anyway.
This same drunken man, who thinks he can cheat death on the highway, will suddenly see the light, shut off his engine, and walk home if the state merely threatens him with a stint in jail if he drives.

Do you know that speeder's are the cause of more deaths and accidents than drunk drivers, so do you think that we should throw every speeder in prison or jail for their first offense, I know that you are not a speeder and that you never , ever did it, and I know that you wear a bluetooth while driving, when I grow up, i want to be perfect like you, NOT

Don't let it destroy your life. I agree you should not drink and drive but if courts would help people with substance abuse problems get them help give them real rehabilitation instead of putting them in prison with rapists, killers, etc. our country would be so much better off. They hit you with fines but take away your license and you can't work. Does that make sense? PUT interlock devices and make them work permits. Even use wrist or ankle monitors, curfews but don't destroy someone's life and their family. Too many politics. Forgiveness is a gift. I know I would be destroyed if a loved one of mine were killed but I would also be destroyed if putting a family member in prison. Let that person get out and work and make a contribution to society.

I can understand both sides of this issue,although I to have
been turned upside down due to my dui 6 years ago exactly two days from now Sunday 6/8. Let me ask you who seem to be bashing this man a little over his statement. I take full responsibility for getting behind the wheel that day.I have paid more than 5k, & many many hours/days meeting all criteria that was demanded by law,before finally all were met.I lost my career,& all that branches from it. My issue is alot of states if not all,will not allow you to expunge or seal a dui,no matter how much time has passed.I see employment apps. that major felonies in last 5 yrs,while stateing 1 or the other,no dui's...period,or ocassionally,no duis in last 10 years.DUI is a horrible offense & justice needs to be taken,but to have it follow you for next 30,40,50 yrs,the rest of your life,without any options is & does not make any damn sense.Do the crime,do the time..,,,not life.u

Yes it is sad that a DUI is treated as a life sentence, and whats worst is that speeders count for more highway deaths than intoxicated drivers yet a speeder isn't treated with the lost of his job, his insurance isn't cancelled and it does not follow him for the rest of his life, the government will not admit it, but they screwed up on this one and also the revenue that they would lose is too great for them to admit the injustice of it all, so now we have kids 19 years old marked for life and if not then it is not fair to the people that have been. The only way that we will be able to change this is to ban together, alone we are nothing but together we are a giant with a loud voice

Couple things here:<br />
<br />
1) It is completely wrong to discriminate against someone ba<x>sed on irrelevant criteria, in this case, past acts. So I do understand your frustration at not being able to find a job because of past convictions, although if the convictions are related to the job in question it would be justified - just as it would be fair not to hire someone with a conviction of embezzling for a position as an accountant, for example, it is perfectly reasonable not to hire someone with a DUI for a position involving driving or access to alcohol and/or drugs.<br />
<br />
2) Many of you seem to not understand the purpose of the DUI laws. You state that because no harm was done in your cases and many others in that no persons were injured and no property damaged, it is unjust to punish you. More broadly, you suggest the laws themselves are unjust and that if you were to injure yourself or damage your property, that is the purpose of insurance. Well, the purpose of the DUI laws are not to prevent self-harm, but harm to others. <br />
<br />
Every time you drive under the influence of alcohol it is not only your own life you risk (who gives a **** about property when we are talking about living and dying?), but the lives of all you encounter. And you have no right to assume that risk for everyone else. And in the event of a collision with another car or pedestrian, the odds are it won't be the intoxicated person who will be severely injured or die, it is the person who wasn't drinking (this is a fact of biology). So we have to have laws that punish people who take these risks in order to reduce the incidences and thereby the deaths.<br />
<br />
So just do the right thing, for you and for everyone else. Either don't have that drink or arrange other transportation BEFORE you have it, it's not hard. And you have to live with the consequences of your actions, I mean, really, when you do wrong, that's on you. Except for the discrimination thing, like I said. But if you are still acting the same way, and ba<x>sed on these comments, a lot of you are, I have a hard time feeling sorry for you at all. No one should get a second DUI.

First let me say that my career was as a driver and I did NOT seek employment in that field, I tried to obtain employment in every field that I was qualified for EXCEPT as a driver
2nd this may be so as far as to prevent harm to others and even yourself, but how many other laws convicts someone because of what if, that is the stupidest and unfair law in the books, does a person do jail time because they think that he may rob a bank someday
and 3rd people like you ( the pure people ) that I am not looking for understanding and sympathy from, I seek out people that are going through the same pain as I , I understand that there are people that can be so perfect that they never do anything wrong and should be put on a pedestal , but in reality that only belong to a NEWBORN baby, ALL OTHERS MAKE MISTAKES !
And also, you need a life, nothing better to do than to seek out situations where you can deliver hurt or pain or your UNWANTED opinion , GET A LIFE

That is precisely what I said about employment, so I don't know what you're mad about on that account. I said that people are often unfairly discriminated against based on criminal records when in reality they should only be disqualified for a minority of jobs (and probably not indefinitely either as people change - if someone had one 20 year old offence from their youth, for example, and nothing since, I don't think I'd hold it against them unless it was particularly disturbing). So I agreed with most people here except those who wanted driving jobs. Believe it or not I care a lot about justice and discrimination of any form does not serve that goal.

However, if you post online in a public area, you get responses and not all will agree entirely with your own view. I was merely responding to a post, as is the purpose of this website. If you cannot deal with views differing from your own, then you had better stop talking to others, online or off. And as for making mistakes, yes, people do, but they also have to live with the consequences, learn from them, and not blame others and I find none of that is going on here. And I find no understanding whatsoever of the importance of the safety of others. You don't care that you put others at risk, you just care that a) you got caught and b) you think the law was unfair. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but I own mine. Can you say the same?

