I Was Convicted Of A 3rd Dui And I'm Getting Through It, But Don't Be Me

Hello everyone my name is Kyle, lets start from the beginning. When i was 22 i was arrested for my first dui in may of 2008, funny enough i got it in my front yard. This was just the beginning of a big downward spiral for me. I did great after my first i had my head on my shoulders and told myself it would never happen again, i got done with all the hoops, my probation, everything. then once i was off probation i still had my priorities straight until suddenly about 3 months after......i started slipping back into my old habits...going out, drinking, then driving home, being irresponsible. I was arrested for my 2nd dui in april of 2010 then before i even went to court i got arrested for DUI a third time in august 2010. I was going through some very depressing times, i was lost, i even thought about leaving the country for fear of what was going to happen to me. I got no help from anyone i hired a lawyer to handle both cases. I finally went to court for number 2 at the end of Feburary 2011. I was sentenced to 30 days jail time, Risk reduction,evaluation,license suspension for 1 year, 240 hours community service, 1500 dollar fine etc etc. i did the jail time( which was only 15 actual days in jail because i was awarded 2 for 1 a.k.a good time) Then i reported to probation and i was due to report for court on my 3rd the following week. I was offered to enter a 18 month rehab program called DUI COURT( which is a very difficult program to complete, you screw up once and they throw you in jail anyways, and in the long run ends up costing over $10,000) or 90 days straight time in jail, and basically all the same litigations of classes and what not i had for the second. This was a very hard decision to make, but i ultimately toke the jail time because i all in all just wanted to get this over with asap. i did the jail time from march until june ( i did 82 straight days) got out and started my probation on my 3rd and still had to report to probation in a seperate county for the 2nd( until a couple weeks ago i paid that one off and got it dropped because i'm already being monitored in another county) BUT IM GETTING THROUGH IT! i forgot to add that i haven't had a drink since my 3rd arrest in August of 2010. I have learned that in my case i was out of control and the only real option for me is abstinence. The reason i have posted this is to give others hope and something to relate to, i am getting through this it's hard but i'm doing it. Luckily i have the help of my parents for rides and everything which i thank them for everyday. Please if you have just been arrested for your first or second do not be me, take a minute and really look at the things you have in life and realize that if you keep falling back into the same routine you will ultimately suffer the same consequences but even worse when you become a multiple offender. Like i said after my first i said i'd never drink and drive again, but without even knowing it i kept falling into the same hole i had climbed out of. I hope by posting this i gave some insight on how to prevent get arrested multiple times, like i said DONT BE ME! if anyone has any ?'s about their own personal experience or would just like to talk please message me i'm all ears. thanks everyone -Kyle
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Fantastic you posted this..just got my first DUI and have thots of suicide..ty for the hope Kyle. .God bless

Its not the end of the world BELIEVE ME. You will be fine, just stay on track and go through the court obstacles and probation obligations. Just don't make the same mistake....ever......zero tolerance for driving even after a sip. It's the only way to be certain the same mistake isn't made.


I just got news of my 24yr old brother having gotten his 3rd DUI in less than 5 years. He obviously feels terrible, embarrassed, and thankfully is starting to consider getting help. What was the turning point for you? My mom and I find it hard to relate to how he wouldn't have been determined to make a change after the first one, so we're at a loss trying to figure out how to get through to him now. Could be that he's gotten off relatively easy on the first two - never any jail time, and only one 7 month suspension. Realistically I can't imagine he'll be so lucky this time, but hearing stories of other having gone though that and coming out better is at least encouraging. Anyway, just curious what flipped the switch for you.

Honestly the main thing for me was having to go to jail. Seeing all the things that others were in there for (drug possession felony's, breaking and entering, writing fake prescriptions, robbery, domestic violence, failure to pay child support) just put everything into perspective. I didn't want to EVER go back there again, and at that point I realized the damage i was doing to myself and to my family. I sat in there for 90 long days, contemplating where my life was headed if I didn't change. So when I got out I started doing all of my probation obligations immediately, paid all my fines, and was able to move past everything in a couple of years once I finally got my license back. Not having a license for two years also made me respect the hell out of the privilege of driving. I will never take a chance on losing it again. Yes I do have a drink occasionally in the comfort of my own home, but if I have one sip I consciously tell myself that I won't be driving. I'm offered alcohol at outings with work, friends but always turn it down and drink a soda instead lol I never want to put myself in the position to worry about how to get home once I've been drinking. Thanks for sharing what's going on with your brother and I wish him and your family the best of luck. Let me know if you have any others questions.

Can I talk to you, going for my 3rd. One in 1990 and number two in 2012 and was set up by my almost ex. He wasn't here but left a restaurant and only had one and a half beers. .o8. I am scared to death to go to jail. Sober since. My name is Maureen and my phone number is 781 718 1311 thanks. Need to calm down

I know the feeling of fear very well when it comes to this horrible situation . Have you hired an attorney yet? With your first being in 1990 I would think that your mosy recent would be considered your second. Message me back I'm here to help as good as I can☺

hello my I know someone that got his 3rd and he only sat for 5 days and then he got house arrest. I am not sure how the hell this can happen but I a looking for cases where this was not their situation. It would be nice if you could send me some information so that I can use your case as an example that most anybody, except for him, have to do what the law states as a punishment. This man is so lucky that the city that arrested him for his 3rd DUI also LOST his urine that they got, funny how these things happen when you have a lawyer huh? I can almost guarantee that it would have come back polluted with drugs. I do hope to hear back from you, it is time that this person has to pay the price just like anybody else would have too and that this joke of a judicial system has to take responsibility for the lack of following the states own guidelines and requirements. Thank you and I am glad that you got through your ordeal and came out a better person. :)

Thank you for your condolences! I have become a better person and even though I went through a hard time, i learned my lesson eventually. I know how people can go to dark places, i was there i can relate. The man you speak of, even though he got off easy just let it go. It would be a waste to try and reverse whats already been done, everyones case is different and most of the time the punishments are different as well. Thanks again!

thank you for this.... I am on my 2nd. I got one in November in 1 county, then I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. Something happened last night, where I drank and SERIOUSLY just jumped in my car and tried to drive home form LA. Literally almost passing out. I am THANKFUL I was pulled over. I could of died or killed someone. I am so scared about the jail time though, the record, the suspension. Things are really scary right now, and I am not sure mentally I am prepared for this. I know they a re going to throw the book at me. I will be notifying my Lawyer tomorrow about what happened and will see what he says about my options.

hello my I know someone that got his 3rd and he only sat for 5 days and then he got house arrest. I am not sure how the hell this can happen but I a looking for cases where this was not their situation. It would be nice if you could send me some information so that I can use your case as an example that most anybody, except for him, have to do what the law states as a punishment. This man is so lucky that the city that arrested him for his 3rd DUI also LOST his urine that they got, funny how these things happen when you have a lawyer huh? I can almost guarantee that it would have come back polluted with drugs. I do hope to hear back from you, it is time that this person has to pay the price just like anybody else would have too and that this joke of a judicial system has to take responsibility for the lack of following the states own guidelines and requirements. Thank you and I am glad that you got through your ordeal and came out a better person. :)

I will get zero days in jail since I went to rehab and 360 days house arrest, unless my lawyer gets lower for a 3rd DUI in PA
I am also in DUI court.

I wish you luck and the power to complete your trials and tibulations.

Recently my boyfriend was arrested for his third DUI. He is only 20 years old and will be 21 in April of 2016. He got his second DUI when he was 19, so as you might have gathered he was still on probation when he was arrested for his third. He is still in jail and I truly do not know what to do. He has been there for a week now and I don't know when he will be getting out. He won't talk to me or any of his family. He was charged with 2 misdemeanors, 1 for reckless driving and 1 for violation probation, as well as a felony for his third DUI charge. He is not a bad person, he just has a serious problem with alcohol. I don't know what is going to happen to him. He is underage, he wrecked the car he was driving, he is still in jail. I just wish I knew what was going to happen. What are his options? What will happen in the future? Will he get out of jail before his court date? I still don't know his court date.

hello my I know someone that got his 3rd and he only sat for 5 days and then he got house arrest. I am not sure how the hell this can happen but I a looking for cases where this was not their situation. It would be nice if you could send me some information so that I can use your case as an example that most anybody, except for him, have to do what the law states as a punishment. This man is so lucky that the city that arrested him for his 3rd DUI also LOST his urine that they got, funny how these things happen when you have a lawyer huh? I can almost guarantee that it would have come back polluted with drugs. I do hope to hear back from you, it is time that this person has to pay the price just like anybody else would have too and that this joke of a judicial system has to take responsibility for the lack of following the states own guidelines and requirements. Thank you and I am glad that you got through your ordeal and came out a better person. :)

My husband is in the exact same situation as you but he isn't a citizen.whats going to happen to him?...he just got his 3rd DWI last night and a month before that he had his 2nd DWI in a different county...

Well, here we all are from the consequences of our choices. I got my 1st 9 years ago, and obviously didn't learn much since I got my 2nd 5 years ago. I think the 10 days in jail from the 2nd opened my eyes. I don't think that I truly had a drinking problem, but maybe a stupid problem. I have severe ADHD. I received my 3rd a few months ago, but wasn't drinking (haven't had any alcohol since being released from jail) I was pulled for speeding and when he checked my license he saw the prior duis. I did the sobriety test, but I refused to blow since I was still under zero tolerance and my past experience with the interlock system had some fails which the agent said was caused by pizza, juice, chewing tobacco. I was charged with dui. I couldn't find anyone to pick me up from jail that night, so I didn't get a blood test. Since then I have voluntarily had the scram bracelet put on and have started medicating my ADHD. I don't know what I'm in for at court this time, but I know it won't be pretty. One good thing to come out of it so far though, is that since I've started treating my ADHD, I've never felt better. Sometimes you go through hell to get to heaven!

Hello to everyone asking about dwi penalties. FWI dwi arrests were in NJ as every state is different. I would like to share my story of recovery. I have been an addict since I first began using in 2006 at the age of 15. I have gotten in a lot of trouble and hurt and a lot of people. My first dwi was in 2012. I had a public defender and lost my license for 7 months and had a breathalyzer for a while when it was restored. Among many other consequences during my active addiction I recently got 2 dwi's in the summer of 2014. finally realized I had a problem and went to Florida for treatment. I knew I was facing 6 months in jail if convicted and I was very afraid to go to jail. I was in treatment for almost a year and the facility kept pushing my court cases back. I went for my second one and was convicted. No driving for 2 years, community service and some fines. I was really worried about that third one. After flying to and from Florida 6 times in a year for court my 3rd dwi case was dismissed, I did hire a dwi lawyer for that one. I got a plea bargain for reckless driving and only a small fine and additional one year loss of license. I am blessed with my sobriety now. I have over a year clean and everyday I am so grateful for what I have. I now live in Florida, recently moved out of my halfway with some sober friends to a nice apartment and I work at an inpatient rehab facility where I have the privilege to help other addicts everyday. If I can do this so can you, you don't have to live a slave to drugs and alcohol. God bless.

so after reading all of your response let me ask you this what would you have done if you had hit someone and killed them??? i ask this bc on june 6 15 my 29 yr old sister was murdered by a drunk driver her now 11 month old is possibly paralyzed for life and has no mother for her or her 2 year old brother. I am so glad that all you people think oh its just drinking and driving but wake the hell up. i don't care if you drink but if you drive thenyou are putting us that don't do that stupid *** **** at risk??? what then will you do ? will you cry omg i have to go to jail or tell people how to get out of it?????

**** your sister and **** you *****. DUI probation is bullshit. He didn't hurt anyone. I hope your *** gets lit up by somebody.

