Happy Mother's Day .

So Mum I sure wouldn't be who I am today without you and quite frankly how do you sleep at night .
You have taught be how to be a mother by not leading by your example , let's face it you were terrible at it . I don't believe the things you did were out of malice I just believe you could never accept that we were our father's kids too . I think you saw him in us and that stopped you being the Mum you should have been . Or maybe you were always just your first priority .
I love you , and thank god you are the Nana you are to all our kids . We have your husband to thank for that , he brought out the best in you didn't he . I will defend you to the death , always have ( even when I despised every bone in your body ) . Having my own kids has made me understand how hard being a single parent is but it also makes me believe you are still in denial . It would have destroyed me if I had done the things you did to us to my own kids , I just hope you were as mentally unstable I think you were back then . 
I don't have anger in me for you anymore but I will never forget or understand the things you did . You failed us but I see you are trying to make it up now and that does mean something . 
So I wish you happy Mother's Day and will see you tomorrow . Seeing you with the grand kids helps thaw my heart a little more each time . I love you but I don't always like you .

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May 12, 2012