Because it isn't in writing does not mean that people aren't happy that they did not hurt someone from a night of drinking and driving, have you every heard of a person say that they were drunk and upset that they didn't hit someone ? There are people that have had wine with there dinner and charged with a DUI , and I agree that maybe I am sensitive about this subject but that is because of the level of punishment that I received for this offense, many people drive while under the influence from judges to teachers, the law is not the same for all when it comes to a DUI, a police officer can keep there job if caught with a DUI and so can a judge, the same professions that enforce the laws while others life are left in a wreck, and the law itself is a joke, the money that they charge for fines are used for everything else but the stopping of driving while under the influence, in my town there was an article stating that they put in new water sprinklers with money that they got from the fines of DUI offenders, so again I am sorry if I upset you and also for the rambling , it's something that I picked up from having a DUI, and trust me , I blame no one but myself for being in this position

I am not saying that they actively desire to hurt people, I am saying that they are being inconsiderate of the safety of others and just thinking of themselves. I think if someone did drink and drive with this attitude and actually did cause someone to come to harm, this attitude would change - they would likely be devastated that they had ever taken the chance. But the problem is that they think they won't hurt anyone, that they are just risking their own safety and this is not the case.

As for the inequality of the justice system, that sort of thing happens for pretty much all crimes. Some people are punished more harshly than others and some more lightly simply because they have money, or influence, or status. It is wrong, but it happens. It is even more evident with drug crimes. How often do you see a rich person doing a mandatory minimum sentence for drug possession? But that is not an argument for not punishing those who don't have wealth or power. That is an argument for punishing everyone fairly and cracking down on those who evade justice. Although, by your own argument, not all those people should be fired in the event of a DUI offence as not all of their jobs are relevant to the offence - a teacher certainly not.

And by the way, impaired is impaired, regardless of how many glasses of wine or other alcoholic beverage it takes. It may only take one for some people. In my case it probably would only take one given the totality of circumstances (body mass, alcohol tolerance, medications, etc.). And I'd take the keys off anyone I was with who I thought had too much and I'd drive them home myself if I had to, to hell with any inconvenience.

Why are you commenting on this post? If you only motive is to judge others, pick a different blog. No one asked for your sympathy so **** off

I don't have to justify why I posted here as this is a public site and I can post wherever I like. But I would have thought it obvious. People comment when they feel they have something to contribute to a discussion, or in your case, to hurl abuse. In my case, I felt that something was not being said and needed to be. I may have said some things that people did not wish to hear (probably because they are hard truths for those who are in such a situation), but I have the right to exercise free speech and unlike you I was not rude or aggressive.

As for judging, everyone judges every day about many things. Judging people or things is just forming opinions or perspectives. What you are saying is that you do not like my opinion on this issue. You prefer what the other people have said, you prefer their judgments of themselves and others, and do not wish to hear me. You can choose not to read my posts, but you cannot force me not to post them. And you cannot make what I said untrue either, which is why I suspect you dislike it so much.

And finally, this entire blog is a huge demand for sympathy from anyone who reads it, so I do not see how such a demand was not made of me. The OP boils down to 'I broke the law and now the consequences are really, really bad, please feel sorry for me and others like me'. And whether or not all of these consequences are justified or just some of them is irrelevant, it is a demand for sympathy. And the moment I read this, said demand was placed on me.

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As far as I know it does not get better. I lost my license in 2008 to my second DUI. It was a living hell. I thought when getting through a sobriety court, all the random drug tests, support groups, pure anxiety for two years, that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. I made it through the programs, but still have no license. After leaving my house because I could not drive, and not being able to get my license back my life has just become an empty shell. I am reminded every day when I take the buss that I should be grateful that it was not worse, but it doesn't seem to matter, life happens, and sometimes you get the short straw and you have to live with it. I just hope that my statistic makes some small difference in the future when some law gets past that we should not punish people for being human.

After 4 months of absolute hell be unemployed, I finally got a job. It pays much less than my previous job plus I will have to relocate, but at least it's a job. If I can stay on this job for at least 2 years then my DUI will be 5 years old which makes it easier to swallow for employers. That's if I don't get pulled over for another one. During the last 4 months I began drinking again almost daily, I'm planning to quit after I start this job though.

I feel for you all too. But do not lose hope. I received a dui back in July of 2001. It was my first. I had to serve 4 days in jail and three years unsupervised probation until October of 2004. We'll my background investigation wasn't complete until January 2005 and I was able to keep my job. I was a federal contractor for the Dept. Of Homeland Security for over 9 years and was recently let go June of this year because of sequestration. Fast forward to October 12. I was working in a small contrat job and went to work that morning, came back home and cooked for my wife and daughter and had no sleep at all. I decided later on to go with some friends to watch the Redskin/Cowboys game and had some drinks. On my way home I passed my exit and took the next one to turn around. I came up to a stop light and put my car in park while the light was red so I could grab some pizza that was in the back seat. As I was waiting for the light to turn I fell asleep. Next thing I know the police is standing outside my car. So I got out and they asked me how much I had to drink and I told them a little bit but I was mostly tired as the reason I fell asleep. There were three officers two men and a woman. The female officer asked me to do a field test to see if I can drive home ( I think she had already predetermine that she was going to lock me up). The male officers had asked me if I could drive before she wanted to do the test ( eye, walk strait line, and hold one foot in the air for 10 seconds). So me thinking if I do this and pass she would let me go. My problem with this is how many people can do this test right after waking up even if sober? To my surprise I did it with flying colors , no staggering or nothing and soon as I was finished she just put the cuffs on me. I don't even remember anyone reading me my rights. They took me to the station and gave me some paper to sign if I agree or deny the blood alcohol level test. I denied it. And she let me go home. But I really felt that that she pushed the issue to lock me up. Now this is my second dui in the same state (MD) and it has been on my mind ever since. There is not one day that I don't think about that night. I too am searching for another job because I am on unemployment and the contract job I am doing now pays cash but very little plus I have to work 7 days a week to receive the whole check. Am I worried? Yes but I am not giving up hope. My hearing is in December and the trial is February. My lawyer is telling me that I have a good chance of beating the charge but I still worry if landing another job with the industry the way it is. I also think that the laws for dui offenders are too harsh. Almost every job that I apply for asks if my license ever been suspended or if I was convicted of a dui whether for driving jobs or not. And believe it or not some of us dui offenders are some of the best working people in this country but yet it seems that we labeled as killers or sex offenders or something. As far as employment though, the harsh reality is that we may have to start our own business for something that we are really good at just to generate some type of income or to make it today. Since then, I have not drinked anything and told my wife I will never take a drink again even if I am home. It will be hard for us people but do not give up hope and please don't kill yourself it's not worth it. Just trust in GOD!

