Completely Dysfunctional

 but thats what makes us unique ...
My brother has been married and divorced three times . My sister well she has so many issues id be here for days writing about her . Then im just dysfunctional all the way around . My sister in law and her mother are too opinionated to the point of annoyance .. and i could go on and on and on ...
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every family is sick in their own unique way

boy do I know what you mean I have a daughterinlaw that is awfull lies and makes up stuff just to get her way my family can be compared to peyton place

My sister is the same way. Actually my entire family is the same way. As Dane Cook once said, " they are all floating in the sea of right while I'm drowning in a sea of wrong- throw me a lifeline." LOL. But seriously, I'm deeply affected by my families short comings, read my story. I could really use the advice.