My Ridiculous Family

I don't even know where to begin with my family.  I guess I will start with a little info about each family member:

Dad- alcoholic, unemployed (got laid off and is not even trying to find another job), dating woman who abuses Xanax while drinking vodka as well, past girlfriends include a compulsive liar, a woman who was obsessed with him, and a drug addict, divorced my mom twice, thinks he knows everything, freaks out about cars--used to freak out if i didnt change oil right on time or wash my car enough,etc. my g-pa would sometimes wash my car to get him to shut up...once in high school i hit a pole and scratched the car a little and he flipped and yelled at me like I was an idiot, opened my mail without my permission to find out information on my credit history, lives with my grandparents and pays no bills--he doesnt even help with groceries and my g-ma still does his laundry and buys his underwear, has had 2 DUI's and an illegal transportation, gotten into 2 accidents driving drunk, and got beat up really bad once when he passed out in his truck parked out in the country somewhere, passed out drunk at a party once when he had my baby sister with him, grouchy demeanor and complains incessantly, doesn't help me pay for college at all---didn't even when I lived there and he had a $45,000 a year job with no bills

Grandma- overbearing, gambling addict, ran up thousands in credit card debt (compulsive shopper), gossiper (used to work at the local diner where she would talk **** about my mom all the time), two-faced, nosy (checks on neighbors), no friends whatsoever, choses favorites among grandkids (I'm supposedly her favorite), talks behind my back, I'm told used to be a *****,religiously listens to her police scanner to find out what's going on in town, doesnt understand boundaries--walked into my house once when i had forgot to lock the door and I was naked!, constantly gossiping to me about people, I have heard stuff that shes told other people about me, used to go through my room, called my mom once and told her I was suicidal because I was crying myself to sleep at night over a boy (just normal teenage stuff), talks about how successful other people are in an attempt to make me feel bad for being behind in college because I have taken time off and switched majors, asked me to go eat with her and then made me pay for my own meal knowing that I didnt have any money to spare, kept cousin's abortion underwraps but blabs my credit problems to the whole town

Grandpa- used to be a hard core alcoholic, cheated on my grandma, divorced her and remarried, then divorced that lady and remarried my grandma, very grouchy and arrogant, has a large number of close friends

Aunt- complete ***** (like even talks to me about it), married a guy named "Bob" (cheated all the time), divorced b/c she wanted to move back home close to my grandma, lied and said he beat her, moved back and used "Joe" for a place to live, got with "Billy" for the sex and to conceive her baby, made false claims that he abused her to turn everyone against him (my dad and uncle sided with him causing a number of fights), divorced him, now using him for sex along with several other guys, brings them into her house with her 3 year old, used to refuse to babysit me and my sister but would take our cousin on all kinds of vacations and trips.

Uncle- arrogant *******, daughter is a complete ***** (told him she thought she was pregnant in 8th grade), married to "Mikele" twice (I think), adopted her son but has nothing to do with him now that they're divorced, terrible credit, alcoholic, has baby with "Lacy" (a complete toon!), drama and fights at their house all the time (police are called at least 2 or 3 times a year), wanted Lacy to have abortion, allowed Sabrina to have abortion, has a grown daughter that he had in high school and my grandparents convinced him it wasn't his so he didnt meet her until she was an adult, has a pontoon boat and lives at the lake getting drunk all the time, used to call my boyfriend in the National Guard a "weekend warrior" to his face when I would bring him over, talks about me to my sister when she's at his house, has  such bad credit that his cell phones are in my dads name and his car in my gpas, and he still owes on his POS $17,000 house that he's been paying on for 20 years

Cousin (uncle's daughter)- first thought she was pregnant in 8th grade, has a pregnancy scare once every couple of months, had an abortion and feels no remorse for it, dated a drug dealer and a 23 year old divorced illegal immigrant, was recently jailed for underage drinking and received no punishment from her dad

