Living In A Tight Living Situation And It's Unfair.

So here's my story: my parents recently separated. They were married for 17 years. There separation did not end smoothly. Quite the opposite, they do not talk to each other at all and I am used as the middle man as a means for them to communicate. It is mentally and emotionally draining as I have to sit and take it all. I am the oldest sibling; I have one younger brother and slowly he's being dragged into this mess. I sometimes hate my parents for all the bull **** they put us through. They continually fought in front of us about money problems and emotionally abused each other. I can only remember those memorable moments when my dad destroyed a piece of a lovely furnishing such as a lamp or an entire table in the living room amidst the heat of a fight. He'd call my mom a *****, a *****, a ****, a piece of ****. My mom would tell him off equally. And all I did was hide in my room, afraid of what was going on. I'd cry myself to sleep and wake up, afraid, afraid of what was to come. Were they going to divorce, ever? It took them long enough. And it was for the better. However, they still hang on to each other, each of them claiming the last word over spilled milk.

So my mom is living with a roommate and there's no room for me there. So I live with my dad who lives with his sister and her two kids in a mid size condominium. My dad and I take up the living room. He sleeps on the floor and I sleep on the couch. I have absolutely no privacy and I feel unwelcomed. I encourage my dad to move out and rent an apartment with me (which he can, I know he can) but I just found out that he has to help his sister and her two kids with rent. I am put second to another family. I am forced to sleep on a couch and have all my belongings hidden behind this couch. I don't have a room, I don't have anything anymore. And what does my dad say? "Just wait until next year when Charles (my cousin, one of his sister's kids), graduates high school. Supposedly he's supposed to move out and dorm with his friends, I don't know.

It sucks. Sucks so bad. I cry. I want to tell my dad off, that I wish he'd put me first. My aunt doesn't like me for the fact that ever since I moved in with my dad, I ****** up her living situation. They get rooms, beds, privacy. I get a couch. I am put second, and I suffer so badly. My dad got my hopes up; just as I was about to submit an application for an apartment he stops me and says he must help his sister and her kids out first. Postone us, put them first, basically.

I am going back to college next semester. I won't have privacy. I can't depend on either of my parents. I lament, oh I lament.
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I'm so sorry🌹

I'm so sorry🌹