Royal Family!! :)

King: KingAngryLittlePrincess
Queen: QueenYoloBiiitches
Prince: Blueberrymuffin123
Jester: Pauly1069
Servant/Sir: Steviesmygirl
Prison torturers/Killers: King and Queen

**We Are A Very Vicious Family But In The End We Love Each Other**

AngryLittlePrincess AngryLittlePrincess
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sounds like a nice family...

Yeah we are but kinda mean to each other, :P

I like being queen!(;

I like that you're queen too! hehehe

Ahh the misses has arrived!
*bows down*

Yes she has.. The Queen Biiitch!


You may rise my loyal servant I believe she left the room.. She is probably in the kitchen hiding my donuts! -_____-


yes! She thinks i'm too fat! That I need to be thinner! PFFFFT I am thin!!


lol :P

You aren't suppossed to lose anymore weight, my lord. Dr. House said so.
* scolding look *

This is why we are such great friend sir! :D

The queen is back!

Hello my queen!

Hello my King!

Did you tell Helga to clean the canmber?

Yes i did! She is finishing that up right now!

Good cuz we are gonna torture Dossey next

Omg speaking of Dossey my mom called and was like you got Dossey calling you baby. And I was like oh? And she was like yeah he texted and was like "hey baby" And I was like of that's very interesting :p

Omg! Lol

Haha!! Oh Em Geh I can't wait to break up with him! Wait I should have our servant do it for us!! >:D

Yes! Lol then off with his head! >:D

Omg I told Dossey I just wanted to be friends he was like like what does that mean? He is soooo stupid!! -_________-

lol it mean I AM DUMPING YOU!


Hello sir! :D

Omg he just sent me a 5 page text -____-

text me it!! >:D

^^ hello my lord, how are you?

I'm fantastic sir how are you?

I'm alright thanks

you're very welcome!

Oh I did text it to you! But omg I should put a story up of what he texted me! >:D

I will!

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Haha!! * bows down*
That was absolutely wonderful,
Your majesty

Why thank you sir! You may rise.. Would you like to get wasted and high with the Queen and I sir?

* rises up *
Why yes and thank you your majesty

Anything for a loyal servant :) Come Come!

Thank you sir.

You're very welcome!

Your majesty!
* bows down *
The jester is misbehaving

You may rise my loyal servant I will take care of that! >:D

Thank you sir. ^^ this means bows down

no thank you! If you hadn't made me aware of his bad behavior this would have been bad! Btw do you know where my torture knife is? >:D

Goes to weapons room
Searching, searching, searching
AHHA!! *pulls out a 12 in knife*
Will this do, your majesty?

AHHH!!! that will be fantastic... now where is the jester sir?

Hmm.... I believe he is in the ballroom my lord. Shall I fetch him for you?

Yes please.. Can you bring him in the torture room? I have to get my torture robes on!

Yes my lord.
Runs to the ballroom
Yells, JESTER!!
Jester tries to run but I tackle him
*handcuffs being put on jester* I believe the king wants to see you. Leads jester to the torture chamber. * knocks at door*
Knock knock

ahh you have found him.. Come in... >:D oh! Sir, I will also be needing my metal baseball bat... Do you know where that is? Also my hammer... I think that will be it unless you can think of anything else?

Yes my lord.
The bat was outside. I believe the cat scared you and you thought it was an intruder but it wasn't. * brings bat to you * your hammer was found in the kitchen. The cook helga used it for bone and flesh stew. She wants me too tell you that the stew is for the jester.

Thank you so much.. I thought the cat was gonna kill us! Did Helga wash my hammer? Also as for the stew, the Jester will go eat it after our talk.... OMG! I almost forgot! Can you bring my chainsaw?

Yes my lord she washed it. I made her wash it 3 times. Yes the chainsaw!!
* walks outside to the shed. Talking to self. * I could have sworn I saw it before I went inside with the bat*....... Aha found it!! Brings it too you.

Ok that will be all thank you.. Who will be cleaning the Torture Chamber after i'm done?

I gtg. Talk too you tomorrow!!

ok byeee!

Hmm..... I will have Wally do it my lord


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