It'S Never Quiet At My House

My parents weren't typical stoners. It motivated them to work harder to move out of their poor area, into a rich one, and although our house was small, my parents were addicted to renovating. My entire childhood revolved around their weed and renovations. I'd come home from school and the doors would be missing, walls would be torn down, I would have to step over large planks of wood covering the entire lounge floor as they were being painted. I was no stranger to being handed a paint brush, a wheel barrow or a bucket to help out however I could.

When it came to weed, I hated having to keep their secret. It especially annoyed me when they made me late for everything as it was always, a bong before they leave for anywhere... Or two or three. Then if they couldn't get on, my mum would lash out at me, at any small thing I did, which would escalate into screaming at me for ages- my dad thinks that's why I'm such a jumpy, paranoid mess to this day.

My parents have good hearts though, which makes people instantly fall in love with them and our lifestyle. My parents have opened the doors for a lot of people to move in, so there's always typically an extra person or two in the house, who becomes like extended family. Currently it's my boyfriend that lives with us. Our house used to be an open door for stoners though, and the house was always filled with people laughing, talking and smoking. Everyday felt like a small party or get together, so it was never quiet.

I wouldn't trade my dysfunctional childhood and family for anything.
Tippitoe Tippitoe
22-25, F
Feb 3, 2013