Insane Family (in A Good Way)

My family isnt like a family you see in a movie, its not what people think of when they say "normal", we dont show each other emotions, and we dont spend a lot of time together. Maybe thats what makes those moments so memorable.

I always get told stories about how I did weird things as a child, and I have some stories that i have about my family. What good are these stories if you dont share any of them? I want to be able to tell me family, kids, friends, and people, the fun times we do have.

There was a day when I was 3, I was just getting used to the bathroom, and my mom left me there because we had my grandparents visiting. After a few minutes, I came out of the bathroom with a... umm... feminine product to my face, playing it like a flute. But the problem is, I got it from the trash.

After hearing that story, I have to always tell the one where my mom got drunk with her friend one night, and she tried to chase a bush for 30 minutes trying to find the liquor it stole.

We used to live in a R.V. and our septic tank became clogged because my 2 year old brother at the time, found our toilet paper stash, and learned where the used portions went. So we needed to clean it out someway. So we called my 11 year old sister in (she has the skinniest arms) and she had to fish it out. One piece at a time. I was laughing so hard. At this time, we were living in Nebraska and it was middle of winter, there was a big storm the night before, and a huge icicle was anchoring the R. V. to the ground. Full power ahead wouldnt even crack it a little, so we had to chip our way out. After 4 hours of chipping it came loose. But the whole thing fell off... and went through our septic line. It was a perfect cut. Now theres crap all over the ground, and since it was snowing, it was easy to see. And it gets better, the park owners dog came out and started rolling in it. My god, we ran into the R. V. so fast and got out of there, I dont think a radar gun could have caught us.

Im sure there are mosre stories I could share, but im sure youre bored of reading by now. So ill save those times for later.

For now, I bid you all,
Good day
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Dec 5, 2012