Hi, Dysfunctional Family Member Here.

My family is not the "ideal or perfect" family you see on tv. We are nothing like the Huxtables on The Cosby Show. who's is? 

They are totally opposite. My parents have never gotten along. If one felt like they were wronged by the other in some way, they would do something to "get them back" I guess they forgot that they are adults.  Constant fighting all the time, and they were so wrapped up in themselves, they really didnt participate in the lives of thier children. Growing up, they were not together for the majority of my childhood. when they were, it was pure hell.  Never had a sense of "normalcy" or anything even close. I would always notice that my friends families seemed more normal and they acted the way you would expect a family to act. just going to thier houses or even staying the night was just a big releif for me. I got to see how the "other side" lived.

Both my brothers are just as bad, and in some cases worse. Only concerned with themselves. Could care less about what someone else needs or feels as long as they are the center of attention or getting their ways.

Today everythings the same. Dont know who to count on, and they dont usually do something for me or anyone else unless theirs something in it for them.  I know that they care about eachother, but  its in a totally screwed up way.

Im at the point to where I just want to move away from them and stay away. Too much drama and just so tired of it. Im the kind who has always been the peacemaker and Im tired of it.

Sometimes, its just better to let them do what they want to do to eachother . Just because they are comfortable in thier own "stuff" doesnt mean I have to be.

Tazchi Tazchi
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3 Responses May 15, 2009

Bro..awe ,, i have the same , same hugz , you can't pick your parents , family ...But .. you can pick your friends ,lovers, that doesn't mean u don't care or lov , family ..just means you set your own standards for your happiness .. and stand firm .. if you visit demand respect if you don't get any leave .. but do what your heart tells you ..lov ur Sis LCW {{HUGS KISSES}} proud of you ;O)

yeah time and time again. its like talking to a brick wall. im going to hopefully be moving away soon. love em, but dont wanna be around em anymore.

Have you shared the way you felt about the situation with them? It might help.