Time Will Tell

DUI on November 13th. I am 39 years old, going through the up hill battle of a dui case within this great state of Pa. (sarcastically speaking). I felt the reality of driving while intoxicated the moment the lights flashed on me through my rear view. No damage to myself, anyone else or property. Driving below the speed limit of 40. I still felt as if I killed someone which is myself looking back on it. I hold a cdl and wondering if that is going to be a useless fake credit card that you receive in the mail. I lost my job after truthfully telling them. Now next week 1/24 COURT the black robe the gavel my fate to follow. I hear that there is 4 appearances but, I know everything is already determined the first meeting through standards of the state law; other than on how to divide up fees Court fees and other associated fees. This is the most expense drink I had in my life hell growing up 2 kids and got a divorce was cheaper.
Pnterrupt Pnterrupt
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Driving tractor-trailer

what kind of job did you have