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I Was Convicted Of A 3rd Dui And I'm Getting Through It, But Don't Be Me

Hello everyone my name is Kyle, lets start from the beginning. When i was 22 i was arrested for my first dui in may of 2008, funny enough i got it in my front yard. This was just the beginning of a big downward spiral for me. I did great after my first i had my head on my shoulders and told myself it would never happen again, i got done with all the hoops, my probation, everything. then once i was off probation i still had my priorities straight until suddenly about 3 months after......i started slipping back into my old habits...going out, drinking, then driving home, being irresponsible. I was arrested for my 2nd dui in april of 2010 then before i even went to court i got arrested for DUI a third time in august 2010. I was going through some very depressing times, i was lost, i even thought about leaving the country for fear of what was going to happen to me. I got no help from anyone i hired a lawyer to handle both cases. I finally went to court for number 2 at the end of Feburary 2011. I was sentenced to 30 days jail time, Risk reduction,evaluation,license suspension for 1 year, 240 hours community service, 1500 dollar fine etc etc. i did the jail time( which was only 15 actual days in jail because i was awarded 2 for 1 a.k.a good time) Then i reported to probation and i was due to report for court on my 3rd the following week. I was offered to enter a 18 month rehab program called DUI COURT( which is a very difficult program to complete, you screw up once and they throw you in jail anyways, and in the long run ends up costing over $10,000) or 90 days straight time in jail, and basically all the same litigations of classes and what not i had for the second. This was a very hard decision to make, but i ultimately toke the jail time because i all in all just wanted to get this over with asap. i did the jail time from march until june ( i did 82 straight days) got out and started my probation on my 3rd and still had to report to probation in a seperate county for the 2nd( until a couple weeks ago i paid that one off and got it dropped because i'm already being monitored in another county) BUT IM GETTING THROUGH IT! i forgot to add that i haven't had a drink since my 3rd arrest in August of 2010. I have learned that in my case i was out of control and the only real option for me is abstinence. The reason i have posted this is to give others hope and something to relate to, i am getting through this it's hard but i'm doing it. Luckily i have the help of my parents for rides and everything which i thank them for everyday. Please if you have just been arrested for your first or second do not be me, take a minute and really look at the things you have in life and realize that if you keep falling back into the same routine you will ultimately suffer the same consequences but even worse when you become a multiple offender. Like i said after my first i said i'd never drink and drive again, but without even knowing it i kept falling into the same hole i had climbed out of. I hope by posting this i gave some insight on how to prevent get arrested multiple times, like i said DONT BE ME! if anyone has any ?'s about their own personal experience or would just like to talk please message me i'm all ears. thanks everyone -Kyle
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I am 39 live in TX received my first DWI a month ago and was wondering how would this affect me when I fill out job applications. I have not gone to court. I have hired an attorney. If the job application ask if I have been convicted I should say no but you can still pull my name through the county search and it shows I have been charged with a DWI. What do I do?

Just say No and hope they dont find it, I lost out on some opportunities for being honest.