The thing to remember is that they do have serious punishments for people who injure someone while intoxicated, more severe then a standard over the .08 limit. Also the same potential injuries happen with sober drivers for many causes such as speeding. Many what if's can be asked, but a what if didn't happen. Driving intoxicated and driving over the limit are two totally different issues. While both illegal they have the same sever consequences. But one is a what if (being over a .08), and the other is committing a crime that has the potential to harm. Statistics show that 97% of alcohol related accidents happen at BAC greater then .15 and the remaining 3% above .10.

My point is you don't know the above's circumstances. I myself received a DUI for sleeping in my car with no intentions of driving (I was a .11BAC sound asleep parked, 2 more hours I would have been legit). I also received the same punishment as three individuals who where above a .20 BAC and driving. And actually there charges where dropped from two counts DUI to one count. And we all got the same exact punishment. The "what if" is how could I kill someone with no moving vehicle and the decision/awareness to not drive. However that is not how this new DUI system works.

When you kill someone you are charged for the crime. DUI you are being charged with the potential to kill someone. But is not speeding the same situation? But one cost $175+ while the other is over $1000+, loss of car, license, program fees, jail time, house arrest fees, loss of jobs, and the inability to be hired at a reasonable company. And the label of being an alcoholic.

It's easy to judge and say what if, but that's ignorant just as much as driving intoxicated is ignorant. It can very easy be a reverse situation. My DUI experience was doing what most would say is the right thing in the situation. Had I known, I would have walked home in the 30 degree snowy weather. So please be objective and less judgmental, and also understand she did do her time. She has paid consequences for not hurting anyone, on the basis of a "what if"

Well first of all, I'm not the kind of person to ever really respond to this kinds of things but after reading your story as well as some of the others I kinda felt like sharing my story, which is a currently on going one. Let's just say I've always been older mentally then my by pyshical age. At 15 years old I recived my first DWI charge. Stupid, clue less and not knowing any better, I didn't hire a attorney. Well long story short. I got passed it, which was by no means easy but I did. 2 years later, I get pulled over and receive another DWI, yes I'm a month a way from being 18 and have already got my second. The difference with this one is I have gotten a amazing lawyer to help me out with this, during my traffic stop the officer made multiple mistakes which in turn I think will get my charges dropped. I know I have a problem and am currently looking for counciling and Guidness thank you all for sharing and shredding some hope on my case as well as others

Hey Kyle I need help on advice I am facing my third and scared to see what I will be facing

stop being stupid and drinking and driving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man i did a Google search and ran across this. I'm glad i did, i just got my second dui and idk what to do. I have a newborn at home. I could really use someone to talk to about this. I am going to quit drinking period. But if u could email me that would be great.

Hey I know what your going through and believe me it's rPugh I just got my third two weeks ago and I am super scared but I have been going to meetings and got a sponsor because the real problem is within ourselves and why we drink my best Advice is to go to meetings and truly want to change and get a big book and read it don't let your addiction take you any further I wish i had wanted to change a long time ago don't let the alchoal take you down any further then it has with two dui you won't do any jail anytime the most a couple weekends don' let it bring you to a third one like me );

Hey Kyle, I am Curt. I am 5 years away from 50. I have a wonderful life with my wife and our hounds and a beautiful home. I have a career in heavy equipment operations. I have a history with DWIs in the state of Texas. I was doing good for a few years-5 years with no DWIs. Here's my list: I have 2 misdemeanor DWIs and now 6 felony DWIs. I have been to prison and did programming etc. Then my life changed for the best and I got married. That's been these 5 years with NO DWIs. In January my little brother committed suicide. I was devastated but tried to function normally and walking that line. 3 days ago I drank and regretfully I got behind the wheel of my car. I was pulled over and got this now 8th DWI. My 8th DWI makes it now my 6th felony DWI here in Texas. I am terrified as to the consequences as I am now facing 25 years to life. I have devastated my wife and honestly she is wanting us to leave the country. What would any of you all do if you were me. We own a home and hounds and just so much. I cannot and my wife cannot see me serving a 25-LIFE sentence for this. I regret my mistake so badly. I regret my decision to drive home. I am terrified and hate myself watching my wife cry and tremble with fear. Any honest feedback from anyone would really be appreciated. My wife wants us to leave the country with our resources.I do too at this point. But need some feedback too. Thank you.

Curt, If you and your wife can afford to and you truly can walk away from everything you have inTx, then yes, you should leave.
Someone I knew blew dirty at his first class for his 2nd DUI in CA, they kicked him out of the class, an arrest warrant was issued by the court- I guess because being kicked out of the class is violating the probation. Anyhow, he basically gave up on getting his license back, paid the court fine off, never went to anymore classes or court. he moved to another city over 8 hrs away (but still lived in CA) He got pulled over 3 different times for traffic violations over a period of 4 years, but the cops told him each time even though they saw the warrant on their computer they would not 'ship him back to that county' because it would cost them too much for his type of offense.
Since you have more than 3 violations I assume they would pay to send you to the county if you are ever caught in the US.
Good Luck to you

Hey Curt, just checking in to see how you're doing, message me back I'm sorry I never responded to this

I am 39 live in TX received my first DWI a month ago and was wondering how would this affect me when I fill out job applications. I have not gone to court. I have hired an attorney. If the job application ask if I have been convicted I should say no but you can still pull my name through the county search and it shows I have been charged with a DWI. What do I do?

Just say No and hope they dont find it, I lost out on some opportunities for being honest.

so wrong i hope they do find out and you don't get the job!!!!

**** off mandy. People have a right to try and rebuild their life. People make mistakes it doesn't define who they are. I'd bet a million bucks someone in your life has had drinks and gotten behind the wheel before. Go troll on twitter. Best of luck to you!

Hi Kyle. Good Stories everyone. I recently got my 3rd DUI back in feb. 2014. Really Messed up. Had hit and run but my Lawyer got that felony dropped. I'm only charged with the 3rd DUI that comes out to 120 Days. I'll be going into Twin Towers. I'm wondering if anyone else here has been to Twin Towers or know of someone recently in Los Angeles?? I only ask because I want to be prepared for turning myself in at 5pm. Far as "who are you rolling with" or "where you from" Which one does someone choose?? I'm FAR from a Gangsta but I do not speak full spanish. Only Broken. I hear the Piasas are the way to go. Also everyone do not get a 3rd DUI. It's not the ish! I've been depressed but hearing my friends and family with their Pep Talks and saying everything will be okay is good. I know it's okay to be scared but I am. My main thing is I just want to be left alone as a trusty & do my time. I also here since overcrowding that most males will do 10% of their time. I have credited 2 days so Hopefully that is true and I'm out in 10. So who Do I roll with? What are the rules for using the crapper? I know to shower with your sandals on, Bring $$$ when turning yourself in. How about the phones?? Is there Rec Time. Thanks in advance Kyle and everyone else. I go in November 21st and Pray that I'm out on thanksgiving. Or even better get the "LUCKY 7" I don't know if this is true but I heard it from 3 other friends. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing this Kyle and Hello to all who have read this article. I too have just recently committed this stupid, completely avoidable mistake. Last week, Labor Day I received my 3rd DUI in California, Los Angeles County. I hit a parked car (totaled my car) and was taken in for a DUI. Last week, I decided to go out with friends, drank more than I should and I drove. like many of us here, over time I too got comfortable and assumed I was able to control myself and my bad drinking habits that have brought pain and misery to myself and loved ones. not to mention all the financial woes that comes with this.Thankfully, (and I mean thankfully) there were no injuries to anyone. I had 2 passengers with me and they were uninjured and ok as well. They were taken in for Public Intoxication and thereafter released. My first conviction took place when I was 20yrs of age in 2005 and the 2nd in 2007. Now in 2014, my stupidity, bad habits, and poor judgment has not allowed me to mentally grow in almost 10 years. Im extremely disappointed in myself and feel horrible for putting my loved ones through this. Now here I am, waiting for my court date, afraid of the consequences that I will be facing. Somehow, I've been fortunate enough to be placed with a highly recommended Criminal attorney and have had the support of family, friends, and collegues. But this was a huge financial hit on me. that I will be paying back for a long time. Now, until the court date, I just attempt to fake living a normal life as if nothing was wrong, fully aware that on the court date a lot will/can/may change. During this 3rd offense I was not under any probation. However, while i was booked they did say I had a warrant from my previous offense in 2007. so that opened up a whole different arrest. So instead of being released, i was transferred to another jail to await a judge on that case. I posted bail and now have 2 weeks to see a judge in regards to this new matter. but I am 100% confident I have completed everything in regards to that old case and have provided my attorney with supporting documents. Im hoping it was just some kind of clerical error in court. I just hope that when I go see the judge on this old warrant issue, this new 3rd offense does not become create an issue.

My court date on the 3rd offense is set for November. I don't know what to expect. Aside from what I read on the internet in regards to penalties on 3rd time offenders. I don't know what to do. One thing is for sure tho, I've realized that alcohol has created nothing but problems in my life and have to maintain abstinence towards it forever. I am working on that in every way.

Does anyone have any thoughts, recommendations, input on anything? anything that can help with my court issues or entire matter.

thank you all. I hope for the best. Im attempting to stick with the mindset of "This is just an obstacle to make me a better human being for the future. A blessing in disguise"

Hello fellas I have an extreme dui I blew 1.7.but I also had 13grams of marijuana they took my car and let me go on a taxi I got court on 17 of september my question is how much time will I get in jail or prison its my first dui.and I'm trying to get a good lawyer advice please I will appreciate with all my heart and soul I'm very nervous and I can't stop thinking about it by the way I'm in arizona

KBMAN24, thanks for posting this – it have me hope as I get ready to face sentencing for my 2nd DUI in under 5 years. I have a heavy burden since I also have my first child on the way, a son. Your words give me hope. Philippians 4.13

I got 3rd dwi since 2001' will i get probation, cant afford to go to jail,havent had a drink in two months

Def. Be on probation, I hope you dont go to jail just keep your priorities straight and get past this

Hey, kyle.. I was convicted for my 2nd dui.. my lawyer made a good deal with the prosecutor. So, I will be surrendering myself tomorrow morning, then I will be spending 2-3 days in jail, plus the fines, madd class, hospital and morgue program. I'm feeling so alone and depressed because, with these two dui ' s I don't know, if I'll be able to get nursing license..

Well the good thing is after you finish all the bullshit your life goes back to normal and its only up from there, I really hope that it doesnt affect your future job prospect. Just dont ever get a 3rd.

Hi ! I just got my first dui in texas. I am on probation and blew violation because I drank. Now I am scared to death to be put in jail for a violation. It's a nightmare I swore I wouldn't drink but I did huge regret! Tons of guilt! I have a six year old ! I can't go to jail! Scared ! Thanks for sharing ! I feel very alone

You are not alone, there are thousands of us who have gone through the same things. Just gotta be smart and get past this bullshit and never make the same mistake again

Hi I have 1dui and 3 more charge but they are minor so here the thing a did 3 months cuz a don't have nobody to bond me out but after the 3 months somebody bond me out I got out and I was suppose to have a courth day but I miss that day and I leave the country my question is they will come to get me were I am

Highly doubt they try to get you in another country on a dui charge

What about if I go back to USA this happens in A.L state so if I go to another state u thinks they will

I live in Costa Rica and am returning to MI for DUI incarceration. My first DUI. If you leave the U.S. you will not be able to return to the U.S. without being stopped by immigration/customs and extradited to your state. That's because a nationwide warrant has been issued for your arrest. I am returning to be jailed by a judge who gives all first time DUI s jail. I am 61 and depressed as can be. I am full of self loathing. Just want to be done and move on

I am telling u this n 100% truth. Whoever told u that u get any jail time with 1st DWI n any state seriously LIED to u. No judge n US anywhere and I mean anywhere gives someone jail time on 1st DWI. Plz believe me. I'm on my 3rd. And never got jail time. Only when I was pulled over each time and went home from bail the next morning. So don't worry. Take a deep breath. Everything is really alright.

