I am 21 and I recently got my first (and last) DUI. This has been the most embarrassing, financially devastating, pain in the *** thing I've ever been through.
Luckily, no one else was hurt. I totaled my car and got a concussion. So I won't face jail time. However the state of VT, like many others, has no tolerance for drinking and driving.
I'm losing my license for 3 months minimum, taking a very expensive course that mandates treatment, and trying to find a way to get to work.

If you're reading this and you've escaped a DUI despite drinking and driving, those cliche street signs are true. You can't afford it.
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I got my first/last dui last month. In my state though your 1st offense is an automatic 6month license suspension, not 3 in your state. however, we're allowed occupational licenses
i too have to take a driver safety course but i do not have to go to treatment.

sorry you're going through this. that sucks about your car and terrible you got a concussion from it :/ at least you didnt hurt anybody else. this whole ordeal gets better though, really. once everything is squared away and you're registered for the class etc.. it just takes time. you get a lesson learned and you'll carry on. :)

I was speeding 15mph over the speed limit on a private road at 2am with no one around after having 2 beers (blew a .042) and im 6 grand deep already and a year with no license....u got it easy

Did you get a dui for that? blowing .042? just wondering

I'm so sorry for what you're going through but I'm glad that you not only did not hurt yourself more, but did not harm anyone else. I am going through similarly, a DUI at 21 except I did not get in a wreck thank goodness. But I am scared about the consequences that follow this. It is nice to know (in an unfortunate way) that I am not alone. We will both get through this.

Thanks, I appreciate the misfortunate company. Haha
Mostly it's been embarrassing, costly, and all around terrible. My license isn't even suspended yet. (VT first DUI offenders face a minimum of 3 months suspended. Provides there were no injuries to others).

Part of my reinstatement requires a $400 class and treatment.
I've met another person whose 21 and got the DUI a month after that birthday. It's more common, unfortunately, than you might think.
Since the start of 2014, I am #688 for first offense DUI in Vermont. It's frightening to find that comforting.
However, I wish you the best of luck in your experience!