Hi Kyle. Good Stories everyone. I recently got my 3rd DUI back in feb. 2014. Really Messed up. Had hit and run but my Lawyer got that felony dropped. I'm only charged with the 3rd DUI that comes out to 120 Days. I'll be going into Twin Towers. I'm wondering if anyone else here has been to Twin Towers or know of someone recently in Los Angeles?? I only ask because I want to be prepared for turning myself in at 5pm. Far as "who are you rolling with" or "where you from" Which one does someone choose?? I'm FAR from a Gangsta but I do not speak full spanish. Only Broken. I hear the Piasas are the way to go. Also everyone do not get a 3rd DUI. It's not the ish! I've been depressed but hearing my friends and family with their Pep Talks and saying everything will be okay is good. I know it's okay to be scared but I am. My main thing is I just want to be left alone as a trusty & do my time. I also here since overcrowding that most males will do 10% of their time. I have credited 2 days so Hopefully that is true and I'm out in 10. So who Do I roll with? What are the rules for using the crapper? I know to shower with your sandals on, Bring $$$ when turning yourself in. How about the phones?? Is there Rec Time. Thanks in advance Kyle and everyone else. I go in November 21st and Pray that I'm out on thanksgiving. Or even better get the "LUCKY 7" I don't know if this is true but I heard it from 3 other friends. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing this Kyle and Hello to all who have read this article. I too have just recently committed this stupid, completely avoidable mistake. Last week, Labor Day I received my 3rd DUI in California, Los Angeles County. I hit a parked car (totaled my car) and was taken in for a DUI. Last week, I decided to go out with friends, drank more than I should and I drove. like many of us here, over time I too got comfortable and assumed I was able to control myself and my bad drinking habits that have brought pain and misery to myself and loved ones. not to mention all the financial woes that comes with this.Thankfully, (and I mean thankfully) there were no injuries to anyone. I had 2 passengers with me and they were uninjured and ok as well. They were taken in for Public Intoxication and thereafter released. My first conviction took place when I was 20yrs of age in 2005 and the 2nd in 2007. Now in 2014, my stupidity, bad habits, and poor judgment has not allowed me to mentally grow in almost 10 years. Im extremely disappointed in myself and feel horrible for putting my loved ones through this. Now here I am, waiting for my court date, afraid of the consequences that I will be facing. Somehow, I've been fortunate enough to be placed with a highly recommended Criminal attorney and have had the support of family, friends, and collegues. But this was a huge financial hit on me. that I will be paying back for a long time. Now, until the court date, I just attempt to fake living a normal life as if nothing was wrong, fully aware that on the court date a lot will/can/may change. During this 3rd offense I was not under any probation. However, while i was booked they did say I had a warrant from my previous offense in 2007. so that opened up a whole different arrest. So instead of being released, i was transferred to another jail to await a judge on that case. I posted bail and now have 2 weeks to see a judge in regards to this new matter. but I am 100% confident I have completed everything in regards to that old case and have provided my attorney with supporting documents. Im hoping it was just some kind of clerical error in court. I just hope that when I go see the judge on this old warrant issue, this new 3rd offense does not become create an issue.

My court date on the 3rd offense is set for November. I don't know what to expect. Aside from what I read on the internet in regards to penalties on 3rd time offenders. I don't know what to do. One thing is for sure tho, I've realized that alcohol has created nothing but problems in my life and have to maintain abstinence towards it forever. I am working on that in every way.

Does anyone have any thoughts, recommendations, input on anything? anything that can help with my court issues or entire matter.

thank you all. I hope for the best. Im attempting to stick with the mindset of "This is just an obstacle to make me a better human being for the future. A blessing in disguise"

Hello fellas I have an extreme dui I blew 1.7.but I also had 13grams of marijuana they took my car and let me go on a taxi I got court on 17 of september my question is how much time will I get in jail or prison its my first dui.and I'm trying to get a good lawyer advice please I will appreciate with all my heart and soul I'm very nervous and I can't stop thinking about it by the way I'm in arizona

KBMAN24, thanks for posting this – it have me hope as I get ready to face sentencing for my 2nd DUI in under 5 years. I have a heavy burden since I also have my first child on the way, a son. Your words give me hope. Philippians 4.13

I got 3rd dwi since 2001' will i get probation, cant afford to go to jail,havent had a drink in two months

Def. Be on probation, I hope you dont go to jail just keep your priorities straight and get past this

Hey, kyle.. I was convicted for my 2nd dui.. my lawyer made a good deal with the prosecutor. So, I will be surrendering myself tomorrow morning, then I will be spending 2-3 days in jail, plus the fines, madd class, hospital and morgue program. I'm feeling so alone and depressed because, with these two dui ' s I don't know, if I'll be able to get nursing license..