Sorry that you too have to experience this, and I wish you luck , but just by being strong and not letting it get you down is a plus.

hire an attorney! it might cost you some, but not as much as going on your own!

I go to court tomorrow for a DUI and it doesn't look good. Looking at jail time, year suspension, fines, interlock system and who knows what else. Never been in trouble, no points. Job that I have spent the last 10 years building to is in jeopardy as I need to drive a government vehicle. If I lose my job I really have no chance to get another in the same field with this on my record. Basically I'll be starting from scratch as a 28 year old with useless job experience and probably have to move back to my moms house, which is horrifying. I basically turned what was a bright future into a no future.

Sorry that you too fell into the DUI triangle, but I do not think that you will do any jail time, but the rest of your story is up for grabs, it can and will destroy a career , and it can wreck a future, but as long as there is a tomorrow, you have a chance to change things

i am tried of suffering for my dui too We need to form an organization to help
help those with dui's not be sentenced for live.

many in madd have had dui's.

I am in for a organization the fight back, but we need a lot of people because madd, or government , law and NHTSA, or all very powerful, is bigger then you and I, and most people who all you a drank, will be getting a dui when it go's down to .05, and then .02. If one women put together this powerful organization, then we can do it.

I have a friend of mine who is a trucker and lives in CT. Somebody used his drivers license number to do a job in GA then they abandoned the truck in GA after being pulled over for DUI. My poor friend cannot find a job now until he clears his name. The driver of that truck supposedly lives in Detroit.

"Because even with rehab, AA and clean and sober house living, we are still unable to work ANYWHERE
That's all I have to say on that matter"

This is the bottom line. When you fill out an application they tell you to be truthful and honest but when you are, your application in most cases goes directly to the round file, no matter how well you did on the interview. They never even bother to contact you again. This has happened to me on several occasions.

If you apply for a position where driving is necessary this is understandable, but many companies have legal clauses in their books where hiring a person with a DUI can cause their group Health and/or Life insurance policies to go up if they hire somebody with a DUI.

Not only that, if your manager(s) knows that you had a DUI conviction but they decide to hire you anyway, they might and will blame alcohol for every mistake you ever make, every outburst you ever made, every day off you take, as well as any problem whatsoever. This can become very disheartening in itself ! To them, it's almost like having a crack-addict in the house and something goes missing.

Now I know why criminals decide to leave the country once finishing their incarceration period, or they will never live in peace.

so true, but insurance companies are big business and they buy politicians , these same people that we elect to office are the same people that turn there backs on the same people that put them there, DUI offenders suffer because we are not a unit, though there are many of us, we stand alone, if we can get everyone that is against the way DUI are handle, we can make a change, and someday there will be someone that will take the rein and change the way people see us

yes its time we stand up and get our live sentence expunged. i paid my dues completed sentence requirements. ( supervision for 3 yrs(. that is longer than some murders get!

We need to fight back, and show people that madd will destroy everyone live, because they are getting brainwashed.

my dui was a case of over zealous cops and poorly handled. i did not have good counsel either.
i was guilty with out proof! my case was not totally
investigated. now i have a life sentence.

you are an alcoholic if get a dui.
alcoholism is considered a disease, so my have a life sentence because i have a disease?
would a cancer patient be punished like this?
just food for though!

This organization seems to be the only one that I know of that fights for Drivers rights: NMA( National Motorist Association)

However, if they were not able to stop MADD(mothers against Drunk Driving which is very powerful then we are in a lot of trouble.

When I attended ASAP(Alcohol Safety Action Program ) classes after I got busted 3 years ago, all they did is show us films of people who were injured in alcohol related accidents. What they failed to tell us is that NHTSA(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) defines fatal collisions as "alcohol-related" if they believe the driver, a passenger, or non-motorist (such as a pedestrian or pedal cyclist) had a BAC of 0.01% or greater.

Our own bodies produce alcohol, so even if you did not have a drink in several days, there might still be traces of alcohol in your body. This all rigged up by the government so that alcohol is blamed for 47% of all traffic deaths although the real reason is speeding, in attention, talking on cell phones, faulty equipment , drowsiness, road-rage and driver error.

While I was attending the ASAP classes, I saw some of the most gruesome films describing how people were injured or maimed by drunk drivers. Those films left me feeling guilty and contrite for sure, but what about the people who are maimed or killed in accidents for reasons other than alcohol. ASAP did not include those films clips and I'm pretty sure if they did, they would have been just as horrific as the alcohol related ones.

I'm not saying that you should go out and drink and drive, but what I'm saying is, if you did not cause any accident(s) then why should you be punished for life ?

People know that smoking causes cancer yet they smoke anyway ? Bar tenders know that most of their clientele will hop in their car no matter how many drinks they have. This is an American tradition...

Indeed Alky, in most states it is worse to have a DUI than to have a violent offense or a felony on your record. I found this out the hard way when applying for work with a few local oil refineries here in Northern California. They are international shipping ports which requires a TWIC card (Transportation Workers Identification Credentials) from TSA (Transportation Security Administration). A DUI offender can get a TWIC, but in most cases cannot be hired by one of these companies though they do employ many ex felons.

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You are not a criminal. In most court cases where a crime was involved the prosecutors and the jury are very interested in finding out the MOTIVE for this crime. Why did this person rob this bank, why did this person kill their spouse, why did this person black mail their boss etc. The motive is usually the determining factor of whether a crime was committed or not. However when it comes to drunk driving, in the majority of cases, the convicted person was usually not aware of their BAC level and usually the motive was not to harm property or other individuals. I don't know why so many states consider a DUI a crime when no persons or property were injured. That is what insurance is for...

true, but the federal government decided to make it a crime, this is why first time offenders can still receive prison time, a DUI offense carries as much weight as any other crime, it stay on your record, it can prevent you from getting employment , it can keep you out of other countries and it can make people see you as a problem, no we are not criminals to other DUI offenders but to the rest of the world treat and see us that way. So until there is a change, we will suffer and more like us will suffer

That is a really good point , that is why we have insurance.

