You Are Not Alone, Take My Advice And Just Walk Away.

My mother is the definition of pure evil. She let me know at an early age that she hated me. She beat me mercilessly for no reason, has knocked teeth out of my mouth when I was 12, refusing to replace it. Denied me basic necessities, that heaven that I have an aunt who has throughout my life shown me mercy and tried to fill that gap; but she was also the subject of my mother's abuse.


To anyone who is in that situation...GET AWAY and do not look back. If you have children remove them from the equation to prevent them becoming contaminated with that evil. I left home at 16, was homeless, but did not care. Homelessness was better that being berated and physically abused by someone who is supposed to be my mother. I had to leave my siblings behind, but they were already being poisoned. I tried to see them in private (coming to the school at recess), but they were too afraid of what my mother would do to them if she knew they were speaking to me. I just let go and left everyone behind. I am married, have a beautiful home inthe suburbs, managed to pay my way through school and am a working professional with a Masters degree in my field. I also have 2 children who I keep away from her. It is the best thing I have ever done. I have peace and do not have to worry about her infiltrating the minds of my children.


BTW, I did try to do the right thing once I got myself together and try to reconcile the differences, I tried over a period of several years on and off. I even let her meet my family. She did successfully try to wedge herself between me and my siblings, even now as adults, they feel they owe her their loyalty. Those are her kids so she can do with them as she wishes with them. I accept that. She hates my husband because he loves me. She tried getting slick with my children. Once I got whiff of what she was onto...POOF we went, all of us. She is now never welcome in my home or near my children ever again. My siblings can keep with their loyalty to her in hopes of her leaving her fortune to them. I say good riddance.


Take my advice and walk away.
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I also walked away, it wasnt physical abuse, more mental abuse... I havent spoken to my dad in 15 years, mum in 10 years, sister also 10 years, brother 9 years and have just got in contact with my other sister.<br />
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I understand totally, and its a shame other people dont understand.. so many times i have been told "I could never do that", but noone truly knows the situation unless they have lived it and you are right sometimes the best thing is to just walk away and lead the life you have to in order to stay sane and make something of yourself..

Did you ever stop to think what made your mum like that? Who abused her to make her an abuser? My mum wasnt much better, there was no physical abuse but mental abuse. I was her instrument where she vented her anger into. Leaving home and growing up I had loads of problems, my marriage broke down etc. I knew I needed professional help and sought it. After two years of therapy I learned to forgive my mum because she had a lot of baggage herself. My relationship with her has improved and I know that I am the better person for this. As I have grown older I can see how child like my mother is, she never grew up and has missed out a lot in life. She is old now and in her last years, her life is dull and lonely. I feel sorry for her! I have two grown up soms and adore them and they give me so much happiness. I am the one who found happiness in my love for my family. She is the one who sadly never experienced that type of unconditional love. She missed out on the most precious gift of love, the love for her siblings. Give your mum some thought, what made her so bitter? Why? How sad not to love your children unconditionaly, she missed out on the most precious gift from God.

Everyone does. ask around. Everyone has these kind of stories and so do I. Only my parents are like angels to me, walking miracles, but the rest of my family (they are only moms brothers and my grandparents) they have been tortured her, sexually abused her, ignored her, hummilliating her, and I don't even want to say more details becuase theya re too painful. Me and my parents kept on going to moms parents..<br />
because "they are family after all' ..untill we saw the light about eight years ago. We stopped going to them and now we're feeling so much better to stay away from those people who have hurted us the most all our life, yet the memories are hard to go away..<br />
Bu then the blessing is we can still find our 'second family' into our closest friends. I find much strength through them, and my own parents wh onever stopped loving and caring about me.<br />
Hold on to the good thing sin life. It's all we can do whoever is going through such situations, because we have to find the things that can make us moov eon with our life.<br />
i dont know if this helped u anything, but this is just what i had to think of..<br />
take care xxx