Well the good thing is after you finish all the bullshit your life goes back to normal and its only up from there, I really hope that it doesnt affect your future job prospect. Just dont ever get a 3rd.

Hi ! I just got my first dui in texas. I am on probation and blew violation because I drank. Now I am scared to death to be put in jail for a violation. It's a nightmare I swore I wouldn't drink but I did huge regret! Tons of guilt! I have a six year old ! I can't go to jail! Scared ! Thanks for sharing ! I feel very alone

You are not alone, there are thousands of us who have gone through the same things. Just gotta be smart and get past this bullshit and never make the same mistake again

Hi I have 1dui and 3 more charge but they are minor so here the thing a did 3 months cuz a don't have nobody to bond me out but after the 3 months somebody bond me out I got out and I was suppose to have a courth day but I miss that day and I leave the country my question is they will come to get me were I am

Highly doubt they try to get you in another country on a dui charge

What about if I go back to USA this happens in A.L state so if I go to another state u thinks they will

I live in Costa Rica and am returning to MI for DUI incarceration. My first DUI. If you leave the U.S. you will not be able to return to the U.S. without being stopped by immigration/customs and extradited to your state. That's because a nationwide warrant has been issued for your arrest. I am returning to be jailed by a judge who gives all first time DUI s jail. I am 61 and depressed as can be. I am full of self loathing. Just want to be done and move on

Hi Kyle.... I'm trolling thru internet sites to see how can I get around this 3rd DUI and hard 3 year suspension . I got 137 days, did 2, my atty said I can get a restricted in 12 months only to find out that even tho I took a breathalyzer , I refused the chemical test, which resulted in the 3 year hard suspension and I think I still have to do an 18 month class even tho I still can't get my license back??? Anyway I live in a part of town where bus service stops at 7:30 pm and only runs M-F.... On the cusp of LA/Ventura County. Well.... I'm frustrated and need a way to make a living and not being able to drive is running making it hard to me to get a job. I'm out of ideas on what to do.

I totally feel your pain man, when this all happened for me I had to quit the job I'd been work for 5 years and settle for a low paying job within walking distance to my house. Luckily ive had my license back for a while now so ive gone back to my normal job as a contractor since then. But unfortunetly you will have to make whatever sacrifices in the meantime to make everything work until you can drive again. I hope the best for you man

Hey Kyle, My name is Jose, just got my third one in 2013, Really liked what you wrote. Made me wake up. My number is 661-902-3126. Would like to talk. Keep the faith

Hey Jose, hows it going man? So what are you facing and have you been to a court hearing yet?

hi, all your stories of duis are so stressful. I was wondering if ANYONE can help me. I just got a 3rd. first in 2006. 2nd in 2009. 3rd in march 2014. I would have been off probation in November this year. I quit drinking for over a year. I have a very good job with management and people who can vouch for me that Ive gone out with them and refused a drink. I went to a party and asked for a drink WITHOUT alcohol. of course I was given a chaser that had some in it. and once i start i cannot stop. which is why i avoid alcohol at all costs. i ****** up by even assuming i shouldn't have to check my drink or anything. i heard orange county is extremely strict with 3rd offense. but in all honesty. i did quit for over a year. it was just one of those stupid sad mistakes you beat yourself up for. i was told if i voluntarily go into a rehab it would be better for me. i really do wanna quit. and i really did for a long period. i don't think i could handle jail. i would do the dui court program. anything. does anyone have any good advice? i really need it right now. the thing that kills me most is putting family through this with them knowing i was on the right path and i was sticking with sobriety. anything helps. please let me know whats best. thank you everyone. and i hope everyone gets through this all :(

Hi.... I'm sorry ur going thru this... What's going on w ur DL? Make sure u have a good atty... Mine claims to be the best in dui's but he is far from it sadly. Yes OC is strict. I'm in LA County, San Fernando valley and had the same judge for all 3 dui's .... She's a butch and so is the other female judge at VNCH. I had $100,000.00 bond. Mandatory SCRAM while I was out. Mandatory daily AA. Then sentenced to 137 days jail time, have 140 mandatory AA classes to take. 3 years hard suspension and I believe I have to do a 18 month DUI class on top of still not being able to get a restricted because they say I'm a habitual offender, got 3 dui's in 4 years... Stupid choices....I need transportation since the busses in my area stop running around 7:30/8:00pm and only run M-F, so I'm royally screwed. ... Frustration......

