I Hate My Family Sometimes

I dont know what to do anymore. My family is my mom and dad, my older sister, older brother, and my twin and i. First, my family has huge family fights ALL THE TIME. Especially my parents. They fight constantly and i really dont want anything to happen to their relationship. Next, my twin sister and i fight over everything and it really bothers me. We are both girls so obviously we will fight over whos prettier, skinnier, has more friends, etc. next is my brother. Hes a senior in high school and i really hate him. I know i shouldnt say i hate my brother, but i do. Im pretty sure he does drugs and smokes and does basically your not supposed to do. And he does it in the house, which makes the whole house smell like ****. And my parents are too scared of him to do anyhig because theyre afraid he will break something or scream aand yell or leave the house or run away (all things he has done before). But im tired of it. Im tired of my brother. Im tired of my parents doing nothing. Im tired of all the yelling. Im tired of all the smells. Im just tired. And i want to be happy. Im still a kid. Im 14! I shouldnt be going through all of this. Im done, just done.
mandy201404 mandy201404
Aug 17, 2012