The Dys in Dysfunction

my mother married and divorce twice. she would get in abusive relationships and cry for help. she lived with every single one of her adult children and went from house to house. i help her out alot with money and a place to live. she stop putting so much stress on me because it was too much. to think she learned from this, she has cancer and is planning on leaving her alcoholic boyfriend for the second time.

my yourger sister is a weed smoking, alcoholic drinking, party girl. she called child services on my ex five years ago inhopes it would break us up. now i no longer speak to her and she with me.

my older sister told me she didnt care if i am getting evicted and have to live on the streets with my son. all the shelters were full in the winter months and i had no where to go. who can be that heartless. i no longer talk with here. both sisters are negative.
my older brother is short with a big attitude. we was in the army and came back a monster. he called me curse words and i hung up and stop talking to him.
i am the only one that forgave my dad for beating the living day lights out of me as a child. i kept in contact with him eventhough it's clear he has mental issues which he would never admit to. the last straw was when he call me a hore because he gave me $20 and i didnt call him in two weeks so, he assume i used him for the $20. All these people made me feel bad when i was around them.

i have nasty aunts that would belittle me in front of people. need i go on.
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Wow, I thought I was having a bad day until I read this story!

that all sounds terrible.i cant believe what you've been through,if anyone deserves happiness its you

Sorry for all your pain. Problem is you can't choose your family. You are born into it. Most have some type of issues. Here is a great place to vent and talk. : )

That is very Dys....You sound like the Sanest one!!!......I don't talk to my Mum, Dad or Brother, they are all weird, have never had the warm fuzzy family, was ok when we were young children, then it got weird when Mum left. Was never the same once the Family was broken.

Not having a clue how you managed to get this far with some level of sanity left...I would run like heck to leave your "family" and start a new life elsewhere if you can.

I read your story and relate on several levels. Sounds like you know what you need. That's incredible, considering most of us are lost. (((Hugs)))

be your own hero...what you wrote is more helpful than you think just keep your eyes on the horizon. you are stronger than you even think. I know you do not know me but you impressed me. and i make my living evaluating talent im a headhunter for you to share your story is strength chin up love newd jackass john

Life is hard you do what you can,keep it up .Good luck

See your gestures.. just a nice EP hug from me to you..

She gave you life! You should always help your mother no matter what.

shortcomings being developed nation!

Being surrounded with individuals who are supposed to be loving family while only letting their true colors show who they truly are is just so typical in masses of people today that is sad. . . and you are wise to just not communicate because you as the good cannot mix with the bad. The best any can do in this dysfunctional world today is to become separate; and that's what I have done. Stay strong as you are my friend.

Well, just remember you have a humble, good friend in me who will always open his door to you (and your son), should you ever knock on it. My ears are always at the ready for some listening with warmth and empathy. You're always welcome. Take good care!

great story..hey don't feel bad, we all do..;)

It will get better.

We have different stories but a similar crap load.

Aww Have a cuddle from me

damn. ::hugs tight:: This must be part of what gave you such awesome character. :]

Hang in there, it has to get better.