You got off really easy. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me (3 DWIs in a short amount of time aka stupid slip ups of adolescence) and I literally spent years in jail. You're lucky.

Where did u he ur DUI that u spent years in there? Was there an accident involved? I got 137 days at Lynwood on the 3rd stupid decision I made behind the wheel.

wanted to share that I too received my 3rd DUI in January of 2013. I had been pulled over in September of 2007 when I got my first DUI. This is the first time I had ever been in trouble in my life. I too said i would never drink and drive again and almost 3 weeks later I received my 2nd! I hired an attorney and because the 2 were so close together they treated it as a first but if I were to pick up another it would count as a 3rd. Basically I received the punishment of getting a first DUI so I really got off unscathed. I had to pay a $1000 fine take 6 dui classes, take a victim impact class and a coroners class. I did not lose my job, home, etc. It really had no effect on me at the time but I did stop driving . I just stayed home to drink. I was a single parent at the time and really struggling. I eventually remarried and had 2 more children. Things were going well and I was in college. Almost 6 years later I made the decision to go out with friends and then drive home thinking I was OK. I was pulled over and was arrested for DUI, my 3rd. I did hire and attorney which I feel all it did was prolong the inevitable. I am now in the SOP program. Its 3 yrs of probation with the first 6 being on house arrest. I can still drive to school, pick court dates, AA meetings, and counseling sessions( I'm requires to do 3 counseling sessions a week and 2 AA sessions a week) I have a breath interlock device in my car and every car registered to my address for 3 years which is 75.00 a month per car. Couseling is 55 a week for 3 years too. I have to go to court every two weeks to check in with the judge (this eventually will be cut back the longer I am in the program and how well I do). I have to check in with my house arrest officer every week. I have to call every morning to see if they called my color to take a random UA(drug) test. This is usually a couple times a week which is 14.00 each time. House Arrest is 10.00 a day for 6 months. Basically its VERY expensive and pretty hard program to complete. The upside is, when (NOT IF) I get through this I will not have a felony on my record and I have a good 3 years of sobriety that I plan to maintain under my belt. I have learned some very hard lessons from all of this, the most recent one was just finding out that I will not be able to complete my degree in Education. I have all my classes done and I was just getting ready to start my student teaching in Special Education. I had to get fingerprinted and have a background check run on me and because of all of this, I was just denied into the program. Its been devastating for me because I have been in school for so long and it hasn't been easy. Once again it has reminded me of what I failure I feel that I have been but I am determined to make a change in my life for the better. I hope people too can learn from reading my story before they chose to drink and drive, but if you have, don't give up on yourself! Someone close to me told me that **** Cheney had 2 duis before he turned his life around and eventually became the Vice president of the U.S. I'm grateful that I have the chance to be in this program where I can be home with my family and actually get the help that I need rather than sit in jail or prison and receive no help or counseling. Good luck to you all!

One more thing. I hired a lawyer for my 3rd and forked out $7,000 and I received the same punishment, Serious Offenders Program, i would have received with a free court appointed attorney.

hi, my name is jallen<br />
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I got a dwi 1 year ago dec 20 2012 and just got off probation for it today march 6th 2014. went to get my license and was told I have a ticket for dwi from june 2013, I did get into a car crash and ended up in the hospital but I never received a ticket or a court date for it. now more than 9 months away I find out they are gonna investigate the dwi from june... im scared cuz I guess it will be 2nd offence? and my probation officer never got anything about it either... im wondering if I could fight this? im so glad im off probation for the first one cuz I probably would have been in more trouble.

have you had a drink since????

