1st And Last Dwi, Insurance Help?

I received my first DWI charge a week ago and have been upset and worried every since about what this mistake will cost me, I was hoping to get an idiaof how much every had to pay for insurance after one DWI and what steps to take moving forward. *Update* Had court this morning, got a $700 fine, 24 hours of community service, and have to wait 45 days before i can have the interlock instaled for a year. Now the wait to see how insurance will be affected...
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RaskolnikovsSon: No offense, but with like 30% of the population with a DUI/DWAI, there are tons of people driving and just not discussing it. The shame/anger etc from MADD and the "industry" against alcohol has caused that!

What was your BAC?



Well everyone else seems lucky when it comes to insurance.. but I'm from Canada and I went from paying 80$ A month for insurance to 730$ a month. Hopefully this is not the case for you... after I get through the interlock program and get my license back I'm going to sell my car and not drive for a couple years until I'm 25 when my insurance goes down. I know people that have had DUI's that are over 25 and don't have to pay much more for insurance. So hopefully you're older and then you'll get lucky.

Sorry to hear the bro, i juat turned 26 so hopfully i will be able to get something decent, its seems like i have been seeing that alot from ppl who stay in canada

Anyone else have any insite on this topic?

I was with State Farm and had 3 vehicles insured with them. After my DUI, they wanted to charge me around triple what I was paying. I got quotes from both Progessive and Geico and Progressive was around the same as what I was paying pre-DUI. Geico was just a little more expensive. It definitely pays to check around. If I can help with what to expect moving forward or if you just want to vent, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks.

Thanks i def appreciate the knowledge, i woll def keep in contact bc i really dont want to pay much more than what im paying now

Hello -
I was with Geico and was paying about 85 a month and in Dec they sent me a letter saying they cant renew my policy with that same quote so when they did a new one with my dui it was 230 a month. A friend told me to call Elephant (which I never heard about) and I basically have everything the same that I had with Geico and they are charging me 135 a month. I was so grateful I found a reasonable payment because at first I was really scared I wouldn't be able to afford it.

Thats good to know that there is affordable insurance after a DUI i see on the web alot of people go with GMAC, im with state farm right now and pay 108

Ok ya i just know there are a lot of people on here that have already been threw the process and was hoping to find out how they where impacted

dont think many ppl are driving after their dui lol

I get mine back in a month.. Ill let you know