Oh another thing. And each time it was court appointed attorneys. U know they don't care. But yet I still only got probation. Now this 3rd one I'm charged with I hired an attorney this time. Should work bcz I drank after I parked my car and never had keys n ignition. Plus I have proof n written black and white. But still hired attorney just bcz its my 3rd. And when its ur 3rd and ur still on probation from ur 2nd got to hire. But u r definitely OK. N the clear. Don't worry.

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Hi Kyle.... I'm trolling thru internet sites to see how can I get around this 3rd DUI and hard 3 year suspension . I got 137 days, did 2, my atty said I can get a restricted in 12 months only to find out that even tho I took a breathalyzer , I refused the chemical test, which resulted in the 3 year hard suspension and I think I still have to do an 18 month class even tho I still can't get my license back??? Anyway I live in a part of town where bus service stops at 7:30 pm and only runs M-F.... On the cusp of LA/Ventura County. Well.... I'm frustrated and need a way to make a living and not being able to drive is running making it hard to me to get a job. I'm out of ideas on what to do.

I totally feel your pain man, when this all happened for me I had to quit the job I'd been work for 5 years and settle for a low paying job within walking distance to my house. Luckily ive had my license back for a while now so ive gone back to my normal job as a contractor since then. But unfortunetly you will have to make whatever sacrifices in the meantime to make everything work until you can drive again. I hope the best for you man

Hey Kyle, My name is Jose, just got my third one in 2013, Really liked what you wrote. Made me wake up. My number is 661-902-3126. Would like to talk. Keep the faith

Hey Jose, hows it going man? So what are you facing and have you been to a court hearing yet?

Sweetie, never leave ur # online. Not a good idea. Anyway, I'm on my 3rd DWI. And terrified. I'm a single parent. My girls father died n 2010. Every single bill depends on me. And get this. I was never drinking and driving. Never had keys n the ignition. But just bcz its the 3rd one I'm hiring an attorney this time. Bcz I'm still on probation from the 2nd one. This 3rd DWI should have never been and the officer knows it. Just a waste of my time, money, and anxiety until court.

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstance. So i don't understand, how did you get arrested? Did you get pulled over or were you in the car under the influence? it sounds like they got you good, i'm really sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully it isn't too expensive. I know how lawyer fees can be, and also the hours of wasted time thanks to the judicial system. I hope you can get out of this.

hi, all your stories of duis are so stressful. I was wondering if ANYONE can help me. I just got a 3rd. first in 2006. 2nd in 2009. 3rd in march 2014. I would have been off probation in November this year. I quit drinking for over a year. I have a very good job with management and people who can vouch for me that Ive gone out with them and refused a drink. I went to a party and asked for a drink WITHOUT alcohol. of course I was given a chaser that had some in it. and once i start i cannot stop. which is why i avoid alcohol at all costs. i ****** up by even assuming i shouldn't have to check my drink or anything. i heard orange county is extremely strict with 3rd offense. but in all honesty. i did quit for over a year. it was just one of those stupid sad mistakes you beat yourself up for. i was told if i voluntarily go into a rehab it would be better for me. i really do wanna quit. and i really did for a long period. i don't think i could handle jail. i would do the dui court program. anything. does anyone have any good advice? i really need it right now. the thing that kills me most is putting family through this with them knowing i was on the right path and i was sticking with sobriety. anything helps. please let me know whats best. thank you everyone. and i hope everyone gets through this all :(

Hi.... I'm sorry ur going thru this... What's going on w ur DL? Make sure u have a good atty... Mine claims to be the best in dui's but he is far from it sadly. Yes OC is strict. I'm in LA County, San Fernando valley and had the same judge for all 3 dui's .... She's a butch and so is the other female judge at VNCH. I had $100,000.00 bond. Mandatory SCRAM while I was out. Mandatory daily AA. Then sentenced to 137 days jail time, have 140 mandatory AA classes to take. 3 years hard suspension and I believe I have to do a 18 month DUI class on top of still not being able to get a restricted because they say I'm a habitual offender, got 3 dui's in 4 years... Stupid choices....I need transportation since the busses in my area stop running around 7:30/8:00pm and only run M-F, so I'm royally screwed. ... Frustration......

You got off really easy. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me (3 DWIs in a short amount of time aka stupid slip ups of adolescence) and I literally spent years in jail. You're lucky.

Where did u he ur DUI that u spent years in there? Was there an accident involved? I got 137 days at Lynwood on the 3rd stupid decision I made behind the wheel.

wanted to share that I too received my 3rd DUI in January of 2013. I had been pulled over in September of 2007 when I got my first DUI. This is the first time I had ever been in trouble in my life. I too said i would never drink and drive again and almost 3 weeks later I received my 2nd! I hired an attorney and because the 2 were so close together they treated it as a first but if I were to pick up another it would count as a 3rd. Basically I received the punishment of getting a first DUI so I really got off unscathed. I had to pay a $1000 fine take 6 dui classes, take a victim impact class and a coroners class. I did not lose my job, home, etc. It really had no effect on me at the time but I did stop driving . I just stayed home to drink. I was a single parent at the time and really struggling. I eventually remarried and had 2 more children. Things were going well and I was in college. Almost 6 years later I made the decision to go out with friends and then drive home thinking I was OK. I was pulled over and was arrested for DUI, my 3rd. I did hire and attorney which I feel all it did was prolong the inevitable. I am now in the SOP program. Its 3 yrs of probation with the first 6 being on house arrest. I can still drive to school, pick court dates, AA meetings, and counseling sessions( I'm requires to do 3 counseling sessions a week and 2 AA sessions a week) I have a breath interlock device in my car and every car registered to my address for 3 years which is 75.00 a month per car. Couseling is 55 a week for 3 years too. I have to go to court every two weeks to check in with the judge (this eventually will be cut back the longer I am in the program and how well I do). I have to check in with my house arrest officer every week. I have to call every morning to see if they called my color to take a random UA(drug) test. This is usually a couple times a week which is 14.00 each time. House Arrest is 10.00 a day for 6 months. Basically its VERY expensive and pretty hard program to complete. The upside is, when (NOT IF) I get through this I will not have a felony on my record and I have a good 3 years of sobriety that I plan to maintain under my belt. I have learned some very hard lessons from all of this, the most recent one was just finding out that I will not be able to complete my degree in Education. I have all my classes done and I was just getting ready to start my student teaching in Special Education. I had to get fingerprinted and have a background check run on me and because of all of this, I was just denied into the program. Its been devastating for me because I have been in school for so long and it hasn't been easy. Once again it has reminded me of what I failure I feel that I have been but I am determined to make a change in my life for the better. I hope people too can learn from reading my story before they chose to drink and drive, but if you have, don't give up on yourself! Someone close to me told me that **** Cheney had 2 duis before he turned his life around and eventually became the Vice president of the U.S. I'm grateful that I have the chance to be in this program where I can be home with my family and actually get the help that I need rather than sit in jail or prison and receive no help or counseling. Good luck to you all!

One more thing. I hired a lawyer for my 3rd and forked out $7,000 and I received the same punishment, Serious Offenders Program, i would have received with a free court appointed attorney.

hi, my name is jallen<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I got a dwi 1 year ago dec 20 2012 and just got off probation for it today march 6th 2014. went to get my license and was told I have a ticket for dwi from june 2013, I did get into a car crash and ended up in the hospital but I never received a ticket or a court date for it. now more than 9 months away I find out they are gonna investigate the dwi from june... im scared cuz I guess it will be 2nd offence? and my probation officer never got anything about it either... im wondering if I could fight this? im so glad im off probation for the first one cuz I probably would have been in more trouble.

have you had a drink since????

Yes I have only at home though

II just got my 4th. I never drink and drove after my 3rd. I was on my boat and had someone else drive it until he could not pull up to the ramp well. Embarrassed, foolish, idiotic and awful. I now have to have a bracelet put on after i finish my 30 days. The Bracelet will tell if I consume alcohol. I feel like i let my family down. your story helped. sober now and staying that way

My son got a DUI when he was 18 he is not 20 and just got another DUI is there any possibility he could get off the DUI or is it a waste to even consider a lawyer? In all fairness he has alcohol intolerance as do I so he didn't drink lots yet he blew around .14 and the legal limit here is .08 I believe we live in Alberta so I guess what I'm saying is he had 6 beer and drove I realize this was wrong as does he just curious if anyone can maybe give us some advice my son suffers from depression as well

I can relate to this a lot, I just got my third dui a little over a month ago for a .09. I just didn't care about the repercussions, I knew what I was doing and thought I was not gonna get pulled over. This is going to take so much away from me, I had a good job in San francisisco I had to quit my liscense gone for 5 years, disappointing my friends and family etc. etc. I have 35 days with out drinking. It's a struggle a everyday not being able to drink and having the feeling of wanting to and questioning myself about being sober. It ******* sucks but this **** isn't gonna keep me down. I'll come out of this stronger and a better person. Don't be like me and the guy that posted originally. It's just not worth it, call for a taxi, be an dd for change, or don'tdrink if you don't have enough money for a taxi home and no sober ride!

I read your article, and it made me cry because I am in somewhat of a sort of situation. I had my first IRP last year, now I had my first DUI this week. I am hiring a lawyer with the hopes of getting off..but I'm not holding my breathe on this one...they have the liquor bottles I was drinking. I have been trying to quit drinking for 2 years now...successful for one year...but fell off again..I am back in therapy and I think I need to go back into rehab before I totally ruin my life. THe only chance I have right now is the lawyer...and lots of money. THen rehab. I was scheduled to leave this country for the start of a new life...maybe things happen for a reason..might of died being drunk somewhere...very dangerous drug...I hate it! I just want to be normal for once in my life. free from alcohol. I am so mad at myself...but do not feel sorry for myself, as I had a chance to change and lost the fight over alcohol...One day at a time,,,and I guess I'll find out where I will be at the end of all this mess...

Hi, my name is Barb. I'm going through a rough time right now also. Looking at two DUI's and two driving under suspensions all on the same day in court. It'll be my second and third offence. My truck is clubbed and my car is in impound. I have a good lawyer. I stopped drinking since the first of the year and put myself in a recovery program and going to AA meetings. I'm very serious about quitting this time I just hope I can convince the judge and prosicuter that I am. I've been through court ordered programs before. But this time I'm doing it on my own. Just hope I can convince them that I realize that with drinking my life is going nowhere fast and that I'm done drinking, and I am truly trying to change.

Hey Barb, my name is Brit. Last Sunday I rolled over my car after I lost control on the slippery ice here in Michigan, hit a snow bank thinking that it would help me stop, and then it flipped to its side. I was arrested and taken to jail for my second. I am so scared as well, as I am finishing school to become an educator. Have they said anything about taking your car? I have been taking initiative to attend AA meetings as well and my lawyer said that the more steps you show that you're serious the more the prosecutor will see. Also, if you get letters of recommendations on your behalf, like your good qualities will help. Keep me updated girl. You'll get through this!