Yes I have only at home though

II just got my 4th. I never drink and drove after my 3rd. I was on my boat and had someone else drive it until he could not pull up to the ramp well. Embarrassed, foolish, idiotic and awful. I now have to have a bracelet put on after i finish my 30 days. The Bracelet will tell if I consume alcohol. I feel like i let my family down. your story helped. sober now and staying that way

My son got a DUI when he was 18 he is not 20 and just got another DUI is there any possibility he could get off the DUI or is it a waste to even consider a lawyer? In all fairness he has alcohol intolerance as do I so he didn't drink lots yet he blew around .14 and the legal limit here is .08 I believe we live in Alberta so I guess what I'm saying is he had 6 beer and drove I realize this was wrong as does he just curious if anyone can maybe give us some advice my son suffers from depression as well

I can relate to this a lot, I just got my third dui a little over a month ago for a .09. I just didn't care about the repercussions, I knew what I was doing and thought I was not gonna get pulled over. This is going to take so much away from me, I had a good job in San francisisco I had to quit my liscense gone for 5 years, disappointing my friends and family etc. etc. I have 35 days with out drinking. It's a struggle a everyday not being able to drink and having the feeling of wanting to and questioning myself about being sober. It ******* sucks but this **** isn't gonna keep me down. I'll come out of this stronger and a better person. Don't be like me and the guy that posted originally. It's just not worth it, call for a taxi, be an dd for change, or don'tdrink if you don't have enough money for a taxi home and no sober ride!

I read your article, and it made me cry because I am in somewhat of a sort of situation. I had my first IRP last year, now I had my first DUI this week. I am hiring a lawyer with the hopes of getting off..but I'm not holding my breathe on this one...they have the liquor bottles I was drinking. I have been trying to quit drinking for 2 years now...successful for one year...but fell off again..I am back in therapy and I think I need to go back into rehab before I totally ruin my life. THe only chance I have right now is the lawyer...and lots of money. THen rehab. I was scheduled to leave this country for the start of a new life...maybe things happen for a reason..might of died being drunk somewhere...very dangerous drug...I hate it! I just want to be normal for once in my life. free from alcohol. I am so mad at myself...but do not feel sorry for myself, as I had a chance to change and lost the fight over alcohol...One day at a time,,,and I guess I'll find out where I will be at the end of all this mess...

Hi, my name is Barb. I'm going through a rough time right now also. Looking at two DUI's and two driving under suspensions all on the same day in court. It'll be my second and third offence. My truck is clubbed and my car is in impound. I have a good lawyer. I stopped drinking since the first of the year and put myself in a recovery program and going to AA meetings. I'm very serious about quitting this time I just hope I can convince the judge and prosicuter that I am. I've been through court ordered programs before. But this time I'm doing it on my own. Just hope I can convince them that I realize that with drinking my life is going nowhere fast and that I'm done drinking, and I am truly trying to change.

Hey Barb, my name is Brit. Last Sunday I rolled over my car after I lost control on the slippery ice here in Michigan, hit a snow bank thinking that it would help me stop, and then it flipped to its side. I was arrested and taken to jail for my second. I am so scared as well, as I am finishing school to become an educator. Have they said anything about taking your car? I have been taking initiative to attend AA meetings as well and my lawyer said that the more steps you show that you're serious the more the prosecutor will see. Also, if you get letters of recommendations on your behalf, like your good qualities will help. Keep me updated girl. You'll get through this!

