Underage Dui, Depressed Like No Other.

well hello everyone. i stupidly decided to drink and drive last night coming home from a friends house.needless to say a cop pulled me over for a"broken taillight" and asked if i can step out of my car. he did a sobriety test and i took a breathalyzer because i had no idea i could have said no to these things. i blew a .024 which is 0.004 over the legal limit for being under the age of 21. (i turn 21 in 4 months)the cop arrested me and took me to the police station and i did another breath test. i had a .022 on that and he gave me a ticket and took away my license. i am getting an attorney and hopefully he helps me drop some of the fines or charges. i am most worried about my future and my relationship with my parents.they are so disappointed in me and i am very depressed because of all this. i am so worried i wont get into graduate school because of this. i havent slept or ate anything in two days. i just am terrified and depressed. i just need some positive outlooks. maybe hear some stories from others like what happened and did it ruin your life completely?
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As a kid, I went around and tried to get high off of everything that you could think of, my parents thought that there was no hope for me , but I turned myself around and I wasn't looking for compliments , I just had my set of goals that I wanted to complete, well while doing it my parents became very proud of the son that they had giving up on, so tell your parents that you have learned from this and that you are the same person that they loved a day before your DUI, and remember that alcohol clouds the brain, which can make you make bad decision and is the reason of a DUI . You will make it out of here, but if you take the chance to drink again, you will more than likely take the chance to drive while under the influence, save yourself some money and heartache, live life sober

Nothing ruins your life. As long as you've learned from it then it has actually made your life better! I blew a .14 at 17 and it has been three years, I have definitely learned my lesson and it has actually only brought positive things into my life. My life is actually better than ever now because of it. With a good attorney you should be just fine. With your parents; they have lived life and gone through things that they probably regret or have learned from. They might be mad now, but if you show them you've learned from it they will be even more proud than ever. They are your parents and they love you and want the best so of course they are mad. Mine were too :). Like the comment below, it definitely gets better. Message me if you need anything :)

it gets better