My life isnt easy im from the bronx 167 webster...make a long story short my first dui was in 2004 i got a violation because i just lit up a lil bud and ate the evidence so all they had was a dirty urine...then its 2009 im coming from new roc city and i was drinking again trying to take the long way home because im tryna park up somewhere low to get some head...i was locked the **** up 90 days but since i was already on parole i had to go down anyway i didnt care...fast forward march 10th 2013 i wasnt even driving this time...My car was parked under the bridge on 121th and park ave...I was on medication for panic attacks and all this **** but i was drinking and this made me pass out (but i know for sure i was parked under the bridge) so when i come back to my car i say to myself im not driving home let me sleep it off...i wake up in a cell and the Police officer says i have been arrested for a dwi...i pay a lawyer 10,5000 Jaime Santana ESQ...i fought it for 10 months...come to find out these cop fabricated a story of me having the car on with my foot on the brake while im passed out and the jury believe that ****...today i was found guilty by a jury of my peers...im due for sentecing on march 7th 2014 the judge could give me 1n1/3 to 4...im sick!!!! im out on bail now but im thinking bout mexico

Hey, future response... .

well i got 3 D.U.I'S my last dui was 0.31% they took me in for a week worst moments ever i told the virgin mary if i got released i wouldnt go back again so guess what the next day i got released then i was told that i had to go back in ah week to do my time a year in wasco prison california ... so now i stay in Mexico i knw that if i go back and they get me its gonna be at least 5 years in prison so im okay .. . mexico could not be the best place but hey you feel free .. i really appreciate california for letting my childhood growing up there since i was 8 now im 23 thankyou Fresno California to many memories :)

Hey, so how were you able to get across the border? Do you obtain a green card? And does your criminal record not carry over to other countries? It sounds like you're quite lucky! :) ~Brit

Hey Kyle glad you are getting through it buddy and I hope you continue on the right path!! I myself got into a deep situation and had all the same thoughts so here it goes:
I got my first dwi in September of 2012 which there are a lot of actions that my lawyer is confident he can get me off on. Forward to December 31 2012 I got another dui in another state which was finished in May and im on probation for till may 14' but can be disposed if I finish my probabtion. So forward to Sep 16 2013 and I get another dui which just has no case for me I admitted to be drinking and refused all tests for every dwi I have gotten. My Lawyer tells me since the one in sep 2012 was actually my first if convicted it would be my first even though in New Mexico they gave me the first offenders program now im going to trial in Jan for both dwi's in Texas one from Sep 12' and the other Sep 13'. He says im not facing a dwi 3rd because the way I got the DWI's so its just 2 mis. dwi's I'm trying to stay positive and get into a outpatient rehab to show im making strives to live sober and have been sober for 5 months now....I'm hoping probation like 2 years with 40 days time served

I got one after an after -work party celebrating the birth of my son 10 years ago. Got caught in a checkpoint. I guess I don't need to tell you the panic that went through my mind when I saw the orange cones and the cop waving the flashlight, way too late, BTW, to turn around. The sneaky bastards. I knew I was in trouble immediately. Failed the handheld breathalyzer with a tentative .09, refused to take the big boy test in the trailer, then the cop kinda thought about it for a minute like he might let me go, then he actually said, "well, it's the end of the night, one more won't hurt." So off to jail I went.
I've got to tell you, calling my son's mother like a POS from jail and telling her I couldn't pay CS for a few months until I could pay all my fines was not my proudest moment. I got extremely lucky and St Louis County had a program for first offenders with no complications like belligerence towards officers, etc. which involved 90 hours of community service in 30 days, plus a fine, and you get to keep your license and points and arrest get stricken from the record. I know a deal when I see it, so I did the program (it wasn't easy), and got off the hook.
Since then I have never gotten behind the wheel after more than 1 beer in 10 years, and even with only 1 beer and an hour wait, only a few times, and I was scared to death. I have nightmares that I get pulled over again after drinking, and I tell you the feeling is one of hopelessness, which I am extremely relieved to wake up from. Some of you have had this feeling for real, and I feel sorry for you. If you've had one, take it to heart and don't ever drink if you don't have a ride home. It's just not worth it.

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for sharing your story. I just posted my story as I will be getting my first DUI. I may not have had 2 or 3 DUI's but I am still scared out of my mind. Reading others experiences really helps calm me down. I appreciate the braveness to tell your story.


I just wanted to thank you for starting this post. I just got my third dui and have been very depressed. I have been feeling very ashamed and alone but reading everyone's stories just now made me feel a little better.
I am 31 now and got my first when I was 17 and my second when I was 20. Both times I was pulled over for other minor traffic violations( speeding and expired plates). The first time my Bac was .09 and the second time .12. I convinced myself it was bad luck, not a drinking problem, and I just needed to be more careful when I was driving . Just over a month ago I went to a bar for a friends birthday party and I got out of hand, ended up trying to drive home for some reason and ran my car off the road into a brick wall. I spent a week laying in a hospital bed and it gave me a lot of time to think about what I was doing. I finally admitted that my drinking was out of control and I have to stop. Understanding that I was lucky that I didn't kill anyone or myself has made me feel very lucky and I have been sober and in treatment since I was released from the hospital.
I have accepted that I will have to probably do some jail time. My main concern is losing my license for a very long time. Do you have any advice on how to live without driving? My job requires me to drive all over sometimes to a different place every day and if I don't drive I will lose it. there aren't any public transportation options and don't have anyone who could drive me around every day. I know things will get much worse if I am caught driving . Does anyone have any advice or experience in dealing with this type of situation.

Also I totally agree with the whole system being all about money. they definitely do not want to help you. After my second DUI I was forced to go three times a week to Court appointed treatment. It was supposed to be two hours of treatment every time, but when I was there all they did was take my money and have me sign a piece of paper proving I was there. It took no more than 5 minutes each time but as long as I had my money they would mark me down for two hours and send me on my way. They are not interested in treating anyone.


Sorry it toke so long to get back to you, I do datacommunications work and also go to different jobs all the time so driving is a necessity. When I first lost my license I unfortunetly kept driving because I had to much to pay for with two court cases coming up. But once I went to jail for 3 months and got out and was on probation I no longer drove so I had to find a job by my house. I'm not gonna lie it sucks, having to depend on someone everywhere u go like a damn kid. But you don't have a choice unless you want to risk going back to jail which I wasn't. I recently finally got my license back earlier this year, it was the greatest feeling in the world!! Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks for reading

When you claim you received your first DUI you were in a vehicle in your front yard? First of all most if not all States' DUI laws only apply to areas to which the public has access. The public does not have access to your own private property which is not a public or private shopping mall parking lot allowing public access. Access to your own property without permission would be trespassing. You should have gotten off on your first DUI. A friend of mine caused Nevada to change the law from "on a public highway" to that in 1993 when he got off for a DUI. The officers never saw him actually driving on the road. They caught him doing donuts on the grass of a closed business park at night, LOL.

You would think I could have got off lol but lawyers suck

I agree.... Lawyers suck big time! Don't give a rat's a.. What happens to their client as long as they get their money!

I'm in the same boat as you and scared out of my mind. I have a 3 and 5 year old and the worst thing that keeps going through my mind is that I'm going to lose them. I'm on my 3rd DWI and just need to speak to people who understand what I'm going through. I feel like I'm losing it.

hi I relate to all of you, im older 56, never been in any trouble in my life, was going thru some marital problems and last year got 2 dui'd. Its been hard, Im so glad i didnt hurt someone, but now i see how ineffective and all about money the laws are. I own a business and it threatens it because i cant drive...for 3 years:(. I have paid out over 6000 in fines and probably 5000 for lawyer. Btw when the d/a saw i had a lawyer he changed his tune and asked the judge to triple the fine and he did. If you can afford your own lawyer they just raise the fines i guess. I live 10 miles from town and i have to go to counseling and all these court mandated things and its so hard to even get a ride. Then i am paying for 2 parole officers to "moniter" me and I never hear from them at all! What do they do ? What am i paying for? It all has a big effect on how you feel about yourself to ...like your a pos...anyway i havent drank in over 7 months now. I realize the judicial system is there to dole out punishment, what about people who have nothing ? how do they ever crawl out of this? Its hurt me alot I cant imagine...sometimes I have been tempted to drive when I have been out of food or had an emergency...but thinking about a year in jail has made me stop so far! Oh on my second one the judge gave me some jail and the rest electronic monitering and it works , i paid for it , doesnt clog up jails its a great idea, i want to thank that judge .

I also wanted to add some suggestions about how this all works i am a farmer and i live alone, so i have nobody for a ride, sometime next year i can get a intoxiloc, thats great , but i have to drive many different things for my work, so they say oh just get more...yeah right! 150 for each install and 80 a month per unit? I cant afford it! Why dont they make a unit that is for the person ? you blow into it and it has a camera to see that its you and then you can drive...period. If your intoxicated it could shock you or something i dont know..... and the entire money deal..its almost comical, besides your fines , you have your electronic monitering fee, your court supervision fee, your drug and alcohol evaluation, I had to turn in my registration and plates, so then you get to pay for that to retrieve them someday, oh yeah i had to pay for my community service, I had to pay for my jail time! Oh and then they order you to be here and there and I live in the boonies and i cant drive! I had an intoxiloc for my first but then lost it..i go to cancel it and am told...oh that will be an early cancellation fee...thats another 300 bucks! I tell you its all about money! Once they get their claws into you its hard to get back. Oh then we have the insurance rates understandably or even qualifying to get it. This spring ill have to hire all my spraying done because i cant drive to get water...50 grand there, it sucks. Sighs...ok just had to vent some. Seriously I wont ever drink and drive again. These laws are out of control though!

I feel your pain man, but just know there is light at the end of the tunnel i'm proof, i did take almost 3 years but i am now driving and everythings over. I never thought it would end i had to do it all too, the evaluation classes that cost 55 bucks a pop and i had to do 17 of them! the risk reduction, the MADD, the probation, the REINSTATEMENT OF MY LICENSE THAT WAS 410 dollars!! i mean seriously wtf lol. but after all that bullshit i'm finally living my life however i want and driving wherever i want, so believe me, just stay on the right path and get all of your obligations done and you will get over this just as i have. thanks for sharing man. Good luck to you - Kyle

thanks kyle, i was reading and i think you help alot of people here, you gave me hope i know that. thanks:)

Your very welcome, im glad this page has helped:)

Hello Kyle, Congratulations on getting through probation! I feel your pain. I am facing court on 2nd DUI. Four drinks in 3.5 hours, even with a meal did not help. Agghhh. I had a previous DUI just over 5 years ago and I swore never again. The trouble is that alcohol is so prevalent. Who ever heard of a Happy Hour without alcohol? My situation is complicated because of my age and the type of work I do. Everyone I work with and socialize with knows this has happened to me. I have a hearing pretty soon. I know I will get through this but am facing possible/probable loss of job too. I honestly feel like moving to another state, not to drink but to stop socializing the same way and meet other people. I have stopped drinking totally, am doing AA...those 12 Steps apply to all aspects and issue in life. I think they will help me. Anyway, I pray that you never go another DUI experience and have a Great Life. Good Luck, L

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<p>We got Obamas drones killing women and children and he wins a noble peace prize and we non violent drinkers go to jail for bullshit like this. Alcohol addiction is a medical problem not a criminal probelm, so how does throwing us in jail help? It doesn't nearly everyone repeats. I just been convicted of my second dwi.</p>

I got my second on the day you posted this. I have to do 30 days jail and have a warrant right now because I'm trying to figure **** out with my job before I go haaaaaa :/

I loosing my mind trying to sort all this out. Really worried I may loose my car. Life is really sucking right now!!! I hate having to depend on everyone else to get around. Having people in my life that I don't nessarily want in my life, just because I need help. And being nice to people I don't want to sometimes because I need help getting to work, and I think some of them like it because you depend on them and that let's that person be in your life wether you want them to be or not! It's driving me crazy!!!! I wish I was independent again!!!!

i just got my second and im freaking the **** out. Im not going to have a job once this is all said and done and i feel as if i completley ****** myself in having a future at all. do you have a job? how did you cope with it all

Yes I have a job, it's kind of mandatory if you want to pay all your **** off, but my case was all over and done with back in December of last year, believe me you can get though it, is it easy? no not at all, but you just have to be strong willed and never make the same mistake again. It toke me 3 to get it pounded into my head. but back in 2010 I learned the hard way just as a lot of people on here are forced to do, I wish people who don't have any DUI's would read my story and all these comments. I hope everything goes good for you

thats right, all i can do is face the music and keep my head up. thanks brotha i appreciate it

The independent crazy lady that just posted is me, Barb:)

kyle i was wonderin how you were doin, i recently got a dui and feel like a jackass. lets talk

I'm great, couldn't be better believe me whatevers happened, you'll get through it, hell I did and I know very few people who ****** up as bad as me.