I am ready , for it's a crime that citizens are forced to lose everything that they own because of an infraction, the DUI laws has made some run from the law and others a nervous wreak . I am willing to do what ever it take to change the lawless DUI rules

So am I. You notice that MADD is run by women. Whenever I walk into a 711 store to buy beer, the women at the counter cringe as if I was buying Heroin. This is akin to the prohibition days where women heavily influenced that campaign. More people die in traffic accidents from inattention, speeding and talking on the cell phones than with alcohol. Women are the main culprits when it comes to texting, talking on their cell phones and driving.

New Jersey and I think Wisconsin are the only 2 states that consider a DUI a traffic infraction instead of a criminal misdemeanor. You still have to pay your dues, but an infraction does not go against your criminal record. Meaning that you can apply to any job even a government job without worrying about your criminal record. You can have 2 or 3 DUIs in NJ and it is still not considered a crime. However in NJ the DUI does stays on you record for life, it does not drop off ever. Their reasoning is that how are they going to determine what to tack on for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th DUI if the first one was expunged or dropped.

I'm not sure what happens when they do a criminal background check on you in NJ and you happen to have a DUI from another state on your record. Do they consider that DUI an infraction instead of a criminal misdemeanor ? If that is the case then I might as well move to NJ.

I always wondered why I kept seeing NJ license plates on cars wherever I traveled NJ-sians don't want to lose their driving privileges.

well I am sure when this was posed, but it is a crime in nj

Friend us, read our opening post. We are one with you

I agree Daedae. There are many cases where drivers, passengers and by-standers have died because someone ran from the police to avoid a DUI. Some instances may have been first offenses, others may have been a second, and some may have been a second by default (due to zero tolerance policies which in most states, which prohibit a DUI offender from getting behind the wheel with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood.) I have heard of people behaving good, and then under uncontrollable circumstances had to get behind the wheel. Or they were coerced into it

contract me, and maybe we can get other people to fine away back, from this hell that madd is causeing

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Screw this. I'm seeing my situation repeated over and over. Caveat: I have a shoulder injury that for all intents and purposes renders me disabled. So bad that I'm on long-term opioid pain meds. So, construction jobs and the like that don't background check are out for me. Back to, SCREW THIS: we're all in the same situation, we're all clear thinking adults, we're all being victimised by unjust laws... It's time to band together! I messaged Ex Civilians on FB offering to join them; to turn this into a CAUSE, not a support group. These laws need changing, we're the ones with the most to gain by said change, so let's become the counter- lobby to MADD! You've set it up with Ex Civilians, so let me in, let's do some research, and figure out how to CHANGE THESE AWFUL LAWS! Everyone else posting: you join too! Let's not sit down and take this quietly! Let's join together! Let's FIGHT!

If you have sent a friend request then I have approved it. And yes we are a cause. This is all of our cause. Feel free to post your stories, related articles etc on our wall. OUR wall, not my wall. OURS.

I would like to join, if one women started this witch hunt, then we and all get together. Because it is not just you and me, it will soon be all the people who will look at you as a drunk, because the bac will go to .05 to .02.

Got my first DUI a couple months ago, so i hired an attorney. he really didn't help. I blew to the slightest degree so got the minimum of everything! The fines are so much I just want to serve the time in jail! Does anybody know if I can do this now? I've already seen the judge and he has already ordered me to fines and one day in jail. Can I just not pay the fines and do the whole time in jail? How do I go about this??

As far as I know, yes you can do time in jail without having to pay the fines. I knew somebody in my court ordered 4 month rehab class I had to take after I got busted, who did just that. However you should probably speak to your probation officer (if you have one) about the consequences. Also, if you still have a job, the court allows you to set up payment plans. As far as your lawyer doing nothing, most of them can't do a dam thing. If the law says 'mandatory' then nothing can really be done if you are found guilty. The lawyer can try to dispute the results of your blood test, urine test or breath test, or maybe even your Miranda rights , but that is a long shot and the judge is not going to waste time with that, since they heard it all before. Remember it's the police officers word against yours and the judge is infinitely more likely to be swayed by the police officer's word than yours. Sorry ...

I have never heard of a case where you could sway fines for jail. The court is not concerned with your interests

Yeah I'm doing 13 days to cover all fines which totaled about $2,200.

Here it is. The first organization for the reintegration of DUI offenders and political reform is up and running. Add us as a friend.

please click the link, read our opening post and friend us. WE are up and running for 1 hour how

I don't want to have anything to do with Facebook. Thanks

This is a wonderful thread for DUI support. I got arrested on May 19 In Florida for going 62 in a 45 mile construction zone, didn't see the signs posted. I got pulled over and blew .150 on my breath test. Was arrested, had the car impounded, and my wife bailed me out the next day for $500.I have never had any problems with the law and am 58. I spent the night in jail and never was so embarrassed in my life.The next day, I hired a lawyer for $6000, and am wondering if I have wasted my money. I did get an extension on my license for a month, and the lawyers are filing all documents and waivering my court appearances. However, will I get a lesser charge? Anybody with experience with lawyers, and have I paid too much in Florida?

You probably wasted your money: Listen to my story

Your story reminds me of my story except I think mine is a lot

worse. I received my DUI back in 2010 but the repercussions of that

fatal night are still affecting me to this day. I had just received

an offer letter from a government agency contingent on whether I

passed a background investigation. I felt confident because I

already had a job although a temporary one, so whether I passed the

'BI' or not it was no big deal at the time.

Boy was I wrong ! When I received the offer letter, I decided to

clean up my apartment that had been a mess ever since I was laid-

off from my permanent job where I worked for 5 long tedious years.

So I decided to wax the floors. Nothing like a job offer to get you

motivated to clean up your act ! While waxing the floors I slowly

sipped on a bottle of Chardonnay. When the Chardonnay was out, I

went out and purchased one of those High-alcohol beers in a 16OZ

can. I did not eat all day while I was drinking and this would come

back to haunt me. Mind you, having been a drinker all my life my

tolerance level was through the roof.

In any case, I called my mother that night and she detected that I

was drunk. We got into a heated argument and I winded hanging up on

her. Already the liquor had affected my judgment. I should have

been happy but instead I became highly confrontational. My mother

did not help either with her constant nagging and put-downs.

