WHo Doesn't?

There's mini dysfunctions, i call those imperfections, and big dysfunctions, don't know what those are called. Insanity maybe?

My parents are divorced. My dad remarried. I've jst come to really respect and idolize my stepmom. Made premature assumptions  and judgments that I have regretted for a long while. I've tried to mend fences by going to her and tell her how sorry i was, and in the process findin out wat a strong, intelligent, wonderful woman she is.  We are wrking to make our bond stronger. I love her very much.


My father's side is ok.. Actually i like my dad's side better. Im closer to my dad. I may be the oldest but im still his little girl.  They're pretty normal compared to my mom's side. Yes there's drama, misunderstanding, arguments.. But those are rare.. Most of the time it's fun, hard work, lots of love, lots of food...


My mom is well, a different story.  She wasn't there most of my life.  I remember loving her, missing her.. then hating her, blaming her, even forgetting her name, pictures won't let me forget me forget her face... Now im jst confused as to what to make of her. I see that she is getting wrst.. Is she mentally ill? i dont know.  She talks to herself, talks to someone not there.  It's easier to walk away. She didn't raise me. But i feel a sense of responsibility. I mean she is my mother. Her sisters, same yet differnet. Not as bad, but.. i dont know.


Even with the dysfunctions, I love them all. Some took a while, but their family, My family. Can't run away from that. Just accept it and make the most of it.  Anyone disses them, well they better have prepared their will. Guess im overprotectve..

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That was a wonderful writing.It's wonderful because it's real... I admire you for not giving up on them, good for you. You have my best wishes, thank you for being one of the stronger members of humanity. :)

Dont feel too bad for me animalluva. I love them nonetheless. lol=)


i feel really sorry for you. my family are somewhat similar and i know how it feels.

i feel really sorry for you. my family are somewhat similar and i know how it feels.