I read roberts comment, theres no use in complaining hes right but you know theres nothing we can do. the system is set and done and does whatever the **** it feels like doin. anyway thanks for the reply kyle. I still cant get over my arrest, i know its 100 percent my fault but god damn they sure make you feel like a turd on a stick. and the laws keep changing and keep getting worse. i hear stories of people getting away with **** all the time in the 70's , cops saying "oh your drunk well thats okay let me drive ya home ol' chap" its like why the **** are cops at war with their own civillians. is it only in the US that cops hate us so much? a cop has never helped me in life, nor have i ever heard of a cop doing "good" to anybody, just ****ing people over. time and time again, to fill their little paychecks. anyway sorry for my rant man its been like 3 weeks and i still cant get over the fact of all this bull****. I decided to get a lawyer this b***** better do something. im going to be so p****ed if nothing happens and im convicted and i lose all that money for nothing . I had to pay 4k for a lawyer.. could i afford it? no. but is it essential in getting my azz out of this mess? probably.. not to mention i went sober after the incident which sucks balls i've been feeling depressed ever since.. thats why I drank and smoked is because it made me feel good and happy, i dont have any problems or anything. yes i drank and drove every night before the incident, but come on guys wtf why dont they say how "important" it is to not do that at school? how come they dont ever teach this s*** at school ? I hear people b****ing about this MADD crap (that im gunna have to do real quick here) its like why dont they do their little lectures at school BEFORE s*** like this happens. god
anyway i really have nothing to say im just a b****

I didnt know it would f*** me in the a** so hard that Im gunna be a slave for the next 7 years to the bull**** system. I thought I would just pay off a fine just like everything else but nope, they need da money, and politicks need their excuses/money

funny how its the same idiot...
yeah, but they want to make our lives a living hell, and they want all the money they can generate to feed their fat f***ing mouths.
my stupid ignorance kills?
how bout maybe if they/you weren't so ignorant, they would implement their crybaby stories BEFORE accidents happen. E.G. at schools, you know , the place where they "teach" how to f***ing live in a stupid a** society that doesn't give a f*** about anyone or anything else but them selves?

not to mention the "what if" system, where even if you didnt do anything wrong, you still get maximum penalty.
you know how bad that breaks the constitution of liberty?
thats like saying, "well it doesnt matter if you didn't rape her, you thought about it, so we're gunna charge you with it"

yeah yeah its all my fault i know calm down
I know im bein a b****, what do you expect I was raised in america, the land of the p***ies

Man, there's a reason why you don't feel right unless you drink and smoke, and it's because you have a problem. Either addiction or depression, im not sure which, but please don't make the leap to making innocent people suffer for your problems. If you have to drink, STAY HOME! At least until you can figure out what ****** up **** causes you to have to drink your *** off. Ive been ther and AM there, and it's not worth it. If I killed somebody because I can't figure my **** out, I swear i would kill myself.

yeah I was obviously ridiculously p****ed off when it happened. im good now. my opinion of it is just that "sh** happens" and ya just gotta deal with it. I still smoke and drink everyday because F*** you. do what makes you happy

Hats of to you man, glad your doing better. I totally agree do what makes you happy! Just be smart about it.

yup. gotta make money, gotta spend money, and ya gotta be happy while doing it, cuz if you aint, you will be miserable.

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Reading everybody's stories and responses have really helped me get through my situation. Thank you Kyle for posting your story. I do know for me the anticipation for court and what WILL happen is the worst part. On a positive note, it seems like many times if you try to do the right thing from here on out, the outcome is a lot better than we initially expect. I got my first D.U.I. in early 2010 in another state, and this past Aug '13 I just got my second. I am going to court next month for it. I spent two weeks in jail because they gave me a high bail. I am nervous about court because I don't know if I'll get probation, OR end up getting jail time. I was doing research online and that's how I came to this site. I guess it's a little comforting to know that I am not alone, and helps remind me that I should only move forward from here. Thanks. :-)

I was arrested on Aug 24 2013 for DUI, this is my first offense. Well, on Sept 28 I was arrested for my 2nd. Both are in different counties. I haven't been to court for my 1st one yet, and i am wondering if my 2nd one will show up. Like many of you, I seem to be going on a downward spiral. I swore after my 1st one I was done with my partying then driving. Barely a month went by, and I fell into the old routine. I am diabetic which only compounds the problem with alcohol. I feel so lost and unsure about my future. I am scared about possible jail time, losing my job and the shame with these 2 occurrences. Before my first one in Aug, I have never been in trouble about anything.

Get them both taken care of in court around the same time and they shouldn't know about each other, so you will basically have two first offenses, and can do all your court ordered stuff at the same time so you only have to do your classes and everything once. Just don't settle one then push the other one off or they will know about the first by then

My hueband is in the exact same situation. How did yours turn out?

Well after about 3 long years its all over I finally got my license back a few months ago and my life is off pause. I can live again free of all restraints

nice man so what do you do now? you still get f'd up or what?

Nope, no getting ****** up for me. How about yourself

well thats good to hear, what have you been doing in your spare time? what kind of job do you do if you don't mind me asking?

me.. im still in the process of this dui crap. did a victims panel , now trying to do my drug eval..scared shetless because I've been a chronic smoker for the past 5 years, I quit around october but I feel like thats not enough time. how long does alcohol stay in your system? i thought only 24 hours. anyways my hope is pretty much pass the drug eval and by some miracle not have probation so I can start smokin again. life has been hell since I turned sober and shet just doesnt work. when I smoked, I had better grades, better life, and was a happy person. now im a depressed sack of shet that hates everything and everyone, bad grades, etc. can't wait till college is over man. life has been a wreck. I just want this shet to be over with so I can start smokin and drinkin again..those are honestly my thoughts. if you got any critiques please share them

Sounds like you need to get your priorities straight man, if the most important thing to you is to get this trouble behind you so you can drink and smoke again don't you think you'll be right back where you started and have the potential to make the same mistakes? You need to really focus on what got you into this mess in the first place and decide if it's worth it.

well what caused me to get in this mess was to not have my own place. everybodys got an excuse. yeah we are all at fault but there are special circumstances for each one. and yeah , your right. im never drinking and driving ever again. im still gunna get ****** up though.

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Hello everyone, first of all I'm glad I'm not alone with my mess. I received my 1st dui in may and second in June but both different counties neither one of them have found out about the other. I was just convicted of the first one yesterday and have my final pre trial for the 2nd next week. During my first pre trial the prosecutor had to of already pulled my record (2 weeks ago) when it was clean. I'm wondering if he will look at it again before final pre trial and see the first dui, if not and I'm charged with 2 first duis, one in each county. How will the state if Michigan react? Will I be in trouble or the courts fault? I never lied I had no priors when he asked but now do. Crazy situation any input would be helpful.

Man,,, I'm 23 and have just got my 3rd DUI in Nevada 1&2 in one county the 3rd in another. I'm so ashamed and scared I haven't been able to eat or sleep, but when they arrested me for my 3rd they told me it was my 2nd. I did not disagree with them, butt I'm sure the DA will see that, I have a berry good job and just bought my first house. Will I be facing prison, will I lose my job? Please let me know you thoughts on this ASAP!

Sorry it toke me so long to respond, what has happened with your arrest? Have you gone to court yet?

Sorry to hear all of the stories about your DUIs but my xhusband got his 3rd dui which is a felony, and while out on his felony dui he got two more! He has not went to court yet for his 3rd felony dui. I really feel sorry for his, his lawyer is trying to get him probation . But in the end it's left up to the courts.

2 DUI's, can u get a job with a college degree in (crmj) anywhere?

Hey Kyle. Thank you for your story. I'm facing my second DWI in 3 years (I go back to court for sentencing August 19th) and I am scared as hell. I face up to four years if the judge decided jail time is necessary, but I am also eligible for drug court. My situation sucks (as they all do, really) because I just began to turn my life around, and began thinking I could hang out with my old friends who got me into my first DWI (not blaming them for my first one. It's just I hung out with them, got busted, we stopped being friends, and then we starting hang out again and got my second one)

I'm scared as hell.

Hi Kyle. I got my first DUi in April 2013. And I just got my second one on the 3rd of August. It's only been months apart. Will I be facing jail time? Please help me out

you may or may not do jail time, it just really depends on the courts, did you get them in the same county?

I just got arrested for my fourth and i am scared to death.... I took Ambien and i do not remember driving at all woke up in hospital 7 hours later and then taken to jail

You guys are lucky that you are still young. I'm 55 ! got my first dwi 3 years ago it has made my life a living hell. 5 years ago I got convicted for reckless driving and only because the cop felt sorry for me since it was my birthday. I spent 5 days in jail for the DWI, had to use an interlock, got my license suspended 1 year, and had to take two driver safety classes all at my expense. One class lasted 5 months, the other 14 weeks. I got turned down multiple times for jobs. Once I had been working for 3 months at this place until my boss called me in the office and showed me my record. He said dam I can deal with 1 misdemeanor but not 2 ! so I had to hit the road. forget about trying to lie these things come up on your driving record as clear as day. Also if your employer performs a good BG check which these days only cost about $25 it will show up as clear as day. I ran a BG check on myself to see what I could get away with but no luck my fate is sealed.

I just read this and.im going to.write my story gkt my.first dui.in.2009 first time ever in.trouble with.the law did.my.classes.and.everything I.was supposed to.paid 10000 in total said lesson learned.two yrs later.caught myself doing.the.same.thing.slowed down the.caught my second dui.in 2011 blowing a .03 that zero.tolerance screwed me over. got sentenced to a total of 210 days which I.only.did week in.jail due.to over.population in cali. refused.to.get a car for awhile since I.feared.getting a third. so here I am 2013 out on bail cuz I.just picked up my.third dui I hit a wall for one still on probation for.two and.dont know what am facing. anyone who.comes on these blogs hear me out this is my.fear it ruined my life and now I.have.to.face it that yes im an addict and.alchol will control u if u.dont.have the will power its just not worth it. come August I.find my fate I.just wanna know.does anyone have a slight idea what im facing or.could be. im a single parent barely 25 with three duis im ashamed so its just not worth it. screwed me over

I looks like you could be facing a very similar outcome that I did. the only difference is I wasnt on probation when I got my 3rd , so that might make your punishment a little harsher. Sorry man just being real with you. Get a decenr lawyer but dont break the bank, whats done is done, I wish you the best of luck and dont get down on yourself theres plenty of us out there who have made the same mistakes you have. Take care -Kyle

I got 5 years for my third dui probation.....but just got my fourth still on probation think they are going to offer me treatment

I hear ya, I don't drink much at all but the 1 time I do it's trouble great info god bless us all

Your story has really helped me. I just got my second dui on my last month of probation for my first dui! I was so confidant! I was almost done! one month left. I would be done with the legal system. But then I got cocky. I started drinking again with my fiance and his friends. I started being mean and egotistical turning my nose up at people who needed help. I knew I had a problem with alcohol esp when it came to drinking and driving and one week ago and took me down a road I thought I would never go down again. Now Im back in the legal system again. I have people turning their nose up at me judging me. Acting like they're better than me calling me a drunk. Now I may go to jail for a longer period of time bc this is going to be my second dui. My attorney is going to try to argue that it was my psychiatric medications as well that caused me to be under the influence so there is reasonable doubt but still. Im scared. I never thought after being arrested last week I would be in that position again. Financially its hard on my family to have to pay all this. I dont want to have to have to go to jail.

Well whats done is done, no need to worry about what others think, or get down on yourself.just keep a positive attitude and embrace whats given. I know what it feels like to feel like you failed, but I will tell you,in the long run all this bullshit just makes you a stronger person.

