What Next? Advice Please

so my partner and i have been together for nearly 11 years...most of them rocky. recently things havent been great...we dont argue over the big stuff like most couples we tend to bicker over stupid things all the time and every argument ends with him saying hes had enough and wants to sell up and go. in the past ive always fought to sort it out, recently ive just said ok fine whatever do it then...needless to say he never has gone that far. anyway the point of my story is to ask you guys what do i do now...last night he was particularly stroppy for no real reason..he got up and asked why we are together...to which i just huffed and told him to stop asking stupid questions...we walked the dog all was fine spent the afternoon watching a movie....i went to work in the evening..then i got a text saying...well i got my answer as you didnt respond...when i got home he had gone to bed....but got all moody coz my ***** cat was meowing for a cuddle...then he says...so you cant be bothered to answer me!! i said your being stupid im with you for the same reason your with me! to which i got this reply....."well that will be coz we have a house together then"!!! ....what the hell...i mean what do i say to that....cant say i was expecting that...so now what?...i said to him....you know where the door is if your not happy...dont stay just for the house?....needless to say it hasnt been mentioned lately.....any advice???
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Sounds like you're both there because you have a house together. Time to sell up and move on.

easier said than done