My life isnt easy im from the bronx 167 webster...make a long story short my first dui was in 2004 i got a violation because i just lit up a lil bud and ate the evidence so all they had was a dirty urine...then its 2009 im coming from new roc city and i was drinking again trying to take the long way home because im tryna park up somewhere low to get some head...i was locked the **** up 90 days but since i was already on parole i had to go down anyway i didnt forward march 10th 2013 i wasnt even driving this time...My car was parked under the bridge on 121th and park ave...I was on medication for panic attacks and all this **** but i was drinking and this made me pass out (but i know for sure i was parked under the bridge) so when i come back to my car i say to myself im not driving home let me sleep it off...i wake up in a cell and the Police officer says i have been arrested for a dwi...i pay a lawyer 10,5000 Jaime Santana ESQ...i fought it for 10 months...come to find out these cop fabricated a story of me having the car on with my foot on the brake while im passed out and the jury believe that **** i was found guilty by a jury of my due for sentecing on march 7th 2014 the judge could give me 1n1/3 to sick!!!! im out on bail now but im thinking bout mexico

Hey, future response... .

well i got 3 D.U.I'S my last dui was 0.31% they took me in for a week worst moments ever i told the virgin mary if i got released i wouldnt go back again so guess what the next day i got released then i was told that i had to go back in ah week to do my time a year in wasco prison california ... so now i stay in Mexico i knw that if i go back and they get me its gonna be at least 5 years in prison so im okay .. . mexico could not be the best place but hey you feel free .. i really appreciate california for letting my childhood growing up there since i was 8 now im 23 thankyou Fresno California to many memories :)

Hey, so how were you able to get across the border? Do you obtain a green card? And does your criminal record not carry over to other countries? It sounds like you're quite lucky! :) ~Brit

Hey Kyle glad you are getting through it buddy and I hope you continue on the right path!! I myself got into a deep situation and had all the same thoughts so here it goes:
I got my first dwi in September of 2012 which there are a lot of actions that my lawyer is confident he can get me off on. Forward to December 31 2012 I got another dui in another state which was finished in May and im on probation for till may 14' but can be disposed if I finish my probabtion. So forward to Sep 16 2013 and I get another dui which just has no case for me I admitted to be drinking and refused all tests for every dwi I have gotten. My Lawyer tells me since the one in sep 2012 was actually my first if convicted it would be my first even though in New Mexico they gave me the first offenders program now im going to trial in Jan for both dwi's in Texas one from Sep 12' and the other Sep 13'. He says im not facing a dwi 3rd because the way I got the DWI's so its just 2 mis. dwi's I'm trying to stay positive and get into a outpatient rehab to show im making strives to live sober and have been sober for 5 months now....I'm hoping probation like 2 years with 40 days time served

I got one after an after -work party celebrating the birth of my son 10 years ago. Got caught in a checkpoint. I guess I don't need to tell you the panic that went through my mind when I saw the orange cones and the cop waving the flashlight, way too late, BTW, to turn around. The sneaky bastards. I knew I was in trouble immediately. Failed the handheld breathalyzer with a tentative .09, refused to take the big boy test in the trailer, then the cop kinda thought about it for a minute like he might let me go, then he actually said, "well, it's the end of the night, one more won't hurt." So off to jail I went.
I've got to tell you, calling my son's mother like a POS from jail and telling her I couldn't pay CS for a few months until I could pay all my fines was not my proudest moment. I got extremely lucky and St Louis County had a program for first offenders with no complications like belligerence towards officers, etc. which involved 90 hours of community service in 30 days, plus a fine, and you get to keep your license and points and arrest get stricken from the record. I know a deal when I see it, so I did the program (it wasn't easy), and got off the hook.
Since then I have never gotten behind the wheel after more than 1 beer in 10 years, and even with only 1 beer and an hour wait, only a few times, and I was scared to death. I have nightmares that I get pulled over again after drinking, and I tell you the feeling is one of hopelessness, which I am extremely relieved to wake up from. Some of you have had this feeling for real, and I feel sorry for you. If you've had one, take it to heart and don't ever drink if you don't have a ride home. It's just not worth it.

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for sharing your story. I just posted my story as I will be getting my first DUI. I may not have had 2 or 3 DUI's but I am still scared out of my mind. Reading others experiences really helps calm me down. I appreciate the braveness to tell your story.


