23 Years Old With A Dwi Under My Belt

I was arrested on April 18th, 2012 for drunk driving. I was arrested at around midnight and spent the night in jail. I got out at 7 in the morning. This event brought me to the lowest point of my life. I've never been more ashamed of anything, nor have I been as emotionally stressed as I have since the arrest. I lawyered up and eventually, I went to court in September and plead no contest. Now I'm finished with all my court punishments and owe the state of Texas 1000$ a year for the next 3 years. Honestly, as financially draining as it is, I make good money and I am unphased financially. I have everything paid in full and sitting on 9 grand in my savings. Im just happy i wasnt fired when i told my supervisor. The reason I am posting this is because I needed something like this to happen. Before my DWI, I was driving drunk on a weekly basis and it was only a matter of time before I got caught. The psycological and emotional scars that this traumatic event has left me has been hard to deal with. For me, the toughest part has been having to deal with being emotionally drained and boughts of Post Traumatic Stress or depression, whatever you wanna call it. It just isn't worth it to drive drunk. It's hard for me to deal with the emotional damage it has caused me because I have no one to talk to about it, nor do I have a special anybody to comfort me. I feel like I am all alone.
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If there is anyone that feels like any of you DWI/DUI (specifically DWI) convicts, it is me. I got convicted of my DWI 7 months, but the court repercussions have recently started (mid way november, to be in fact). I have left my past life of partying and drunk driving behind me, but i'm still emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually scarred from the life changing event. I totaled my car in the wreck I had, and hit 3 cars in a residential area. I am facing 16 more months of probation, and many monthly fees to pay in the future (breathylzer, court fine, probation fine, school semester & books, etc.) In the end, I barely had any friends for a shoulder to lean on. I've been facing this whole adversity with no girlfriend, and no friends. Just the support of my parents. I've been single for my whole life (18 years), and it saddens me that I may not meet a girl or even have the chance to take a girl out because of my financial strain. But I keep praying for better days to come by. If there is ANYONE, who is in the same situation, or even a different kind of situation, that wants to talk, I'm here. Feel free to shoot me a call or text. 682.561.7577. God bless everyone reading this. -Alan S.

I hope you are going okay. I'm 23 as well and drinking seems to be apart of this lifestyle so without going to bars is definitely giving up your social life. But this is the price we have to pay for our reckless behavior even if we thought we were okay. I still haven't been to my court date and it's only been about 5 days since my dui but it's disheartening knowing our lives are changed forever by one unnecessary night. Unfortunately for me, money is an issue and I'm still at home with one more here of undergrad. But hopefully I can survive this. I guess we all just have to be strong. Keep us updated and we are here to talk. Take care.

Hi Jawnzer,
How are you doing now?
I just got my DUI last Saturday and am pretty emotionally exhausted. I am where you have been. How are things for you now?

Our situations are very similar and I've found that this site has helped me a lot. Even though my DL has been reinstated, classes taken, fines paid and I'm half way through probation, I don't feel that life will ever be the same as before. Plans are now a thing of the past, I take each day as it comes and try to make the most of it. Perhaps the most important thing I've learned throughout my experience is the hypocritical nature of our society. People like us get labeled outcasts in our communities by the same people who have repeatedly driven under the influence. The only difference is they've never been caught so they feel this overwhelming urge to judge others. I refuse to let these people belittle me any longer so I don't associate with them. Good luck to you and if you need someone to vent to, let me know. Thanks.

I completely understand. I'm never going to be the same person again. I just feel like my whole life is a fog right now. I wake up, go to work, come home and relax. I've given up my social life and emotionally and Psychologically, I'm a train wreck, even though I'm completely healthy physically.

I feel exactly as you do. What made you tell your supervisor? what can of work do you do?

I am an IT professional. I got out of jail at 7AM and went into work an hour later. I told him because I was as low emotionally and physiologically as one can be. He told me he didn't care as long as it doesn't effect my work

ah yes that is a tough time. Its been two months for me.. I still have not told my boss.