Yeah But...

do I know how to work it? nope! I never know why I get sound but no picture. so I end up pressing every button on the darn thing then give up and pop the dvd into my computer.

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thanks. I'll try that next time

Sounds to me like you didn't have a cable pluged in correctly. I think most DVD pla<x>yers have 3 cords, each with a different colour head. One yellow, one red, and one white. If you're missing one of those that could be why you get no picture.<br />
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I have pretty much gotten to the point that I don't need a dvd pla<x>yer, which is good, since I can't seem to figure it out!

I love the ondemand section!

LOL!! So true! And I am totally not as cute as Daniel Craig!

Oh! Thank Jesus for the On Demand Section!!! LOL

OMG!!! Are you sure we are not twins? This just happened to me a few months ago! We have 3 dvd pla<x>yers in the house, and I couldn't figure out how to use ANY of them!!! I finally watched Bourne on the computer!!!