dysfunctional is not the name .., it is normality and circles of life and how you deal with it..I thought one time my fam was dys. but you know what it is not that..It is that we are special..., we have something special. It could be sprituality or can be sensitivity or just that we are just plain misunderstood which makes us upset..Think about it...luv n hugz
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are you referring give and take,, or are you referring to just takeing..Sometimes we want more then whats given but we need to understand that most are really bad at the giveing. Me for instance I love and I love very much but I have a hard time expressing it because as a young girl I barely got a hug or a christmas gift or taught this is how it is..I was hurt many times by those I trusted most so I lived in fear most of my adolescent life. I know my children and friends love me , I also love them, but sometimes I guess I want more..But like the sayin says you cannot always get what you want so Im thankful for what I get...maybe you understand but then maybe you don't ...I think Im quite special and Im sure you are too..Now that Im a mom I have shown my children to have that give and take and it makes me happy that although I did not have that as a young girl they do..hugz