I have a question . It might sound stupid but what state are you from mark ? I need some advice . I had a conviction in 2003 and I just got another 2013. I am stress out on what I am going face. I really ****** up big time . I don't what to lose out on anything . What do you suggest me to do . Get a lawyer to help me? I am from Ca.

I am on my third dui in ten years in forsyth county court , I am facing jail time, just dont know how much they are offering me dui court but it seems like you are setting yourself up for failure.

Sorry to hear the bad news.....depending on how much jail time their giving you, from my personal experience, I say take the jail time. It will make your life much easier in the long run I can promise you that, when is your court date?

Please help our voices get heard! Sign my petition on the white house website to let the President know about the outrageous alcohol interlock device situation.


Please help our voices get heard! Sign my petition on the white house website to let the President know about the outrageous alcohol interlock device situation.


I just got my 3rd dui charge a couple days ago. Its been 2 years since my last one. I am very nervous and scared. I dont want to go to jail because I will lose my job and I have 6 kids. I don't know what to do

So what state r u in ? WHAT is your name I will pray for you. I just got my 3 also. 1989 first 1994 second was sober for 15 years but f up on may 3 2013. Im Tim please pray for me not to do time. I will never drink again.

Tim, aren't dui's only on ur record for 10 years?

@6andout... Where did u get the third one? U might have to do jail but remember u won't do all if it, barely 10%. I got 137 days in Lynwood in Los Angeles county and was out in 2 days. Or ask for house arrest but HA, u have to do the whole time,

I forgot to mention that i had just completed satop two days prior to getting my 3rd. I was at a casino and got drunk, they kicked me out and told my friend to drive me home.(which is my roommate). I then got in my car and drove back to the casino(on a suspended license), and all i remember was that there was cops behind me coming from the casino(they apparently were waiting for me) and I made a left onto the highway, and stopped the car. I kinda remember being grabbed violently and them saying stop resisting and then I got tazed, which was a frightening experience. I kinda regained consciousness lying face down on the side of the highway,with my hands cuffed behind my back. In my drunken haze i heard them say ,he needs to go to the hospital. I was then riding in the cop car ,in pain, crying and saying how sorry i was. I kept asking about my car.(which luckily my step-dad and mom talked them into taking it down from the tow truck. And my brother is a police officer and was there as well.)( I apparently busted my head when they tazed me.) So i was in the hospital and they gave me a quick x-ray of my head. And then the doctor asked if she could take my blood. I said yes becuase i was still drunk and not thinking. So yes they have my bac. level. The cop that took me into the hospital said they tazed me to keep me from walking into traffic. So im assuming i got out of the car and was stumbling around and not responding to them and then they tazed me.... So after all that happened I went into a hospital to get help by saying I was suicidal. To try and get put into an alcohol rehab, not just to get better but to also shorten my sentence.. Well they released me three days later and didnt really help.. I then went to another hospital to do the same thing and they released me after five days and put me on remeron for sleep and depression.(im already on paxil) And they gave me numbers of places to call everyday to try and get into alcohol rehab. Which there is a long waiting list for all of them..(i have no insurance)(no job)(I suffer with anxiety,depression) And have been worried that there gonna pick me up for the probation violation.(its been 2wks) My dad did pay a lawyer to take care of the warrant for the probation violation and to represent me for it. I just sold my car and have money. Wondering what to due? Should i pay the lawyer to take care of the 3rd dwi or pay the court fine from the 2nd dwi. Or pay some on the probation fee's.. I have been doing community service for the 2nd.(240 hrs instead of jail)(only have 40-60 hrs left).. I talked to my probation officer today and she said to continue to due my community service. And she was very pissed at me. She said it looks bad that i went to a casino and got a 3rd dwi, and i've had nine months to pay the probation fees and hav'nt.. Please help give me insight if you can. Be kind please. I know it was a stupid thing to do. I now realize and admit that i am totally powerless over alcohol(beer) and that it affects my judgement and makes me do stupid **** like this..It has caused me and my family alot of stress so far and nothings even happened yet..They are worried that i will get raped and die in jail or prison.(im skinny)... And my roommate/girlfriend doesnt know if she can handle me being locked up for a long time.(im afraid she'll overdose on meds or something) Please give any info as to whats going to happen and will i get through this alive and with my sanity.. Thank you for taking the time to read my story....

Thanks for writing josh, im sorry about everything your going through. So did you get a ticket for driving without a license as well as dui number 3? What was your BAC when they toke it at the hospital? And lastly when is your court date? , get back to me when you can

Also I would pay off whatever you have left on number 2 , knock that **** out, you want a clean slate going into number 3 , nothing worse than what happened to me having two probations to pay off at the same time, its VERY difficult

Thanks for writing back. I dont know what they charged me with because they released me from jail with no papers. The clerk told me i would receive something in the mail. And i havnt received anything yet. I think im gonna call up there tommorow. And thanks for the advice on the 2nd one. Im going to do some community service hours tommorow. And send the courts their money. After i get the hours done im going to try to get a job down the road to help pay off my probation fees. I just pray they dont send out a warrant between now and then for my probation violation. My moms calling the laywer tommorow to see if its gonna be a no bond warrant. Im praying it isnt. But anyway thanks again and i will keep you posted.

Kyle, I want to thank you for taking the time to write out your experience with alcohol. Unfortunately, my story is almost the same as yours. I got my 1st DWI within a couple miles of my house. I knew I was too drunk to be driving on the interstate so I got the idea to pull over on the shoulder and just sleep it off until morning. The police found me asleep, but because I had left the keys in the ignition, I got a DWI. No one had ever told me to take the keys out. I'm now facing my 3rd DWI, I'm scared to death. Please call me at 314-620-7789, ask for Josh. I'm desparate for information! Thanks

I had the same thing parked with keys in car.got my 3rd. It sucks because I got a dwi 24 years ago and 2st 18 years ago but 3rd now the law sucks that they can go back as far as they can so they can put u in prison. I live in Texas.

Josh we all go through it I'm with u I say we have to keep our heads up
I pay for the best ...

The part you said about falling back into old habits seems to be my problem. I've been there so many times. I've been hospitalized twice for alcohol poisoning and was convicted of my 1st DUI 4 months ago when I passed out and flipped and totalled my car. On all three occasions I tried to quit or at least cut back on my drinking but would just fall right back into my partying pattern. It's hard to do because I could never quite make it past the 2 month mark.
Then 3 months ago I was arrested for my 2nd DUI and am currently waiting on the court date. It sucks because the anticipation is awful. I've also been sober since my arrest because I have to wear an ankle monitor as part of my bail. I've been going to substance abuse meetings and they have actually put a lot of things in perspective. I never thought of myself as an alcoholic but I was definitely headed in that direction.

I'm starting to ramble but I guess I just wanted to say that it's really hard not to hate yourself when you're going through all this crap. Some days I don't want to get out of bed but other days I just thank God that I'm alive. I've actually gotten closer to God through this situation because some days praying is the only thing that keeps me from completely breaking down. For anyone who reads my couple paragraphs you'll get through the bullshit it just takes a little patience and perseverance. For me, accepting that I'm the one that got myself into this mess makes the responsibility easier to bear. And even if you don't think you have a drinking problem, going to substance abuse meetings of any sort can help you out because you're around people who screwed up just like you did.

i'm sorry your going through some of the same crap i did, i totally get what your saying about being around people who have made the same mistakes that you have, it definetly helps. Just be strong and know there is an end to all this ****, it toke me 2 years, alot of headaches, and alot of money to get over everything. but my life is back to normal now, when at one time i thought the DUI obligations would never end. Good luck at your court date, just do what i did, expect the worst and everything after that is easy. Take care -Kyle

congrads kyle!!!!,,, i got dwi in 1993 was my 2nd had to go to jail for 10 days so waiting to go to jail ,, i got another dui my 3rd. court date was in 2 weeks or something ..anyway i was already in jail when the court date for the 3rd came up..when i was in court,, to got to jail on 2nd,,, i told the court i had another dui court date coming up while i was in jail,,,. they said they would notify the court i was in jail ..they never did, so i did my 10 days classes etx..so when i got out i didnt need my license so i never botherd with them,,no letters in mail about it.. no phone calls from courts ..no cops ever came with a warrant ,which i thought they would,,so i thought it may have got dropped.. here i am 19 years later needing my license for a job,,do you think they will charge me for 1994 dui laws ,,,and also dmv has had my license for 19 years now , they said i need to take care of the penalty faze of the dui ,,,does that mean that i can get it back when i take care of the dui since they have had it for 19 years..just want your thoughts seems you been through the tough part,,, i havent drank since the 10 days in jail in 1994 ,,,im not the jail type,,, it made me quit drinking,, just glad i never killed anyone..

i don't know about going back that far, i just seems like after that amount of time your dues have been paid lol, but who the hell knows they maybe would still charge you the reinstatement fee

Upon coming across this, I don't feel as alone anymore. I just received my third dui while STILL on probation from my second. I'm not going to lie, I am scared and have blamed my recent breakup from my ex for it, which I know is just a cowardly thing to do but hell, right now I am beating myself up for it and constantly questioning the "what if's". I have an upcoming court date and have already dedicated myself to an inpatient program that deals with substance abuse, hoping that will cut down on jail time and at least look good on my part that I am wanting to take the steps to move on from this living hell. What upsets me the most though is that I used to be the most responsible, independent person who occasionally drank in social situations, but never drove. How this is messed up my life I dont know. I have alot of guilt I guess, my ex has pretty much told me what a loser I am, so that doesn't help at all, especially trying to get over him. I'm just heartbroken with the whole situation and disappointed in myself.

Your not a loser I will pray for you. I just got my 3rd . Need prayer

It is strange that I just happened to come across this letter from you above. I was just caught on a second DUI last week so I know all the Hell that will be following. As you stated above, I too said I will never do that again and here I am dealing with it once again. I just started a new job too so I am just hoping that won't be taken away from me. Thank you for this because as you said "Don't be me" and if I continue on this same path..DUI number three is bound to happen. I am vowed to myself to stop drinking and driving as of this past Wednesday when the second DUI happened. In my case it is worse because I hit another car so that is going to be worse. I was not put in Jail for the first offense but this time my Laywer said 90 days and 18 months w/o my license. I am a strong person so I WILL get through this somehow, but it is going to be very difficult. Thanks again & take care. <3

Im glad you got a chance to read this, I have my license back and am off probation, so it goes by quicker than you think it was 2 years ago for me and it feels like I just wrote this not to long Go...and also if you get 90 days you should get 2 for 1 ...6 weeks in and out ;)

My husband was recently charged with his third dui which hes fighting since he was not intoxicated but reading this gave me hope

Do u know what they'd sentense a person to who violated their dui probation by getting another dui

Its possible he will serve the remainder of his probation in jail if he violated ...but thats the worst case, he will also more than likely get more probation time V.O.P is no joke, I was lucky to never get one

to anyone...
my girlfriend got arrested for her 3rd dwi in November of 2011. her first court date is later this month. they are charging her with a felony because this is the 3rd one. the last one was 16 years ago tho. do you think her lawyer could get it reduced? what kind of jail time is expected? i'm afraid she could lose her job and if that were to happen it would just be a domino effect from there and my (our) life would be totally turned upside down.
i'm really freaking out about this.

thanks so much!

If the 1st dui was 16 years ago your lawyer should definetly be able to do something, they usually only go back 10 at the most, let me know how it went

so far noting yet.... next court date in april 11

Try n get it reduced to reckless driving... I got my 4th altho 3 were from well 1 was from 19 years ago than other 2 from 12 yrs ago and 2 were dropped.. I got sentenced 2 days ago with reckless driving and got 2 years probation, 4k fine, weekly aa meetings, 75 hours of counceling and classes, random alcohol/drug testing and baiid machine in car to drive........not to mention 5k for lawyer... Alot of ****.i got ahead of me .. But at least i ill b able to keep my DL and no jail time..... Good luck to you guys!

Also thank you for sharing your stories. All of you.

