Dui Ruining My Academic Career

I started grad school in August. I was not prepared for how hard and stressful it was going to be. I went to a private Christian undergrad school and then a state university for grad school. It was such a different environment. I started drinking a lot to cope with the stress and pressure. After a friend's birthday party I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI.
This has been the most stressful time of my life. Not only am I attending grad school, teaching a class, and working, but I'm also dealing with the court system. I am completely beside myself. All I want to do is continue on with my education and eventually teach college. I'm scared that my dream is ruined.
I had driving privileges but they recently expired without my knowledge and I was pulled over I am now facing a conviction if driving under a suspended license. It now seems that everything that I have worked for in my life is ruined.
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How did everything turn out?

I knw exactly how you feel. I got my first DUI when I moved to a new town, new job and had a couple too many. First thing to do is get a good lawyer, you get what you pay for so dont be cheap...Realize this will be the most expensive night of your life but can be beneficial if you can turn it into a learning experience. ALso you are not alone. 1.5 Million of these are given out in the US a year. I know things eseem dark now, as they are for me too, but I pray a lot and am trying to change my life to grow strong from this.

How did everything turn out? I am going thru this now as we speak.

I am much better now. I know things seem very bad right now, very desperate and it can be difficult to do the basic things. Here is what you must realize and make peace with:
1. Time heals all wounds and this will pass. it is a cliché but it is true. It does not pass enough fast enough but it does.
2. There are many things you can do: realize this will be the most expensive month of your life and get the best lawyer you can. I am not kidding about this. The average case is about $ 10K. Dont skim. I did not and I avoided probation.
3. Pray often and a lot. This has given me great relief and through this I have re-ignited my religion.
4.Be thankful for a 2nd chance in life. It could have been much much worse. I used it as a wake up call. Since this happened I have met lawyers, doctors who have gotten one. 1.5 Million people a year get one. So you are not alone.
How are you doing? How are the aspects of your case?