I just wanted to thank you for starting this post. I just got my third dui and have been very depressed. I have been feeling very ashamed and alone but reading everyone's stories just now made me feel a little better.
I am 31 now and got my first when I was 17 and my second when I was 20. Both times I was pulled over for other minor traffic violations( speeding and expired plates). The first time my Bac was .09 and the second time .12. I convinced myself it was bad luck, not a drinking problem, and I just needed to be more careful when I was driving . Just over a month ago I went to a bar for a friends birthday party and I got out of hand, ended up trying to drive home for some reason and ran my car off the road into a brick wall. I spent a week laying in a hospital bed and it gave me a lot of time to think about what I was doing. I finally admitted that my drinking was out of control and I have to stop. Understanding that I was lucky that I didn't kill anyone or myself has made me feel very lucky and I have been sober and in treatment since I was released from the hospital.
I have accepted that I will have to probably do some jail time. My main concern is losing my license for a very long time. Do you have any advice on how to live without driving? My job requires me to drive all over sometimes to a different place every day and if I don't drive I will lose it. there aren't any public transportation options and don't have anyone who could drive me around every day. I know things will get much worse if I am caught driving . Does anyone have any advice or experience in dealing with this type of situation.

Also I totally agree with the whole system being all about money. they definitely do not want to help you. After my second DUI I was forced to go three times a week to Court appointed treatment. It was supposed to be two hours of treatment every time, but when I was there all they did was take my money and have me sign a piece of paper proving I was there. It took no more than 5 minutes each time but as long as I had my money they would mark me down for two hours and send me on my way. They are not interested in treating anyone.


Sorry it toke so long to get back to you, I do datacommunications work and also go to different jobs all the time so driving is a necessity. When I first lost my license I unfortunetly kept driving because I had to much to pay for with two court cases coming up. But once I went to jail for 3 months and got out and was on probation I no longer drove so I had to find a job by my house. I'm not gonna lie it sucks, having to depend on someone everywhere u go like a damn kid. But you don't have a choice unless you want to risk going back to jail which I wasn't. I recently finally got my license back earlier this year, it was the greatest feeling in the world!! Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks for reading

When you claim you received your first DUI you were in a vehicle in your front yard? First of all most if not all States' DUI laws only apply to areas to which the public has access. The public does not have access to your own private property which is not a public or private shopping mall parking lot allowing public access. Access to your own property without permission would be trespassing. You should have gotten off on your first DUI. A friend of mine caused Nevada to change the law from "on a public highway" to that in 1993 when he got off for a DUI. The officers never saw him actually driving on the road. They caught him doing donuts on the grass of a closed business park at night, LOL.

You would think I could have got off lol but lawyers suck

I'm in the same boat as you and scared out of my mind. I have a 3 and 5 year old and the worst thing that keeps going through my mind is that I'm going to lose them. I'm on my 3rd DWI and just need to speak to people who understand what I'm going through. I feel like I'm losing it.

hi I relate to all of you, im older 56, never been in any trouble in my life, was going thru some marital problems and last year got 2 dui'd. Its been hard, Im so glad i didnt hurt someone, but now i see how ineffective and all about money the laws are. I own a business and it threatens it because i cant drive...for 3 years:(. I have paid out over 6000 in fines and probably 5000 for lawyer. Btw when the d/a saw i had a lawyer he changed his tune and asked the judge to triple the fine and he did. If you can afford your own lawyer they just raise the fines i guess. I live 10 miles from town and i have to go to counseling and all these court mandated things and its so hard to even get a ride. Then i am paying for 2 parole officers to "moniter" me and I never hear from them at all! What do they do ? What am i paying for? It all has a big effect on how you feel about yourself to your a pos...anyway i havent drank in over 7 months now. I realize the judicial system is there to dole out punishment, what about people who have nothing ? how do they ever crawl out of this? Its hurt me alot I cant imagine...sometimes I have been tempted to drive when I have been out of food or had an emergency...but thinking about a year in jail has made me stop so far! Oh on my second one the judge gave me some jail and the rest electronic monitering and it works , i paid for it , doesnt clog up jails its a great idea, i want to thank that judge .

