My Family and In Laws Are Dysfuctional

Dysfunction is in my family and

with my in laws too

dysfunctionallyness its every where i look.

even my family is showed on tv like rose ann

or the george lopaz show . my mother in law is

benny. Some times i laught but some of the shows really hit home

 with my family and somany of the shows i think we all can see our familys

in these shows . its like  hollywoods trying to convince us rose ann and george lopaz

 these familys are the normal familys like  THE SHOW GRACE ,and how about the new

show HOUSE I wouldnt want a doctor thats adictied to drugs being my doctor

 hollywood has tryed to brainwash it this kind of familys are normal, and healthy

 i know i know its just comdidy, and most are funny . or how about the shows that even show

2 1/2 men 2 men raising a teen aged son real good parents ,one uncle sleeps with any

woman warring a skirt or nothing more .  i do love thier mother on the show shes like my mother in law

 so it makes me laught . dont get me started on wressling

its bad too what have we become as a society? kinda sad aint it what we watch on

tv says alot . I really enjoy for the most part tv but i find my self watching the old

shows becalse of the bad launage and the sex its not fit to watch but i do just love

C S I any way i try to take tvs morals with a grain of salt  and just see it for the

funny side ...

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Oh - my family puts the funk in dysfunctional ... :) I feel for you.

dysfunctional is in alot of families now

me too

Is the dysfunction in your family funny like they try to make it out on tv? Or do you use humor to cover up the pain caused by family members? I used to laugh, but now I cry. I used to sit back and watch on the outside of family gatherings at how crazy everyone was, but now a lot of their anger is starting to come at me - now it has become more real and quite painful.

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Roseanne was a funny show :>