4 Dui

Well ive had 4 dui in my lifetime and a 5th dismissed first one was in 93 i was at a bar and i guy came in the bar with a shotgun. police where called and bar closed for the night, i was in the parking lot at my car and the police told me I had to leave because they hadent found the guy with the gun yet. I was pulled less then 1/4 mile away, in 94 i was pulled that was dismissed, In 99 my mother died and i drank like a fool and wrecked my truck made 2nd dui conviction, went sober for a few yrs in 08 i was pulled blew a .08 lost my license for a yr went to dui school couminity service of 24 hrs and aa meetings. Then on the 5th of dec 12 I did it again went to a Christmas party and then drove blew a .16 I was so depressed and thought i was at the end of my rope! Thats when i decided to turn this entire thing into a positive, I havent even gone to court and at first I was very scared But then i accepted this happened for a reason, I have a drinking problem and yes this is going to cost me alot of money Probably jail time ect, But thats ok because this will be behind me one day, My life will be ok again, The trick to this is keeping it behind me, Ive realized i could live on a island with no roads no cars and if there was a bar I still couldnt drink, for me its a drinking problem I choose not to have that problem anymore, Just not going drink! drinking hasent only messed up my legal record its messed with my family friends work, I could do so much better and therefore I am.

For those of you going thru this Take advantage of it, Make a positive out of a negitive, be selfish take control of your life and do it for you. Im not a bad person Just made bad choices. I surrender to the fact i cant drink and whats amazing is that alone lifted the weight off my shoulder. some may say why now? why after 4 or 5 dui s , I say why not, Its about time,
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A hypothetical cheers to you sir. Your lucky... Now run with it.

UPDATE well i still havent had a drink since the dui I went to court on the 13th of feb I plead guilty i got 24 hrs in jail and a 460 fine I had no attorney. as far as DMV is concerned i have to have 40 hrs of classes Ive completed over 20 of them so far and i will have interlock in my car for a yr, Im very lucky

I thought Florida has a 4 strike rule? Lifetime revocation upon 4th conviction? Illinois does and I'm caught in that. They're talking about at least letting us have driving permits with interlocks though. Still hasn't happened yet. But I've read that Florida has though.

You did well to face your problem and deal with it. A lot of people aren't strong enough to do that.