I read multiple experiences here and thought about sharing mine too. I have an interstate DWI, my first . I was traveling on business when I got pulled over, blew 0.12 and was in jail for few hours. Sucks big time. My lawyer said I have a fighting chance but I'd have to appear each time in court, which means thousands of dollars in travel expenses, lost time at work, and attorney fees. Easier path seemed to plea bargain.

Went down that route - was advised to complete substance abuse classes and community service prior to trial. I did and was given minimum sentence - 1 year suspension / revocation. Suspension began last week in DWI state but my state hasnt picked up on it yet and I cant do much to make it happen. I'm in the process of finding another attorney (local) to get occupational license. Meanwhile, there are employment implications - 1 job offer was already withdrawn after I mentioned my situation. Hopefully this terrible experience will not last .

Its a life changing situation for me; I'll never forget time in jail and the horrible feeling of facing my family and telling them about my situation. Still left with facing the future knowing there are going to be impacts to my career etc.

A lot of things will heal with time; some take a little longer than others, but I hope I never forget the experience.
jaefill jaefill
36-40, M
Aug 28, 2014