My Parents Double Standard Rubbish

My family stresses me out by that I mean my parents. Judgemental double standarded pair! My dad fathered a child with my mothers sister! This has caused all sorts of **** for my siblings and me. It's not like the child was before my mums kids, no she was fathered after my younger sister and before my youngest brother.

Now we Always treated her like one of us despite interference from my mothers brothers and sisters. Anyway she went to uni and sobering happened don't know what don't give a stuff and don't want to know and suddenly all the drama started with dad saying my half sister cousin had disrespected my mother yada yada. Do now we no longer say there is 6 of us but 5. So what? Well when I met my now husband I told him we were six. My parents come to meet my prospective inlaws and they say we have 5 kids ! Heck! How do I explain to my hubby ?!

I really dislike my parents for the rubbish they put us through. They don't seem to appreciate the impact of our lives yet it's all church this and that.

My mother used to be ashamed of me probably still is except when she wAnts to brag darn it let me be. Going to see them and show them my baby wish I was t gonna stress the heck out of me!
GinR GinR
Sep 19, 2012