Disowned By My Mother

 My family has a history of emotional abuse.  Recently I began to remember the abusive treatment from my childhood.  This happen several weeks before my father passed away . We live out of state so traveled to help with the arrangements.Everything was planned.The night before the service my mother and sister got mad at dinner. They didn't like what a friend brought over. They basically turned on me and my family. The morning of the service my mother told me to leave and not come back. she said you are disowned. I am having a hard time dealing with all this. I feel like I lost my father, mother and sister in one day. I told my mother I would respect her wishes that if she needed me to call me. We did not attend my father's funeral because we didn't feel welcome. We were originally suppose to take part in the service. My mother told us we were not needed to take apart at the service. She had found someone else. Ever since than I feel like an important part of myself is gone. Ever since my father got ill my mother has been  mean and angry, before she was like a friend without her I feel like a part of me is gone. My sister and I never been close. I think she behind some of the  family problems.


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Its nice to know others this problem.<br />
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sounds like something my family would come up with. i'm really sorry :o(