After that phone call, I became very agitated and decided to get

another "quick one" to help me get some sleep since I had run out

sort of speak.

It was about 10:45PM ( Sunday memorial day weekend) and I knew that

the "sin shop' would close at 11:00, so I got in my car and

rushed towards the store before they closed. Unfortunately, before

I realized it I was going 15 miles over the speed limit. Through

the corner of my eye I saw a police car with the lights off

standing on the corner. I slammed on the brakes to slow the car

down but it was too late. The police car turned on his lights

followed me for about 2 blocks then threw on the blue flashing

lights and blew the siren.

Right then, I knew I was done and my life would be altered forever.

The first thing he asked me was if I knew why he stopped me ? I

said "NO not really". He said I was going 12 miles above the speed

limit ! I shrugged hoping he would only give me a ticket for

speeding. Then he asked me "have you been drinking tonight ?" Like

a dope I said YES I had a couple of beers or something like that.

He told me to step out of the car gave me the alphabet soup test,

the finger on the nose test, the walk a straight line test and

finally breath analyzer test. I blew a .19 BAC.

To make it worse some people began forming around. They did not

seem very upset either it was more like entertainment to them. The

police officer told me to sit down on the side walk while hand

cuffed, until the tow truck arrived to haul my car. This took

about 10 minutes or less I don't remember. I never felt like such

a criminal but things would get worse. I watched as my beloved car

one of the few things I own, was being hoisted on the tow truck .

Then the police officer told me to get in the back of his car. It

was rough ride to the police station. I just could not believe it.

I thought I was having a bad dream and sooner or later I would

wake up, but that never happened. When I got to the precinct , 3

or 4 police officers began heckling me. You caught a fat one ! some

said 1 year minimum sentence plus a $2500 fine while laughing. One

of the officers recognized me from a previous reckless driving

incident I had received 3 years ago. He said "we knew you would be

back ha ha-ha". This went on and on...

I became very upset due the humiliation I was receiving and wanted

to run, or strike back, but the more I resisted the more

ammunition I gave them(cops). I was asked to blow into another

breath analyzer machine. I tried to fool the machine as best as I

could, but this time I blew a .21 two points higher than I had

blown in the field and almost 3 times above the limit. The

arresting officer looked at me and sadly said man you need help.

I was placed in a holding-area not really a holding cell, but

more like a lobby with hard chairs with no cushions surrounded by

about 15 other prisoners.

The police officers doing our paper work sat right in front of us

in comfortable desk and seats grinning and seemingly appearing to

be having a good time totally unaware of our misery. I have never

seen so much cooperation between coworkers as I have witnessed at

this police station. There seemed to be zero animosity between

coworkers whether male/female/black/white/Hispanic/Asian whatever,

they all seemed to work in total harmony and towards one common

goal, to uphold the law.

I'm pretty sure if the law stated that drunk drivers should be

exterminated immediately, they would perform those duties with no

questions asked, that is how disciplined they were...

Because of my high BAC reading, I would not be released for

another 48 hours. This meant that I would not be able to go to

work that next Tuesday at my temporary job. When Tuesday morning

came around I knew that I would have to call my job and tell them

that I could not come in, but I did not want to use the phones at

the police station because the phone number would probably show up

on the caller ID at my job !

Lucky for me, one of the police officers there let me use his

personal cell phone, so I could call in sick. Tuesday was also

supposed to be the day that I got my finger prints taken for the

government job which had been offered (contingent on passing the

BI) !

From there things just went from bad to worse. Due to the court

dates, I had to take days off from my temporary job with no viable

explanations. I only told them that I had some legal problems that

needed to be take cared of.

My BI investigation began soon in earnest and a private

investigator from OPM would visit my job to ask me questions about

my DUI and my drinking habits. He seemed especially concerned

about my drinking habits.

Around 2 months later my case finally came up in the courts. It

took 2 months of a harrowing night mare I just could not believe !

My Lawyer who somehow appeared out of nowhere during the

preliminary hearings a month earlier, had promised he would

represent me and would try to fight the charges as hard and as best

he could. This would cost me $2500 which I had to take out of my

401K savings because I did not have any other funds.

When my case came up this same lawyer would tell me that we really

did not have a case because of my high BAC readings and because

the case in front of mine was for vehicular-manslaughter which

would sway the judge.

The only thing my lawyer was able to do was to plea bargain my BAC

reading from .21 to .15 which meant that I would only be

incarcerated for 5 days instead of 10 days which is mandatory in VA

for people who were convicted with a BAC .15 and over. The only

thing I could do now was to plead guilty.

Due to the fact that I already spent 48 hours in the holding cell,

I was given 3 days in the county jail. I had to voluntarily report

to that jail or a warrant would be sent out against me. I chose

Friday, Saturday and Sunday this way I would not miss too many

hours of work. For the first time in my life I was incarcerated

in a government institution just like any other criminal. It was a

humbling experience to say the least.

The only thing you could really do in jail is read, eat and go to

sleep. Each hour felt like a life time. To make matters worse, the

guards there looked down on you to the point where you had no

dignity at all despite your past accomplishments. Not only that

all your belongings including human belongings were under constant

threat of evaporating while you sat in that jail cell. This was one

of the most sobering experiences I have ever imagined which lead to

feelings of guilt and irresponsibility.

When I got out that Tuesday morning I felt so relieved. I still

had my apartment and all that was contained within it. I still had

my family even though I did not tell them exactly what happened and

I still had my temporary job.

However later on my drivers license would be revoked, making it

hard for me to get to work. My temporary job would pass on me as a

viable candidate. The government job which was offered would be

rescinded. And I would be thrown into a hostile job market with

multiple strikes against me(age, race, criminal conviction).

The story is not yet over, but maybe it is over for me as far as my

career is concerned. I'll keep you posted

Hi Daedae,
I wish I could say things have turned around and are looking better for me but I can't. But I will reiterate a thought we have shared. That YES, there needs to be a group to lobby for the rights, recovery and rehabilitation of DUI offenders. But first there needs to be a term coined for us. Without a term we are just DUI offenders, and any likely response to our condition will be swept aside with the same old "yeah, so what. They got a DUI and now they have to pay for it."

