I Am Not...

I am not your punching bag,
your inferior,
or your animal.

I am not made of stone,
I have feelings
and I don't forget.

Things could have been so much more,
If you only would have let it.

You were my role model,
my friend,
and my everything.

Well you had to go and **** that up didn't you.

There comes a time, after so many years
that you can see someone for who they truly are.

I don't care about your insults,
I don't listen to you *****.
I am done making excuses to why I live my life the way I do.
I have nothing to respond with to your negativity.
I am polite when needed but usually have nothing to say.
This is because you ruined what I thought of you,
there was once a time that I cared about what you had to say,
now I'm pretty sure I just don't give a ****.

I am not your maid,
I am not your servant,
I do not follow whatever you say like all others.

I will be the mature one in this lifetime of a fight,
as one of us has to grow up.

I am not a cockroach,
I am not the dirt you walk on,
and I am not your child.

In the last 24 years all you had to do,
was treat me like one thing I truly am and things would be okay;

your little sister
Canadian45 Canadian45
1 Response Nov 15, 2012

This is amazing i love it! Thank you so much for posting it! <3