My husband got his first DUI in 2008 and just got his second DUI WITH reckless endangerment on January 15th. We were at his brother's house, he was hooking up a car system for him...and we decided to drink.....ALOT. Well my husband decided it would be fun to spin cookies in the driveway(he was in blackout mode) and i was in the truck with him. I was drunk as hell and yelling at him to stop, when he wouldn't i threatned to jump out. He turned up the music and ignored me. I finally got fed up enough(drunk and stupid) and jumped out of the vehicle. He continued spinning cookies and accidently ran over my leg. My cousin who ironically lives next door to my husband's brother witnessed everything and called the cops and ambulance. They checked my leg (even though i said i was fine) and told me to ride in the ambulance. I refused. The cops informed me they were taking my huaband to jail for DUI and reckless endangerment. He was sentenced on January 18th to 360 days for dui number 2 and 180 for reckless endangerment. He has to go in for an alcohol eval and the judge said after he gets that done he will go back to court to talk again about sentencing. What can i expect? I know that he regrets what he did. He writes me everyday saying how sorry he is, but will the judge see this? Will he really have to spend over a year in jail? Is there anything i can do? His BAC was two times the limit....and he is 23. Oh, and i did go get my leg checked out about a week after the incident and nothing is broken. I just had some minor bruising which has cleared up. Please don't judge my husband. :/

well if he's been sentenced theres really nothing you can do, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, i'm just really surprised that he was sentenced so fast. So he got arrested on the 15th and was sentenced on the 18th????? did he have a lawyer? so his total number of days is 520? he should get 2 for 1, and if thats the case he'll be in for at least half of that. message me back

Dude I got a dui in Tenessee oct 2001, it wasnt bad. Then dui 2 in california in july 2002. finished dui school in oklahoma 1-2 years later. In 2008 dui in oklhoma. they cahrged me with 1st offense and it was like the dui I got in california. 24 hour dui school, victims impact panel and fines. This year Aug 8th another DUI, the 1st 2 are now over 10 years old., they charged 1st offense. That is because other DUi in Oklahoma was a District court and new one is Municable court, they dont share info. My wife said she is leaving me now, I got 3 kids and a cool job. Now is where I totally F***d myself. I was depressed and didnt care, felt like nothing to loose. before I went to court.I got another DUI in another county. They are trying to charge me 5th offense Felony. 50,000 bail because I was a **** to the cops. Also charged with threats to kill. When cops are roughing you up, tend to say things out of frustration, I threatened him and his family, oops.

Anyway I went to court for DUI from Aug, they are trying to change to felony, not exactly sure why yet. Hopefully found new DUI and is a mistake. court is on the in a week and I'm freaking out because I'm afraid they gonna lock me up for awhile even tho its not sentencing yet. I havent drink since that last DUI and plan on never drinking again. Same reason you said.A guy in jail says I will get drug court they all it here, He was on his 7th. I talk to 2nd attorney tomorrow. I could handle 6 months but 1 year omg!!! or even 2-5 years is possible. I just read 3rd offense is 1-20 years in Oklahoma. I couldnt handle 2-5 years.. If I get 2 felonies I think I am F**d. But never got senteced to drug court so I hope thats it.

I actually quit drinking last year for 3 months then slowly started back up again. You think I will go back to jail next court date since they are trying to change the charges? It sucks because I am really 100% gonna quit drinking forever now, but a bit to late. Oklahoma is hard I DUI's I read on internet. 1st felony, 2nd dui in 10 years 1-5 years. 2nd felony 1-7 years. I dont know if I'm making sense anymore Im kinda freaking out lol. So many possibilities. So what you think.


Hey you usually dont get 2 for 1 time for a DUI ,,, Did you know going in that you would be released early? Just wondering cause I am about to do 120 days in TN

when you become a multiple offender like i was they take away your 2 for 1

i did 82 of my 90, in the county i was in they take 4 days a month off your sentence for good behavior if you are not givin the 2 for 1

I have a 23 year-old friend who has 2 DUI's that I know of. In your opinon Kyle, why would someone have multiple DUI's at such a young age? I'm curious to know if there is a commonality between young individuals who continue to drink and drive even with pending DUI's....depression? A death wish? I'd also like to know if I have any chance of helping him see the error of his ways-sadly he thinks it was the police being A**&%$# 's instead of realizing he is 100% at fault-is there something someone said to you that helped?
Please tell Me what I should do.

honestly i don't really have an answer for that, for me it was an escape and at the time, i really just didn't care yeah i was a little depressed and my dumbass self at the time felt i had nothing to lose. i can't really anything anyone said to help me, it was after the 3rd that i pretty much mentally told myself you are a total **** up and if you don't change your ways you are going away for a long time, then actually going to jail for 3 months, yeah that was enough for me to change my ways, i was on ,my own through all of this though, i didn't get help financially, i still cannot drive but i am dedicated and i don't give up, i have yet to be out of a job, i got a job the first week i got out of jail last year and have stayed working ever since, if you do make the mistakes i made you just have to have a strong will, turn a new leaf and become the person that you weren't. i hope your friend figures it out have him read my story, let him know he's not alone, and if he doesn't change his ways and deal with his errors now, he's going to have a hard couple years ahead of him.

charged with dui and failure to yield at a stop sign.. idk what my bac was.. her car looked ok, but the engine could be f$$$d. my passenger side door is caved in like a mofo. havent gotten the estimate on that, talked to lawyer yesterday calling him back today.. hes kinda cheap, i felt like i was pinned anyway. good advice. not worried about jail time, if its only the minimum of 3 weeks, but if its like 6 months im definitely dreading that.. dreading the outcome, like everyone just wanna get it over with.. not thinking of pills per se just feel worthless.. deja vu.. i have nowhere to go because i was such an *** everytime i drank, i ran all my friends/family off.. im at my brothers, but he calls me a mooch and its just too much.. maybe rehab would be the best thing for me. idk. only 3 weeks til the court date though and idk how id even pay for rehab.. again thanks for responding.

well the good thing is is that on a second if you do do any jail time you will get 2 for 1. say they give you 30 days, you'll only do 15. i wasn't that lucky since i had a 3rd. but dude theres no way you'll get 6 months so go ahead and toss that though out. i wouldn't worry about rehab your still going to have to do all the court ordered **** regardless, the mest thing for you to do now is make some money and pay your probation off ASAP thats what i did and they toke me off when i finished my DUI class and did AA and all that fun stuff. they just want the money and the paperwork and 9 times outta 10 your done. your license will probably get suspended since it was 2 within 5 years, at least thats how things go in GA. so start thinking about that, it's not so bad. i haven't had a license since March of 2011, i finally get it back this coming march. You just have to adjust to it, and definetly don't drive once your license gets suspended then you'll really be ******. well just don't let this **** stress you out, it's just a minor bump in your path, everything will be fine.

oh and another thing, i wouldn't waste any money trying to fix your car if chances are your going to lose your license, focus on getting your probation fines paid.

Am going tru the same problem , that was very helpfull thank you

@ destinationzz how far apart were they?

im facing forth and so scared

Hey! Thanks for your post :) I had 2 duis at 21 (got my 2nd before ever going to court for the first...yeah) and now at 26 just received my 3rd...man how quickly you get comfortable. Ive chosen abstinence as well. While I never admitted to being an alcoholic I DO know I have a problem when I drink and thats driving and poor choices! In a way its a weight lifted off my shoulders because I NOW make the decision not to drink. Had you asked me 5 years ago Id have said this would never happen. But then again we all make mistakes.. thankfully I know this will never happen again. I actually found an AA group I really enjoy, my bosses are in AA and they support me a ton. The consequences are going to stink thats for sure. In VA our laws are pretty strict - I already voluntarily purchased the scram bracelet to prove to the court Im definitely not drinking. We have a mandatory 90 days in jail and they take your license for 3+ years.... sounds like where you guys are is wayyyy more lenient. Wish I could just do 60 days of no license haha! What blows my mind is how they expect you to make it to all these meetings, work and classes with no license! Heck put a breathalyzer on my car, i dont care! Anyway, moral of the story is... I defintitely learned my lesson and in a way Im glad it happened. I got my life back and will continue to do so. :) <br />
Glad everyone is learning from this! Thanks for your article :)<br />

first off let me say this - thank you for sharing. i am living a total nightmare right now. back in 2008 i got my 1st dui. i got through it and actually had a great life going. Until 8 months ago when i left a movie theatre and got pulled over for supposedly being on my cell phone. my cell phone was plugged into the charger and was on speaker phone. i had one drink we had snuck in the theatre. my bac was .10. which still doesnt make sense with 2 shots of vodka that i drank 2 hours before. i got dui # 2.....got a lawyer and to this day we are still fighting it. but i didnt deal with it correctly. i got depressed, upset, and started binge drinking on the weekends. but what i did last saturday is unbelievable! i still cant believe it happened. i got majorly wasted and my car hit a curb - tire and rim exploded and my mercedes fish tailed into a pole. i thought someone else was driivng my car - because i ran....and when the cops found me (after i hid in the bushes) they arrested me for my 3rd dui with a bac of .27 driving on a suspended license and hit and run. the only thing i have to say after seeing my car (which i just stood there crying hysterically) at the tow yard. not believing this is real. my car is totalled. i dont know if my insurance will pay the car off. i have to hide this from my job. i dont want to lose my job! and i am hiring a 5,000 lawyer to help me save my life. what the hell was i thinking? letting things get so bad. and the worst part? i could have killed someone. and that guilt is killing me. i wake up every morning crying. This is going to ruin my life. Last night i went to my 1st recovery meeting and the topic was "denial" and it hit me! like a ton of bricks! i had been in denial for the past few years about all the pain and anger i was trying to "mask" with alcohol. it seemed to numb the pain. anyways.....i dont even know what to do.....i am a mess!

Kyle and Mark,<br />
<br />
I just got my first DUI sitting in a parking garage last saturday, I went up to pay my ticket to leave the garage and the attendant said to get it vouched at the machine first. So I backed up and hit then hit the wall very lightly, well the the parking lot attendant heard the "thud" and notified police immediately.They told me to get out of the car and did all their BS tests and booked me into county jail(a scary place for normal people like myself). So I know I cant beat this case cause the length of going back and forth to trial would be to stressful as I just want it over with,plus most lawyers say that you lose 9 out of 10 times cause its the cops word over yours. I try not to tell anyone about this cause even if they drink and drive daily they will judge you like a criminal. All my life I never drank alcohol, up until I turned 29 I started Im almost 31 now. Should I get a lawyer since they put I was involved in a"non-injury collision" a collision are you serious the little thud against the wall is a non injury collision. Just cant wait til my court date so this bs is over with. I hope you to are doing well and I sure your story has inspired alot of people to stop drinking and driving me included.<br />
<br />
Take Care,<br />
<br />
Jionni T

I agree it is all politics and fund raising. It is all hypocritical. They put an interlock in your car but you can blow up to a .05 and the car will start!!! WTF?? You would think there would be zero tolerance with the interlock....just another reason the laws are flawed.<br />
<br />
That is why I have only told one of my friends....the rest of them look down their nose at someone that has a DUI but they are sitting in the bar getting trashed then hit a curb and bust a tire...hypocrites.<br />
<br />
I am just hoping to get through the next 19 weeks of counseling/AA and however long I am on probation. I meet my officer for the first time on the 29th, hopefully he wont be a ******....I know the poor probation officers are overworked and probably deal with with true scumbags and will probably lump me into that bunch as well.<br />
<br />
But I can only do what I am told to do and get through this.

Wow. WTF??? .05 and the car will start??? Yeah, it's all about stopping drunk driving, not making money - sure, sure. Pfft.