Until we coin a term for people like us (we can call ourselves Xcivilians for now)

People whos -lives have been destroyed because they have a DUI on their record,
-Who have been made unable to work, or be employed because of workplace insurance stipulations and background checks
-Who face arrest if they don't continue to pay fines for which they have no income to pay for,
-Who have been left completely unable to support and provide for themselves and their families
-Who can no longer even commit their lives to the military in wartime as a last effort, because of DUI inflicted probation and criminal background,
-People unable to be employed as a taxi; delivery driver; fireman; paramedic; commercial truck driver; postal worker; mechanic; construction laborer or equipment operator; Bus driver; UPS driver; culligan water guy; HVAC technician; sprinkler fitter; mechanic; pizza delivery guy; mobile security officer; sheriff or highway patrol; anything to do with parks and recreation maintenance; any state or government agency period, etc etc etc, the list goes on and on.
-People who face depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts because their entire livelihood and ability to prosper has been destroyed, and there truly is no hope in their future.

(like I said, lets just call ourselves Xcivilians for this example)

We are clearly something more than just DUI offenders.

When govt officials, or whomever, hears the term DUI offenders, they say "yeah, so... they need to do their time and pay their fines"

Thats all they think of. Because DUI offenders are at a glance just DUI offenders.

Nothing in the title of "DUI Offenders" addresses how regulation has destroyed their lives and any chance of recovering and being able to be a contributing member of society again.
It only addresses that they are criminals

WE NEED to invent a new term for ourselves which addresses us as people whos DUI criminal history and insurance regulation has ruined everything in our lives, until then it will be very hard to organize any kind of lobbying movement on our behalf. Because like I said, we will just be DUI offenders at a glance and will only receive the same "pay your fines and get a new job" advice

Then others can unite nationwide in support of (Xcivilians) again just a temporary term for this example.

Because people just can't unite in support of DUI offenders, they won't.

The notion of REHABILITATING DUI offenders just receives the same non productive solutions, alcohol rehab, jail time, take their license away, stick em in a clean and sober house, make them go to AA, etc

These are not the main issues we face.

We are not all alcoholics needing rehab.

We are more than that, and we need to appoint a term for our condition that addresses us as real people, formerly productive members of society, people who have done their time and payed their dues, but yet will forever be crucified on paper.

Because even with rehab, AA and clean and sober house living, we are still unable to work ANYWHERE
That's all I have to say on that matter

I would also like to add that I have applied with local agencies and school districts to be a DUI/alcohol abuse educator.
When I was in school, we had DARE but it was very ineffective. They didn't tell us much except that drugs and alcohol are bad and nobody will like you if you do them....

If they would introduce a DUI offender (or an Xcivilian) to students, someone to tell them how a DUI has truly ruined their life in all these ways... well guess what, people would really not want to drink.

But guess what else, I am ineligible for employment with any CA school districts because of my DUI criminal history. So I cannot share my story in schools to help educate students on the real ramifications of drinking. Hmmmm. Real good system they have there....

I am done now. I hope things are looking up for you DaeDae. In creating this forum discussion, you really have helped so many of us in more ways than any of us can express. It really helps to know that we are not all truly alone in this. Take care my friend.

Hi Rob,, after reading your comment, sadness sank in , because i know that what you wrote is not only the truth but it's what I'm experiencing now. I agree that we need a name that describe us other than DUI offenders, we need to become as one, daily the DUI laws add a new member of this unorganize membership, so yes we have enough members to have a voice, but we must band together before anything can be done. I will end this with thank you for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts

I would be very interest to form a group, and try to be our freedom back.

Well I am for anything that is against this joke of a crime

Also Rob, I can not take credit for starting this forum, I am just like you and the others here voicing my opinion and feeling. Take care my friend

"That YES, there needs to be a group to lobby for the rights, recovery and rehabilitation of DUI offenders. "

I agree the noose has certainly got tighter around DUI offenders. First of all most government jobs require some type of clearance. Before you can even step foot inside a government agency you need an interim clearance. Then a few weeks later the actual security investigation begins, but once you put down you had a DUI conviction it raises red flags and your interim clearance is denied. This means you are unemployed while you go through a security investigation which may last months and may not be favorable in the end. Do you think an agency is going to keep that slot open until you get your clearance ? I should know this happened to me back in 2010. I spent 8 months waiting for the investigator to call me and tell me I had passed my Back Ground investigation which never happened. In the end they denied my clearance for Alcohol Abuse. The investigators are not on your side and are looking for excuses to deny your clearance so something like a recent DUI makes it it real easy for them. Not only government jobs but most private companies ask if you ever were convicted of a misdemeanor. If you answered "yes" it's all over but the tears. Some companies are more lenient, but wont consider any DUI on your record less than 5 years old. They say they found a more qualified candidate or most commonly wont reply to you at all and let you to figure it out. I once was hired at this company and worked with them for 2 months until I had to fill out a BI, 3 days later they escorted me out the door like a criminal. I was turned down for countless jobs, or I pulled out once I found out about the companies policies regarding misdemeanors. This was not always the case. 10 years ago a misdemeanor such as a DUI meant nothing, but these days you are an outright criminal that cannot be rehabilitated. I know ex-cons with felonies that fared better than people with a DUI, maybe because they have recommendations on where to apply. A DUI convict does not have such luxuries so it's like playing Russian roulette. This can go on for years and years until you reach retirement age, you move out of the country or you croak I bed. Sorry that's the way I see it and what I've experienced. Forget about trying to hire a DUI lawyer. They are part of the network that preys and exploits drunk drivers to fatten their pockets. In my state if you blow over .08, the chances that you will be found guilty are 98%. So why hire a lawyer ? Well he might be able to plead down you .20BAC to .15BAC that way you only spend 5 days in jail instead of 10. or he might be able to plead down your fine from $1500 to $500, but that's about it, the chances that he can plead down your DUI to something less are almost nil, unless you are extremely lucky or just happened to blow just a little above .08. Anything over .09 and you are through almost guaranteed to be convicted. So if you blew less than .15 and this is your first offense, save the $2500 because a lawyer can't do anything for you believe me but they wont tell you that. Some judges know these lawyers personally(by name) and know their game. They don't want to be made look like a fool too often no matter how much cash you put out. Next time you see that lawyer with a brand new pair of shoes and a brand new suit you know where your money went. Another thing these lawyers claim is expungement. Well in most states as far as I know you cannot expunge a DUI unless you pleaded not guilty. You might be better off with a pardon, but then gain you must have pleaded not guilty.

