Frustrating Parent: 101 "the Dad"

Ok let me start with my oh so perfect father, here are just some of the things driving me crazy, and I mean literally "crazy" that I feel that if I don't vent my anger, the next time you'll hear about me is that dragged me to the nuthouse:

He is the ultimate narcissist and a hypocrite :: He is always bragging, and not just the "I used to be sooooo successful at my job", a.)he brags about how much money they had when they were young,b.) how athletic he is,c.) how he used to beat anyone in any debate and/or argument , well here's the reality:

a.) first of he has money because my grandmother was a very successful, business-wise, hardworking woman (traits which he LACKS oh and not to mention SUCK at)

b.) The only reason why he didn't get the athletic son he wanted is because I was never allowed to go outside on a school day, "FOR 10 YEARS" I'm not joking or emphasizing, this is hands on truth. He claimed it was because of our grades, but let me tell you this, you don't get "FIRST honorable mention" with failing grades.

c.) He NEVER I repeat NEVER wins fairly, the moment he senses he's about to lose he always raises his voice, squints his eyes and gives you the "look", you can never win an argument with this guy (which is also a reason for his big and I mean BIG ego). He has this strange and frustrating ability to justify everything he does as "right" usually followed with him insulting me whenever I'm in an argument w/ him, and the few times I actually had a shot at winning he would (unfairly) turn the tide with his last resort line "Why are you talking to me like that, I am your father", @#$% what kind of a world is this were a kid can't even defend himself.

I've observed a few behaviors he frequently shows over the years:
1. Ridicule
2. Disrespect
3. Social dysfunction or isolation
4. Being over-protective
5. Bitterness (regardless of what is said, using a bitter tone of voice)
6. Hypocrisy
7. Judgmental statements
8. Excessive criticism
9. "Tunnel vision" diagnosis of children's problems (for example, once he confronted me on why I haven't done the dishes in 3 days, It didn't seem to hit him the fact that I've been working on my thesis for 3 month's and haven't got a good night sleep)
10. Frequent withholding of consent ("blessing") for culturally common, lawful, and age-appropriate activities a child wants to take part in
11.The "know-it-all" (has no need to obtain child's side of the story when accusing, or listen to child's opinions on matters which greatly impact them)

d.) I said it before and I'll say it again "He is a huge HYPOCRITE" here are a few "words of wisdom" he's shared throughout the years:

1.) "Go to church every Sunday" (and yet he hasn't step in a church for almost a year)

2.) "You'r so lazy" THIS ONE'S MY ALL TIME FAVORITE (and yet he hasn't searched for a job in 4 years, all he does is sit around on his fat A@# all day, until my nephew was born, now he has a reason not to find a job *roll's eyes*)

3.) "I will never ask anyone for money" (and yet all he does is ask my mom for money whenever he want's to buy something, and before my sister left to work as a caregiver in Canada he would always lay a guilt trip on her for all the expenses he had to pay to get her to graduate)

Thanks to him keeping me inside my social skills disintegrated over the years, I am socially awkward, me and my childhood friends grew apart, I scarcely speak my mind (because of his constant berating about my intelligence IE: calling me stupid or using the line "get your facts straight before telling what's on your mind".

To those reading this I'd like to thank you for having the time to read this, I know it's all just some ranting of a guy you don't even know but I appreciate it all the same, I just couldn't take it anymore and just had to tell somebody.
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The way you described your father, and how he treats his family is typical of a person with his personality disorder. It is so very sad that you and your sister/siblings had to grow up in such an environment. As soon as you can leave your parents' home, I would suggest it. Once you start to make a life for yourself, you will be much, much happier. Although counseling might be a very good idea for a short time.