Missing The Written Report, Do I Have A Chance?

Hello everyone!

I got my first DUI a few months ago and of course I was devastated. I blew really high and I have a lawyer, so on his advice I went ahead and finished the 4 things I needed to do before court (community service, DUI school, alcohol eval, and MADD). I talk to my lawyer every week and the last time I talked to him he said they still don't have my report and the video of the night I was arrested. Is it possible that the county lost it and therefore the breathalyzer will be thrown out? My lawyer is going to my first arraignment soon and he does know who my judge is (word is that my judge is a pretty decent judge).

Thoughts, anyone?
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2012

All the Attorneys that I was interviewing told me that I will not be able to see the report until the arraignment but since I ask for a DMV hearing myself, all of the compelling evidence report was sent directly to me. Your attorney has your report because that is where DMV sent it. He is just keeping your hopes high to earn his fee. Good luck

Take a lesson from what has happened and consider yourself lucky. If the case does in fact proceed, your actions and attitude (concerned, responsible) will work in your favour. Good luck.