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I was coming home from dinner with my friends this past Thursday night. I was taking the corner to my house when a keychain fell of my keyring. I went to go grab it and the next thing I know I had slammed right into my neighbors truck. The police, firemen and emts all were called to the scene. The cop asked me if I had been drinking and I said yes a couple drinks. He sat with me in my ambulance and said he would meet me at the hospital. While at the hospital they took my BA via breathalyzer and it was .125. The cop wrote me up a ticket for
careless driving and drinking while driving I am suppose to appear in court in 2 months. I am scared at what will happen. I didn't get arrested at the scene and the cop gave me back my license without a suspension form. I have a lawyer but am still scared. Could anyone give me any words of advice? I am so scared I will go to jail.
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where are you from?

Hello -
I know you're scared but at this point you have to be as strong as you possibly can! DUI can mess you up if you aren't mentally strong. At the same time, take this experience as one of the biggest lesson you'll ever learn and thank God you are ok and didn't hurt anyone. I blew a lot higher and had to do 5 days in jail and I remember saying I would rather die but I got through it and it a stange way Im glad I did because it has changed my life for the better and I would always remember this experience to prevent my friends and family to learn from my mistake. Of course I have days when I get sad about it but I pray alot which helps me. Based on your BAC I'm almost 100% sure you won't go to jail. In VA you do mandatory jail if you blow .15 or more. You will most likely get a year of suspended license, classes, and fines. Keep your head up and remember not to let this ruin every good thing going for yourself. God Bless.