My Family Is Broken And I Dont Know What To Do

im 17 and when i was 6 i lived in northern California with my single mom, then she told me she started seeing this guy who she met online, they end up being in a relationship which led to use moving down to san diego leaving our family and friends behind to live with him. he has become the best step father for me and they have been married ever since, now up till about 6 months ago my parents seemed fine until there was one situation tht created a huge fight between them. now ever since a couple months ago my mom started goin out alot, but i had a seious convo n she said that theres nothin goin on and shes just wit her friends. n so I guess, last night she lied about goin to work at 9 n went out to the club n y dad found out n tracked her dwn, n saw the guy she had been seeing, n then he broke the biggest window in our house. my mom want to b wit him, but doesnt want to change things for my language delayed 7 yr old brother. shes felt like tht for a long time but tried to make it work. she has told me that she is in love with another man. she wants to be happy because she hasnt felt happy in 5 years. now idk wats gonna happen. i dont know how to feel or what to think please help.
ThatKidJaybird ThatKidJaybird
22-25, M
Aug 11, 2012