Depressed And Down Due To Dui

I was arrested for a DUI 2 1/2 years ago. I completed all legal requirements and paid all fees. I attended outpatient treatment for alcoholism. I have been sober ever since.

However the DUI continues to haunt me. Just today I had a company withdraw their offer of employment due to the DUI and a speeding ticket.

I realize I made a mistake but I used it as a learning experience and tried to turn my life around.

My self esteem has never been lower and I feel this mistake will follow me forever.
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This is my nightmare.

Apply for a certificate of relief from disabilities from the court. Your conviction won't come up.

Depending on where you live you can have it expunged but 2.1/2 years you probably arent eligible yet, here in Canada it is 5 years from the time your breathalyzer come out, so 7 years.

Sadly enough, that is the harshest penalty of all. I agree with Mel, if you can somehow get that expunged from your record, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor. Best of luck and I hope things start looking up soon.

Do you need to drive for your career? perhaps consider another career?

My career doesn't require driving but apparently it is still an issue.

Can you check if you can have your DUI expunge and Suppressed?
Did you speak with an attorney?

Hi Melancholybuthopefull,

I did have an attorney but haven't talked to him since the case was settled. I think I will reach out to him to discuss my options.

Thank you for the comment!

In New York, you can't get it expunged :( What a nightmare.