I found out that if you play by the rules you only get burned. You put down DUI on any job application and your application in most cases than not winds up in the round file. You tell a background investigator about your past misdeeds trying to be honest, or you are scared he might find out and I guarantee you they will use every single misdeed against you. Even the little ones. These guys are not on your side once you have been convicted of a DUI. They are there to lower the boom on you and make you feel more guilty if not more suicidal. Believe me they could care less.

It's best you give a BI investigator the least amount of information. If they ask you have you ever smoked Marihuana say "hell no" and quickly move to next question. Say the least amount possible and after the interview write down all your answers in case they come back and asks you the same question again to dig out any discrepancies. Best to answer Yes , NO, maybe... to everything, but certainly don't get into details or give names addresses or phone numbers.

Another thing if you are going to drive drunk which happens to the best of us, for Christ sakes do not speed, do not weave in an out of traffic, make sure your plates are valid, make sure you have your seatbelt on and your lights on. The reason most people get stopped for DUI is not because they were driving like maniacs but that they did something to attract the eyes of the local cop hiding behind that tree. You can drive drunk all day long as long as you do not do something stupid like getting on the highway and driving in speeds excess of the speed limit. This is why people get stopped in the first place.

Here it is. The first organization of DUI offenders. X Civilians. Please add as friend

The problem I see here is that it is not only in the US. many countries have adopted the same laws and the same penalties for DUI offenders. In some countries like Canada they are even more strict. My hope is that the cops catch so many DUI offenders that after a while it becomes the norm and a DUI is not a big issue anymore...

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I live in Australia and have just been charged with driving under the influence for the 3rd time. I blew .196 and have a big chance of jail time. I was first done in 2000 and blew .10 which I was lucky to be able to get a work licence in the day time and got a $600.00 fine. The law has now changed though and you are not able to get a work licence for anything over .10 now. I then was completely stupid do get done in 2005 in which I blew .149. I received 1 year suspended licence and $1000.00 fine. I have now managed to get caught again. The stupid thing is that since being done in 2005 I have not once driven drunk apart from 2 weeks ago and low and behold I get caught. I did not crash or hurt anyone and although my reading is high I have a high tolerance for alcohol as I had been verging on alcoholism. I had been to rehab in February for 3 weeks and had given up drinking and smoking cigarettes. I had not had a drink at all till that night. Why I drove I still do not understand? I knew not to from the embarrassment and shame last time so why the hell did I do it. My life has been a living nightmare for the last 2 weeks. I feel the same as so many others that have written here. I can't sleep, I hate myself so much and have had suicidal thoughts, I have ceased contact with everybody and have basically become a total recluse. I have two young girls who keep asking me why I cant drive them to friends or dancing etc and I feel like a total low life. I'am looking at possible jail time, possible suspended sentence, huge fine, and loss of licence for 2+ years. I don't think I would ever have respect for myself again if I go to jail. I feel like I have killed someone and feel unfairly sentenced in the case of "you could of injured or killed someone". I in all 3 times of being charged had not had anyone else in the car, had not crashed the car and had not injured myself or anybody or thing. Do they charge other people for other offences with "what if you raped her" "what if you stole that car". What if is not doing but I'm apparently guilty as charged anyway. They have now bought in the vehicle interlock which is to be used in your vehicle for 1 year after you get your licence back. Im fine with this....I would be more than happy to drive with it for the rest of my life. I clearly can't drink drive so why don't they use this punishment instead of taking peoples chance to keep working and looking after their family away. Speeding kills more people on our roads than drunk driving but the penilties are not even close to the same and the what ifs don't seem to apply. Has anyone in America thought about moving to another country to seek work?

Let the President know about the outrageous alcohol interlock device situation.<br />

I hate to bust your bubble but if this device was in every auto, this would help people from not getting a DUI, there was a senator that suggested this in the year 2010, at first I thought that he was a joke, but now I know that if one was in my auto at that time I would have never have gotten a DUI, but again the government can not make any money off of it if it is mandatory to have them in every auto, so they ignored the senator idea of mandatory installation of interlock

You did not bust my bubble by any means. The devices dont work correctly in new cars which causes major violations which cause you to loose your driving privileges. If the device is mandatory it should work in all cars not just some. And the companies should probably test them on new cars before they install them. Feel free to sign the petition.

The sadness you feel is a sign of a person with depth and sensitivity. That's what defines you. The DUI does not define you. It's just something that happened in your life just like the trials and tribulations everyone has. But there's more to you than that and there's more you can offer yourself.

Thank you, kind words are also like medicine, they can help heal

I just got a DUI 2 mornings ago. I am a recovering alcoholic that has been doing so great, haven't drank for a year and 4 months. And I throw it all away moving up to this crap city. I moved up here for a guy, he waits for me to get up here to introduce me to his girl/f. Then I have a chance to become a Deputy for a sheriffs dept. I did an interview with them Thursday they said they would call friday if I got the job...and I think everything just overwhelmed me so friday night I started drinking. Not one of my best ideas ever. But I highly doubt I deserve a black eye and a bruised stomach from police abuse. But good luck to everyone!

