2nd Miscarraige

I found an amazing guy and we have been together since January...In March we found out i was pregnant...we were sooo very happy...thought things were going great....then i started having pains and bleeding....so i went to the ER...they said i just had a bacterial infection..they did an ultra sound and said baby was fine....i took my antibiotics and the bleeding and pains stopped....well then almost 3 weeks later the bleeding was back and pains were back..and i was also having sharp pains up into my stomach..so i went back to the ER and they said i was having a miscarraige...and that the baby had died a few weeks ago....My world crashed...a year ago i had a miscarraige..i didnt think it was gonna happen again..well i was wrong...so we went home and the next day i was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because i was going to the bathroom and started bleeding horribly..like it was like i had turned on the water faucet..thats how bad it was...and so i layed int he tub to try to clean myself off and try to stop the pain and bleeding and the tub filled with blood..and i started throwing up..The ambulance people came and took me to the ER i couldnt walk..i was on oxygen i could barely do anything i was soo week and dizzy and everything else...well they said i could either have a D&C or try to pass the baby naturally but i could lose my life or become super anemic...so they sent me home and the next day i had to have a D&C done...the pain was so bad the whole weekend NO pain meds were helping...They ended up doing the surgery a few hours after they were suposed to and everything went well....but my cervix wouldnt open so i couldnt have passsed the baby on my own...I am so thankful for my family and boyfriend..without them i wouldnt be here..I came so close to dyeing over the weekend and they r the reason i didnt because they got the ambulance here and everything else....The doctor sent the baby in to see if they can find the cause of the miscarraige...hopfully one of these days i will be able to carry a baby full term and have the joys of being a mother...im so torn up.....all i can do is cry....
sissyash sissyash
18-21, F
May 23, 2012