I also wanted to add some suggestions about how this all works i am a farmer and i live alone, so i have nobody for a ride, sometime next year i can get a intoxiloc, thats great , but i have to drive many different things for my work, so they say oh just get more...yeah right! 150 for each install and 80 a month per unit? I cant afford it! Why dont they make a unit that is for the person ? you blow into it and it has a camera to see that its you and then you can drive...period. If your intoxicated it could shock you or something i dont know..... and the entire money deal..its almost comical, besides your fines , you have your electronic monitering fee, your court supervision fee, your drug and alcohol evaluation, I had to turn in my registration and plates, so then you get to pay for that to retrieve them someday, oh yeah i had to pay for my community service, I had to pay for my jail time! Oh and then they order you to be here and there and I live in the boonies and i cant drive! I had an intoxiloc for my first but then lost it..i go to cancel it and am told...oh that will be an early cancellation fee...thats another 300 bucks! I tell you its all about money! Once they get their claws into you its hard to get back. Oh then we have the insurance rates understandably or even qualifying to get it. This spring ill have to hire all my spraying done because i cant drive to get water...50 grand there, it sucks. Sighs...ok just had to vent some. Seriously I wont ever drink and drive again. These laws are out of control though!

I feel your pain man, but just know there is light at the end of the tunnel i'm proof, i did take almost 3 years but i am now driving and everythings over. I never thought it would end i had to do it all too, the evaluation classes that cost 55 bucks a pop and i had to do 17 of them! the risk reduction, the MADD, the probation, the REINSTATEMENT OF MY LICENSE THAT WAS 410 dollars!! i mean seriously wtf lol. but after all that bullshit i'm finally living my life however i want and driving wherever i want, so believe me, just stay on the right path and get all of your obligations done and you will get over this just as i have. thanks for sharing man. Good luck to you - Kyle

thanks kyle, i was reading and i think you help alot of people here, you gave me hope i know that. thanks:)

Your very welcome, im glad this page has helped:)

Hello Kyle, Congratulations on getting through probation! I feel your pain. I am facing court on 2nd DUI. Four drinks in 3.5 hours, even with a meal did not help. Agghhh. I had a previous DUI just over 5 years ago and I swore never again. The trouble is that alcohol is so prevalent. Who ever heard of a Happy Hour without alcohol? My situation is complicated because of my age and the type of work I do. Everyone I work with and socialize with knows this has happened to me. I have a hearing pretty soon. I know I will get through this but am facing possible/probable loss of job too. I honestly feel like moving to another state, not to drink but to stop socializing the same way and meet other people. I have stopped drinking totally, am doing AA...those 12 Steps apply to all aspects and issue in life. I think they will help me. Anyway, I pray that you never go another DUI experience and have a Great Life. Good Luck, L

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<p>We got Obamas drones killing women and children and he wins a noble peace prize and we non violent drinkers go to jail for bullshit like this. Alcohol addiction is a medical problem not a criminal probelm, so how does throwing us in jail help? It doesn't nearly everyone repeats. I just been convicted of my second dwi.</p>

I got my second on the day you posted this. I have to do 30 days jail and have a warrant right now because I'm trying to figure **** out with my job before I go haaaaaa :/

I loosing my mind trying to sort all this out. Really worried I may loose my car. Life is really sucking right now!!! I hate having to depend on everyone else to get around. Having people in my life that I don't nessarily want in my life, just because I need help. And being nice to people I don't want to sometimes because I need help getting to work, and I think some of them like it because you depend on them and that let's that person be in your life wether you want them to be or not! It's driving me crazy!!!! I wish I was independent again!!!!