I Don'T Understand Why I Feel This Way.

I don't understand why I feel this way.

My partner and I had a fall out physical fight a few weeks ago and it just hasn't been the same for me. She tells me she loves me but I just don't feel loved by her. And I don't know why!? We are engaged to be married. I want to wear the ring but it just don't feel right. We have a lot to settle with each other but is it worth it? I guess my question to all is....Is it possible to be in love with someone but don't feel loved? I'm on the fence. I mainly feel empty, alone, depressed, and not loved. Advice please....Stress is my worst enemy right now. :(
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1 Response Jan 29, 2013

Get out while u can! I have had physical altercations with my husband and don't feel an love for him for what he did and he tells me he loves me bit I don't believe it because when you love someone you don't hit them. I just don't find it a good idea to leave now because I want to provide stability to our two young children . I think when two grown people start fighting physically it means there is a lot of hostility and you are no longer feeling comfortable, feeling accepted, Respected, approved, valued and safe .