My Mother Is A Controlling Manipulative Psychotic B***h

So this story is going to be long and I don't know what.

It all starts with me being unemployed since my neural angeogram as it was to find out what is wrong with me. Afterwards I was emotionally distressed, work was bogging me down and working there was causing me hell and it wasn't a generally a good atmosphere. So my mum thought it would be best if I left and left it up to me to decide. I agreed with them as everytime I had to take time off for medical reasons they were reluctant ( When I was told I could not work 3 days after the angeogram, the manager had said he knew someone who had one and worked the day after). If I did work the day after it could be dangerous as it could cause me to bleed out.

So I have been unemployed and have been since October. Before this time I was working, I was paying £140 a month rent, as it was going to council tax. So I assumed as I was on ESA now the payments would decrease or hopefully stop until I got a job. She demanded £140, 2 months after I finished my job. When it got to December I was scrounging for money and said I could not pay. She agreed that I did not have to pay until I got a job. However a week later she asked me for money. I said we agreed I can't pay as I have literally no money. She said that she was scrounging for money which was weird as she is a social worker with a 9 to 5 job Monday to Thursday and gets a decent wage (to later which I found out about £300 was going to psychic hotlines)

So I have been job hunting, doing the housework and cooking dinner (with the occasional baked goods). So it was all quiet until she started complaining I don't do enough. Keep in mind I mop the kitchen floors, dust, hoover, take out the bins, load and unload the dishwasher. So I said I do enough around the house. Further thing to keep in mind, my sister is also in the house but doesn't help me or does a little amount.

But she made me snap when she said to me one day when my partner was over after we had been doing the dishwasher 12 times in a row for the last week that we don't do it and all I do is sit in front of the computer and go out drinking. I said to her 'I am going to let that slide' and she said what you mean. I told her that me and my partner had been doing it all week. She said it was because it was our stuff but I defended myself saying that I put her stuff away too. The argument continued and things were thrown at each other, she told me I am lazy and do nothing round the house and 'that at least I have a job' and in retaliation I told her 'at least I am in a stable relationship' and that she is turning into her mother. I ended it by saying if I don't do anything then I won't. She later said she won't notice a change. Since then I refuse to talk to her.

So it's been a couple of days after the argument and what has happened is that she has eaten some of my food, threatened to kick me out of the house and said that my partner can never come round again. I have to live with this and if she does kick me out there is no law protecting me. She outed me to my bigoted grandparents before Christmas. I feel as though I have no control and she is manipulating everything aspect of my life.
gazza2706 gazza2706
22-25, M
Jan 18, 2013