Hey Kyle, thanks for your story. I went through nearly the exact same thing as you, down to wanting to leave the country. I was on my way to Mexico when I got my third DUI though. I got sober too.<br />
<br />
to devilsadvocate above, I agree that the DUI laws appear to be a profit generator for the courts. On the other hand, it can be a deadly activity. All in all, I now think I was on a very self-destructive path, and the courts might have saved my life.<br />
<br />
I'm seven months sober and much more in control of my behavior at least.

Good job on staying sober and taking control of your life. That is truly the best thing you can do. :) BTW, I certainly do not believe it should be legal to drink and drive, and if you've read My story you'd know that I support no tolerance for drinking &amp; driving, and believe the legal limit ought to be at .00. BUT that won't happen, since it's such an easy way for the states to make money. And it's easy to see that it's not really about saving lives, and preventing drunk driving. DUI offenses today are more than just ordinary criminal offenses... there's a tremendous amount of politics &amp; money involved, especially in the cases where there was NO victim, but the "what if". Well "what if's" can be applied to everything, and by that logic everyone should be charged with every crime possible because what if.... I've explored many issues in My story and in comments also. Above all, there should be more focus on preventing drunk driving, BUT by criminalizing drunk drivers and NOT offering them alternatives BEFORE they drive drunk, while maintaining that alcohol is a part of how we as society socialize is illogical. I understand that this is a very HOT topic, and I have spent years thinking about it &amp; analyzing it - the pros and the cons, I know what both sides have to say, yet still I am disgusted with the lack of logic that plays into all of this.

well said devilsadvocate, of course i never realized just how distorted the logic is with these laws until I myself got 2 back to back. The results are to not only punish for the act, it goes much further attempting to destroy the persons income , livelyhood and much more , hardly even touching addiction issues and so on. Madd was founded on good principles , but has turned into a monster that uses only a minority of donations for its cause, the rest is used up in feeding retirement plans, advertising and so on. I spend much time thinking how this could all be done for a greater good, it would be interesting to hear more comments about this, thanks

yeah how many people are killed by speeders, you don't see them having to do what we've been through, i like your "what if" theory but all in all many people have died from a number of alcohol related occurances and us dui people get the damn gauntlet thrown at us. but i'll never get another one so i'm not worried about it thus far, just trying to get through all these evaluation classes and i'm done with this bullshit, i've completed everything else. Also i agree, people really do begin to judge you if you have multiple dui's i have friend who drink and drive to this day, but just haven't been caught, and they pass judgement on me like i'm just some big **** up. Well believe me and did it for years before i got caught, and i got caught again, and i got caught again, yeah i feel like a loser sometimes, but don't be a ******* hypocrit. good luck to you though devil

Hi Kyle,<br />
<br />
Well...everything really went fast..the judge was going on vacation next week so I got a call Thursday afternoon and was in court Friday morning at 9AM to accept my plea and be sentenced. What a whirlwind this week has been!<br />
<br />
I plead no contest, which is a way to plead guilty without admitting guilt. My punishment is DUI 2 school (done already), Victim Awareness Class (2 hours, gonna take it on the 13th) 50 hours of community service (Judge letting me pay it out instead, for $500) and 1 year probation (which we file a motion to dismiss early as long as I finish everything early, pay all my fines and complete my counseling/AA successfully). My Fine was $500 with another $500 in court costs so a Total fine of $1000.<br />
<br />
The judge was very polite and ob<x>jective and wished me luck afterward. The whole court thing took about 14 minutes.<br />
<br />
I now have an appt with the DMV to apply for my hardship license on Wednesday. <br />
<br />
I can guarantee that this will NEVER happen again....I never want to be a statistic again. I am gonna be on the straight an narrow, do everything they tell me and get through this.<br />
<br />
I want my normal life back and I feel I am on that path and want to stay there!<br />
<br />
Please keep in touch and let me know whow you are doing!!!<br />
<br />
Take care my friend!<br />

Glad to hear everything went ok for you, i told you it wouldnt be a big deal, yeah thats what i'm doing just finishing everything asap. Get it behind you and don't **** up again, or you'll end up like me lol. take care mark

TRUST me when I say there will NOT be a third time. I had my last hurrah last night and there will be NO more alcohol in my near or long term future....it is NOT worth it!!!!! It is a condition of my court decison, counseling and probation that I do not drink and I am NOT gonna screw it up after I have come this far. I am just concentrating on my counseling, AA (20 weeks of both), Victim Awareness Class and probation. The hard part id over and I am on the straight and narrow.
Take Care ane let me know how thigs are going for you!!!

Hey Kyle,<br />
<br />
I know this is a stressful thing to deal with and I am just getting stressed and needed to vent.<br />
<br />
In March of 2008 I got my first DUI. Luckily the county I was stopped in had a diversion program....you jump through hoops and they basically make it go away and I had it expunged.<br />
<br />
I, like you, thought NEVER AGAIN...but fell into bad habits again this past April 15th and got my second. The court dates keep getting pushed back because the prosecutor is never prepared but the next one is this Friday and I think it will be decision day.<br />
<br />
Just feeling very unsettled as Friday approaches. I am keeping my hopes up that things will work out ok. Expect the worst and hope for the best. I dont think there will be jail time (I hope not...not sure I could handle it) because I was not convicted the first time and there are no details of everything since I expunged but they can still see I was arrested.I have done my 30 days no driving hard time but since no court decisision has been made I have held off on applying for a hardship license...why pay $212 for something that will get revoked in a week if I am found guilty. SO...I am going on 52 days no driving.<br />
<br />
I really began to think about something this morning. I went out to a movie with some friends yesterday then had a few drinks...I set a limit....and I went right past it. Then this morning, the guilt and realization set in. This is what got me in the position I am sitting in today and for the first one as well. <br />
<br />
While I am not an alcoholic, I have to stop drinking all together so I can be guaranteed (in my mind) that this will NEVER happen again. I just CANNOT and WILL NOT go through this again! <br />
<br />
This is a situation that could have been 100% prevented both times and it WILL be prevented in the future...there will NOT be a 3rd. I am joining your no-drinking club. I see ALOT of Diet Coke in my future! :-)<br />
<br />
I have already forgotten what a normal life is and I want mine back...flaws and all. It has been 3.5 months of waiting, moved court dates, stressing, mental hell, 52 days of no driving and I just want it to be over so I can do what I need to do to finish my punishment and get on with some sort normal life again.<br />
<br />
I just want some kind of solid decision this week so I can see an escape from the fog that has been my life since April 15th. If they move the court date again I don't know what I will do.<br />
<br />
This past weekend (Saturday) I had horrible dreams and re-lived the past 3 months and I dreamt that I couldn't handle the stress and took the cowards way out by taking a whole bottle of pills and ending the pain.<br />
<br />
Woke up in a cold sweat.<br />
<br />
I am trying to have Faith, Trust, stay steady and positive because no matter what they decide on Friday, it is not in my control...it is in God's hands and I have Faith and Trust that everything will work out ok. No matter the punishment....I will survive....just like all of us in this awful situation.<br />
<br />
I have my Counseling Intake Interview on Wednesday so we shall see how long they decide to have me go to sessions. I am taking the letter from my personal counselor...maybe it will help.<br />
<br />
I have to wait for the court decision before I can apply for a hardship license...30 days turned into 35, 40 now 52. I just want to be able to feel the leather of the steering wheel of my own car again and not be a burden on my roommate and my friends who have been so great to me by driving me around...I have really found out who my real friends are during this but I feel bad that it has been dragged out for so long.<br />
<br />
Plus, starting in mid-August I will need to be able to drive to client sites and being diabetic I have to go to frequent labs for bloodwork and doctor appointments. I feel like a complete loser and separated from human nature and society because I can't get around on my own.<br />
<br />
Just please say a prayer for me everyday, especially between 11AM and after this Friday.<br />
<br />
Thank you for listening and sharing your story and I dont know where I would be if I didnt find this sight and great people like you to be able to vent and share our pain.<br />
<br />
How did you deal with being in jail for so long? One night was a nightmare for me.<br />
<br />
Sorry this is so long. :-(<br />
<br />
Take Care My Friend,<br />

Hey mark, you could write me a book about your life and i would read it lol, your letter is not to long. Short and simple heres my advice to you........Stay on that track of no drinking, if you drink all(this is what i did anyways) i would just dwell and dwell on my current situation and become depressed even when out with friends i would become very dark and distance, i didn't like myself. thats when i realized that i shouldn't drink again until this is all over and i can take certain steps and resrictions if i do decide to drink again. As for being in jail for so long, sometime you just have to man up and do what you have to do, believe me it was well worth sitting in jail for 3 months to avoid the program they were trying to put me in...let me break DUI court down for you ( This is what i avoided by going to jail for 3 months) let me remind you this is an 18 month program. first 60 days you wear an ankle bracelet called SCRAM to detect alcohol in your system this costs $11 a day, they charge you $90 a week for the entire 18 months, they also have a $50 probation fee once a month, You have to call every afternoon after your assigned a color and if your color comes up you have to do a lab **** test between 7-9 a.m. everyone i've talked to in the program tells me that your color comes up at least 3 times a week, 90 AA meetings in 90 days, 6 hours of counseling a week, i think thats it lol. But yeah i looked at that and basically said "Ok put me in jail". like i said if you missed a drug test, or failed to pay, anything to violate those many many stipulations you went to jail anyways. it's a program set up to fail. Try not to stress to much about court, i know how it is, i drove myself ******* crazy because i had not just one but two court dates to look towards i was terrified, like i said i even thought of taking my passport to the airport and just saying **** this country, but i smartened up and decide to face this. After court when you know exactly what various things you have to complete and report to, trust me, you will have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, i honestly think you punishment isn't going to be to harsh, i would be shocked if you did any jail time, if your last one was expunged they may even treat it as a first, which you know isn't a big deal, looking back at number 1 makes me laugh now, i just am still so disappointed in myself still, but like a wise friend of my said, don't look back and dwell and say if only i did this, what if this happened, i shoulda have done this, you only drive yourself mad doing that. Well message me back if you need someone to talk to, thanks for responding to my story i enjoy talking to people who are in fear of the law, because lets face it alot of people don't get number 3, so my goal is to kind of encourage people to face their case and let them know what to expect. talk to you soon Mark
your buddy - Kyle

After My 2nd DUI I went through the DUI court program, in My state they call is Sobriety Court - sounds more positive. Unlike you, I could not go to jail - something about being a woman in a Detroit jail did not resonate with Me, and I had too many responsibilities to put My life on hold for 3 months, so I actually jumped through all the hoops they made Me. The 1st 90 days were the toughest, but as time went by it got easier. Initially I also thought of it as "a program set up to fail", but then I started to look at it as a personal challenge - and completing it, no matter how hard it seemed at times, solidifies in My mind why I can NEVER drink and drive again. We live, we learn, and hopefully can evolve because of it. Either way you look at it, the DUI laws these days are RIDICULOUS! The bottom line is that the government makes laws like DUI to generate revenue. And I believe whole heartedly that the DUI laws and the system CREATE more repeat offenders than anything else. First time offenders are set up by the system to fail and repeat again. Thank you for sharing your story, and if you care to you can check out Mine, and comment on it.

Yeah i don't discount anyone who decides to go through the DUI court. I personally wouldn't have been able to do it with not being able to drive and everything, and the money alone made me say f*** it. So i did my 90 days and that was that. I was in a non violent pod so it wasn't what you may think of jail, yes it was a bummer and i never want to go back, but it could have been worse. I totally agree with you on the dui laws, don't even get me started on how ****** up the government is on that subject, they must of sat down one day and figured all the money they could make of a misdemeanor charge and hey DUI lets crack down on that. They don't give a **** about keeping the roads safe, It is ALL about the money plain and simple, thats why things like the DUI court is there to generate big money for a petty crime. i hate the government and plan to overtake it one of these days lol j/k. anyways thanks for giving me your experience with these harse punishments for a petty crime. -kyle

that dui court process sounds harsh, do they give that to first dui offenders as well?

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