I've gotta chime in here. I am a mother of a 17 year old son. My son got caught up in making stupid choices daily from age 14-16. At age 16 he was expelled from high school for pot. that was a turning point in this child's life. He almost instantly got on the right track, he got a job, started meditating, eating super healthy. He was home almost every night and home early, so I was finally able to sleep at night, it was also nice not crying myself to sleep with worry over him. 1 week ago, my husband and I headed to bed around 10pm, I stopped by my son's room to say goodnight and get a hug. There he was eating his weird healthy food ( I prefer french fries myself ;)) looking at photos of the ocean. He has big dreams of traveling. At 1:15am my phone rang, I ignored it thinking it was the wrong number. But then I heard my husband jump up and grab his phone. I heard him talking and knew something bad had happened, just didn't know who it was happening too. I rolled out of bed, walked down the hall passing my son's room knowing he was sleeping in his bed, when I saw my husband he had a very bad look on his face. I asked him what happened. He said: 'He's okay, but he got a DUI and totaled his car, it was upside down on ----- Way.' I said 'WHO?!' The next word that came out of his mouth was my son's name. I couldn't believe it! I ran to his room, flung his door open and stared at his empty bed. How could he have done this??!! He's been doing so good lately! Where was he? Was he in the hospital, jail... was anyone else involved... is anyone dead? Oh my god, is HE dead? Did they just say he's okay so I don't panic? So many things went through my head. He was fortunate, nobody else was involved and he walked away with a few scratches and a bruised face. This should not have happened! I've told him for years if he ever needed a ride, or his friends... he could call me anytime no questions asked. But he didn't, he thought he was okay to drive and if I hadn't smelled the alcohol on him, I never would have guessed he had been drinking, he surely didn't seem drunk. I know he has a tough road ahead of him and he is ready to face it head on. He is a good kid, he really is, just got a little off track. Drunk driving has always scared the crap out of me, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how my child could have done it after everything I've said, everything I thought I've taught him. I could have lost my son that night. He would have died alone in the cold dark night, not even another car passing by, as a mother that's what is breaking my heart. Nothing else in the universe is more important than what was almost lost that night. I hope everyone who faces these situations come out a better person, we're on this earth for a reason. Each of us has a purpose, maybe it's a very loud purpose that's meant for the whole world, but maybe it's a little more subtle, maybe it's just a whisper meant for our own selves. Just remember we all have something to give in this world.

I am glad that your son is alright and that no one else got hurt, and I wish him well as now he must face the court system, but do not beat yourself up over the fact that he tried to drive home after drinking, alcohol clouds the judgement. Let your son know that it could have been a lot worst and that he has another chance at living life without driving while under the influence . May God bless you and may your good fortune continual, it was a blessing that your son did not kill someone or himself that night, good luck

Hi there. I read your sorry and I agree with alot you mean. I don't even care about not having a car or a license or high insurance. I'm so glad I did not more seriously injur someone or worse. I was unlucky and my Gf in the car with me was drinking too so we both ended up with broken legs and I have a bodily harm charge. Which is much better then causing death charge. Very very thankful and it certainly won't happen again. I got very very lucky. Feel free to read my story. I see you around alot. And see it's been years since your DUI. Are you getting close to getting it expunged? Please let me know how your doing today. Did a new job come along. What have you done to adapt? I totally hear u on the government. There is no tool for reform. It has changed the way I see government and society and it's a terrible feeling. I'm only 22 now was 21 at the time. For me to be tht young and unexperienced it's been very tough. But I also feel very blessed to be able to live at home and hve a support system. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Sjam, I am sorry about the broken legs, but it could have been much worst, it's great that you have family that understands that anyone can make a mistake, I too have family and friends that understood, but for the one's that did not is where my pain came from, and the embarrassment of it all can be just as bad as a slap in the face, but as I said we all make mistakes it's what you learn from it that matters, as the old saying goes, "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it" Anyway as far as a job, the answer is not yet, I have about another 11 months to go before I can go out and start searching for work in my field. And as far as expungement goes, not in the state of NY at least not for a CDL license. I have like many others on this site have come to cherish the freedom that I have , I also know that I do not want to cause anyone harm so the time that I could spend drinking to get drunk, I now use it doing something else while staying sober and feel better about it, you are young, you will bounce back from this, just remember it could have been worst, you have a second chance, don't blow it

Well flob it does suckk about the penalties enforced on drinking and driving, but just thank god you didn't hit anyone and ruin there life.At 46 years old my life change dramaticly because of a drunk driver. I was a successful commercial diver and after I was hit my neck was broke and was bed ridden for 7 months before they would operateN after that I coulndnt dive anymore nor could I finish my military obligation so 18 years in no pension and let me add the drunk driver had no insurance.So please be thankful that it wasn't worst and don't let your friends drive after good friend s mom and father were goimg home from dinner jan 7th or so and was hit by a drunk driver dad died mom in acomma and the drunk driver is prettty much ok a few bumps and bruises I guess are lives have pretty much turned upsidedown just because of someone not saying no to driving.good luck to you pay the fines and move on its a small price to pay.

you know fella..I really feel for you. I had a dui in 1973 and onther in 1993..40 ad 20 years ago. Last month I was driving to the store at 7:30 in the morning and being that I just recently had a neck surgery and 5 lower back disc fused as well . I rear ended a car, got knocked out and admitted to the officr I had taken my meds the night before.. now guess what.. I got a dui.. I amactually one that takes keys from people if they seemimpaired.. but here I am looking at a serious situation. I am s scared right now and pray that the court will understand I took the meds forpain and not to get high. In fct if you hav won'tget high.. It goes straight to the issue. anyways.. I feelforyour situation as I can relate.. and onyone whoreads this.. please remember me daedae in your prayers.

Hello fr8logix, I can understand your feeling scared, that's what a DUI will do someone that cares, as far as the DUI of 40 years ago, I wouldn't worry about that to much, no computers and more than likely the paperwork was tossed a long time ago, same as with the DUI of 20 years ago but with the latest DUI if the meds said do not operate heavy equipment or driving , ( check the bottle ) then you just have to wish that they understand. I hope that they let you off with a fine and a warning, yours is just another example of the reason why they should look into and change the DUI laws, I wish you the best my friend

Can buying your own truck be done with a dui? I really hate this club but. I know I am welcome for sure. I was wondering how far can my attorney go with the case.....cause beating it don't seem likely; By reading a lot of message boards and the dui laws of Pa., everything is pretty much at a lost so I am gearing up for the time ahead. I try now not to think about it as much at least clear my head. But with the bills that are coming it is going to be hard road to drive. Either starting up a low costing franchise so, I can at least have some income coming in. Because it get more complicated if I decide to move and rent out my home and sell the car. Wow so everything I worked for will be taking away. I really believe they want more after all that, there goes losing things in 3's.