2nd Dui 17 Years Apart...

Hello, here's what happened last Saturday... I was at a friends property swimming and drinking all day, sunburned & tiered decided to drive home.. I got on the highway and about 2 miles down the road I was pulled over for speeding 75/65. The OHP new I had been drinking, he was respectful with me the whole time. I live in the town that holds the County seat so he drove me the 50 minutes to County jail. On the way he told me how he got into alcohol real bad after 2 of his fellow officers lost they're lives in the line of duty and that it can and does happen to anyone.. Well I was at County till Monday afternoon, the whole time feeling as low as it gets. My wife & children.. I felt like I would never see them again.. Or they would never see me in the same way again. I was haunted by what my new future had in store.
 I was charged with an Aggrivated DUI because I blew a .22. A Misdermeaner.
 I went to Court today for arraignment with my Lawyer, I didn't have to say much. Next court date is next month.
I've read many of the stories on this site and I relate to all.. Your stories filled this alone hole that I've been feeling.
 Like most everyone else I have no idea what will happen though I know I will not drink anymore.. I have had a taste of losing whats dear to me and beer is by no means worth that..
 Well I just thought about adding to this site because reading other Humans accounts helped me through the 1rst week.
I wish everyone well & I hope my sharing adds to the great purpose of a site like this.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Thanks for sharing your story. I was arrested two months ago for second DWI with my first being 16 years ago. I've had two court apperances and still waiting for my blood results. I know how you feel and how hard it is to stay focused. I don't agree with the process and how your made to feel like a hard core criminal. I know I made a bad decision by getting behind the wheel after drinking but I shouldn't have to suffer when eventually I could be convicted. I am really scared of jail time and how all this will effect my life and job. I have the interlock in my car and I was so worried about that at the beginning but its the least of my problems. I could care less about ever drinking again. Now I'm dealing with my suspended license. I was surprised to find out the judge only suspended it for 6 months but then your told, the judge for the DWI case can suspend it even longer when your case if finalized. I just take each day at a time and stay focused. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you can remain sain and calm through all this. I know it can make you angry and feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel.