Experiance With A Friend On Facebook.

Tonight I found this person on Facebook that I have been waiting to talk to cause I thought she was an old girlfriend.
She started to be nice & I thought she wouldn't tell me a fib, but then it happened. Her profile said that she lives in a state on the east coast of the USA. Until she told me that she worked at a Chinese factory as a fashion designer in Africa, and that's when it happened.
That hurt me so bad tonight that I was in tears and no one here @ home knew why I was that way, but some of my friends here knows what I mean. I don't tell any lies to anyone & I expect the same in return.
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Another thought is,<br />
Many online will NOT give there actual information out online. <br />
I don't know how close you all were, or just chattin back n forth.<br />
If only talking, then she may not want anyone to know her info.<br />
I have had people use mine against me before.. <br />
So it isn't always black n white.. <br />
Trust is a large issue online, it should be, it is no different than being on the street<br />
and someone uses your info for whatever to gain from it.. <br />
<br />
Just another way of looking at the situation..

I am sorry this has happened to you, still you can not expect anything from anyone in this world of ours anymore.. We can only expect to be who we want to project as a human to others. Trust for me now is earned not given as it once was. It is not automatic anymore. <br />
<br />
The younger generations coming up now seem to lie, cheat, and hate easier than I care to admit to. It is there, It is horrible. Thing is could of this all just been there already and with the communication barriers taken down by the internet, phones and satellites that we share information much faster now. Easier to find truth as well as lie.. <br />
<br />
The human race still has so much to learn from each other...<br />
<br />
I am sad you have tears, I know the hurt, I know the heart scars that come with it. Still life will move forward no matter, the minutes still tick by, as the days move forward. <br />
This to shall Pass.

Would you do this to someone else either here or on another site, cause I would not?

No of course I would not..
my life has always been about truth and sometimes I am told I am to honest.. if that can be accomplished..
Thing is there are so many online out there just to scam others, it is hard to know the difference sometimes.. You need to figure a system for yourself to know if you are being scammed or not.. I am a wiz at research on and off line.. so if I need to, I do the research and find truth myself.. works for me..