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I Love women with amazing Fannies

i joined just because i love an amazing fanny on a woman...i am male...but i would love to meet women thru ep who have amazing fannies... there are so many hot women on ep who have extraordinary fanny and p.s. i love the english

marvinthemartian marvinthemartian 31-35, M 3 Responses Apr 14, 2009

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womeninbliss as an english bloke who knows the diffrence i still think a women can have a pretty fanny or an ugly one im afraid to say

really....and all these years i thought it meant backside like her ******* or something...thats why i thought it was so taboo or dirty...not like butt or *** u.. i will be fixing my post accordingly...thank u much hon.

You do realise Marvin that for us English folks, fanny is the vagina and for the Americans its the backside. I'm sure you knew this but just to be clear what we're talking about here.