Help! I Am Scared!

I got a DUI at the end of 2011, and I have yet to be convicted.
They drew my blood and I was BAC .24. The worst part of all of
this is that I am looking for a job, and it's just impossible!
In a month I will be convicted and I know I am facing at least
a few weeks in Jail. I have no money, and everything is just
so hopeless right now. I feel this DUI is going to cause me to
become homeless. The court system treats DUI offenders worst
than thieves, violent people, etc...
Bluuuue222 Bluuuue222
31-35, F
2 Responses May 18, 2012

In your arraignment plea not guilty and ask for a public defender. He/She can negotiate with the judge for a lesser sentence since it is your first time . You can get through this. I stressed out since my arrest back in April that I was rushed to the ER and it was all for nothing.

I just posted my court experience yesterday. Having a BAC of .24 is seriously high so just feel lucky that you did not hurt yourself or worse hurt someone. The harsh penalties and my experience in jail made me realize to change my lifestyle which I did. A drunk driver collided with my sister in law head on 10 years ago and she is now mentally and physically disabled and the driver only got 3 months in jail. The drunk driver did not have insurance so she did not get any settlement money. Pray that the Lord gives you the strength to go through your challenging times. Take care.