My Family Is Insane...

My father flew off the handle because my mother woke him up wanting to fight with him at some ungodly hour. My mother says before midnight.... my little sister says after 3:00am... my father just says that she woke him up. My mother's excuse for waking him up is that my sister was being loud anyway, and apparently there was commotion before he woke up (my mother's nice way of saying she and my sister had been fighting.). Apparently they had all been fighting for three days.

My mother finally told me that he broke a chair. What she neglected to tell me, is that he threw a chair across the living room at her breaking a circular glass coffee table. She doesn't understand what the difference is. I was so mad at her. How the hell can you be okay with someone throwing something across the room at you, and play it down like that?

My sister is still unable to drive, so she's stuck out there. I want her to come stay with me, but on my husband's income, we can't really afford to support someone else. So we have to figure out what a good monthly price is, and how much she needs to help around the house. For a shabby apartment in my area, rent is upwards of $700.00 not including utilities. I'm thinking if this ends up being a long term thing, that she could pay $300 and help clean and watch my daughter for me every so often. It won't be that often because my little girl is getting ready to start preschool.
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It's not easy to be a catcher on the rye!

Really cool of you I hope everything works out

Thanks! Unfortunately, she declined, and is crashing on the couch in a two bedroom apartment with two other men. She isn't in a relationship with either of them. Honestly, all I can do is offer, and I have. I have to remember I'm not her mom even though I have acted that way since I can remember.