Dysfuntional Family

I like alot of other's, have a Toxic Dysfuntional Family, so it is my choice not to have them in my life.

Whitch is very lonely, but i don't need the drama.

Then there's the ******* Ex's that not only collude with each other and abuse me still (years later) and "hook in" to my toxic family,

So "no thank's", had it all my life and don't need the drama

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I had to cut off my sisters. The one especially is potent....she was an ex-hippy (think overly dramatic flower child) who with her drug problems and drinking constantly tries to contact me and yell at me. My husband did cut her off of calling on the landline (her last drunken rage left me sobbing) and recently I finally told her that if she wanted to hear from me she could text me whenever she wanted but don't try to call....
Now I have set up my phones to go to auto voicemail whenever she or my other sister try to call me. I am finally feeling like I am good enough and I haven't had regular contact with them in almost 2 years. My smart phone has been a God-send it saves me from all kinds of problems.

i agree totally i refuse to be around any "toxic" people, they 'suck the life out of you, and run you into empty', "no thanks', thing's have gotten better with my family some what since i posted this story, but the "toxic' G F of my brothers "i don't want anything to do with', (shes really a toxic abusive person) :O :O", so yeah "you learn alot through "toxic " people, "stay away', and make some great friend's yes "its lonely' but its bet"! er than "being taken for a ride' with troxididty' No thanks "i say NO" Laterz" !!!!:D :D

What else can one do when you've tried everything to make it work. To stay in such an environment would have just stuffed you up even more, to the point of no return.

I understand the feelings. My family is so toxic that I can't even be around them, because it brings up too many feelings from the past. My siblings say I don't care, when I do, and my lying sister has corrupted my brothers against me. I don't think my family is very smart. It is lonely out there, not having family ties and some people deal with the abuse just to have that family. I can't. I live my days in sadness, and guilt, but I can never bring myself to be around them. No matter HOW much I love them.

Get rid of the guilt, it is false, you have nothing to be guilty of.

Thankx Jimmo :)