My Mother Makes Me Want To Scream At Her.

My previous story was about my brother but now it seems I can add more to my Jeremy Kyle family...

The issue I have with her is that she keeps flirting with a married neighbour we have, my mom is also married. She tells me there is nothing wrong with it but like I said to her, they each have partners at home, how would they feel know that you talk in private, in whispered tones flirting with each other, when they're at home thinking that they're partners love and respect each other. Its so embarrassing to watch to, I always feel like the 3rd wheel when I'm with them. My moms response is that there is something wrong with me.

Then when i try to tell her something she never listens, then when i pulled her up on it she said maybe the reason I don't listen to the person talking is because the person who is talking has nothing of any worth to say.

What fantastic morals shes teaching her daughter too maybe if I flirted with married men she would listen to me.
peacefulstorm peacefulstorm
26-30, F
Jan 15, 2013