Ok so as if all of this wasn't enough already.....I am the one who has never fit in with these people.  I went to church regularly by myself when I was a child.  I always got straight A's, never had a detention, never been in trouble with the police, never even tried drugs, never smoked, drank, or got pregnant in high school. And yet, after reading all of the above, I am the "black sheep" of the family. I am the one who disgraces the family.  I moved out of my grandparents' house when I was 19 to escape the drama and have been living on my own since.  I am now almost 21, and I cannot escape their ridicule.  If I don't answer my phone, they call my mom and my sister.  They talk about me to them knowing they will tell me.  They come over and beat on my door when I don't want to talk to them and leave crying messages on my phone and notes on my car.  I accidentally left my door unlocked once and my grandma let herself in and I was naked--had just got out of the shower! They don't understand boundaries at all. And they don't want to talk to me unless they have something to ***** about. My current issue is that I moved from IL to NY with my boyfriend whom I've been living with for 2 years (we've been together since I was a freshman in high school) because he got a job promotion.  I didnt even tell them I was moving.  They found out and voiced their unwanted opinion about it....saying things like "he can't hold down a job how long's this gonna last?" etc. He's a salesman which is very unstable, but he cant go to college because we cant afford for both of us to go to college so he sacrifices for me.  Then, we hated it in NY and came home (he was able to come back to his job here).  My mom told my dad and grandparents because I didnt want to.  They talked about me to my mom and my sister saying all kinds of mean things and I am just done!  My gma wont stop calling me now that we're back and she's even threatening my sister that she's going to come over here and see why I won't return any of her phonecalls. Here are a few other things they've done to me in the past:

discouraged me when i would try to diet but made me feel bad about my body

discouraged me when i joined track team in 7th grade and cheerleading in 9th grade

acted like i was terrible if i got a B or a C

make comments about how i'm too pale

used to call me lazy but never wanted to do anything with me

i used to have to use my own money for things like yearbooks, school supplies, clothes, gas, school lunch, prom dresses, eye exams and contacts,  etc.

my dad would never get health insurance on me b/c it was "too expensive"

no one would pay to get my wisdom teeth cut out--they're still there and very painful

i would ask my dad for credit card to go shopping, he would ***** and throw a fit, my gma would talk to him, he'd give it to me later and i'd ask how much i could spend and he'd say whatever, i'd go shopping with my gma and spend whatever and then tell him how much when i got home and he would freak out

i could never have friends spend the night because my g-pa slept on the couch

one time my boyfriend stayed until midnight b/c i was helping him with a college paper and my gpa got mad b/c he was too embarrassed to go to sleep on the couch

they talk about my mom and sister in front of me all the time knowing that they are my two best friends

gma gets jealous that i go to my moms more than her house

gma used to tell people that she basically was my mom--ALL THE TIME  

gma used to want to do my laundry when i lived in apt--just so i would come over

used to make fun of my hair when i cut it short

made fun of me for being in bathroom so long---i would take long baths to escape

my gma used to OBSESS about my room being clean even though it was never dirty

used to make me feel bad for not being athletic but discouraged me when i tried to join teams to "fit in"

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Thank you, litehearted.

I know exactly how you feel. My family is the epitome of dysfunction. I am the black sheep. I never got on drugs or had sex or got pregnant or anything, I lost my virginity after graduation. I was the first one in the family to graduate. My one-year older cousin who sexually abused me my whole life dropped out of school in the eighth grade bc it "wasn't cool" and he would have rathered to smoke pot all day. His brother eventually got kicked out of school bc he was too old to be in middle school! My uncle and his wife were always jealous that my g'parents favored me over their daughter so they would talk about me and have her destroy my stuff! Either that or steal it. Their daughter lost her virginity in a battered-women/children's shelter bathroom, her mom walked in and saw it, but just walked out and bragged for weeks that she was "just like her mama!". She was even caught having a ********* one day after school at the age of 13! My other cousin, 15, is a psychopath. She "vacations" at the hospital's mental ward. If she gets bored or wants attention she threatens to kill herself and others until she is committed. A few weeks ago she claimed that she smoked pot and drank alcohol at a party, then had sex with a twenty-one year old. It turns out that after a medical exam she is still a virgin. Also test proved that she had no marijuana in her system. She lied about the whole thing, now some guy is in jail for nothing. I have luckily always lived with my mom, my parents separated when I was a baby. After my g'pa died I stopped spending so much time near all of them, I still don't really have much to do with them.