Dui And Spiked Drink?

I was recently arrested for a dui. I went to a bar with a friend at 9:30pm to have a drink and listen to an outdoor band on the patio. We had one drink and danced and talked. She left at about 11:00pm and I went inside to buy my second drink. I remember looking at the clock and seeing 11:00. That is the last thing I remember until 2:00am when the police lights came on. Then nothing until 11:00am. I blacked out once in my life before and that was over 30 years ago in college. I am not a heavy drinker nor do I drive when intoxicated. The city attorney does not believe that I may have had something put in my drink since I told the police officer that I had had 3 drinks. Has anyone else had any kind of similar experience?
frustrateddui frustrateddui
Sep 18, 2012